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Places to Visit in Naples


Castel dell’Ovo

On reaching the seafront in Naples, one can see the large fortress that is standing there since the 12th century. The fortress has acted as the royal residence for several years and also played a strategic role in many wars.

National Archaeological Museum

The NationalArchaeologicalMuseum in Naples contains various kinds of items that belonged to the Bourbon Dynasty. Along with this, the museum also has rare bronze items, interesting sculptures and other items that were excavated from Herculaneum and Pompeii. On visiting the museum, do not forget to see the renowned ‘Tirannicidi’ and ‘Galleria deiGrandi Maestri’.

Fun filled destinations for kids

As mentioned earlier, Naples in Italy is a destination which has something or the other for all kinds of travellers and tourists in all age groups. When you are coming to Naples with your kids, you can indulge in various kinds of activities that will interest the little ones. Visiting the various historical places in the city will amaze the kids to no extent. They will not only love to explore the place but will also be able to gather information on the historical


Naples in Italy boasts of many prominent landmarks. Some of the most important ones include Corso Umberto I, Archaeology Museum, Royal Palace, Naples Cathedral, Piazza Garibaldi, New Castle, Ovo Castle, PortaCapuana, and Sant'Almo Castle. Each of these places is in close proximity to the town and can be reached by local transportation. 

Cathedral Duomo

Constructed towards the end of the 12th century, Cathedral Duomo has faced many restorations and changes. The changes have been done to enhance the beauty of the place as well to repair the damages. The cathedral contains the relics of San Gennaro.

The Royal Palace and Gardens

Visiting the RoyalPalace is surely going to take you back to the Renaissance era. Built in the 17th century, the palace still has the aura of the time. The Spanish viceroys enjoyed their stay in the palace. Special mention needs to be made of the lush gardens in the area. The tree-lined avenues in the garden along with Holm oak trees and magnolias provide serenity. The small secret gardens with lovely statues are also worth a visit.

Capodimonte Museum and Gallery

This lovely museum has various kinds of items on display belonging from the 13th to the 18th century. With its opening in 1950, the museum has objects on display that belonged to the Farnese family and later passed on to the Bourbon family. The famous ‘Roman Collection’, which contains works of famous artists and painters like El Greco, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Tiziano and Raffaello must be seen during the museum visit. 

Church of San Gregorio Armeno

If you want to witness Neapolitan Baroque art form, the Church of San Gregorio Armeno is the perfect example for the same. The interiors of the church have lovely frescos and cloisters. The church was designed way back in 1580. In the centre of the church is a marble fountain, which enhances the beauty of the place.

Reggia di Capodimonte

One of the most visited monuments in Naples, Reggia di Capodimonte is a huge palace built in the year 1738. Charles of Bourbon ordered the palace to be constructed. Getting on top of the palace enables you to see the whole Bay of Naples and is a picturesque sight in itself. Presently, the monument is a museum as well as the royal residence. It is interesting to note that the Reggia’s wood has 4000 varieties of trees, many of which are century old.

Royal Palace Museum

People interested in seeing things belonging to the 17th century Bourbon Dynasty can visit this grand museum. The museum houses sculptures, paintings and furniture and porcelain goods of those times. Visiting the chapel of the palace will let you see the ‘Palace’s Secret Art’ collection.

Castel Maschio Angiolino

This lovely castle was constructed on the orders of the Anjou family in the late 13th century. Many prominent artists like Petrarca, Giotto and Boccaccio lived in the castle. It developed as a cultural centre in the area. Expansion of the castle began in the Aragon dynasty with the addition of Arc de Triomphe and two towers. Special mention needs to be made of the CapellaPalatina chapel. 

Natrual Attraction

The Bay of Naples is a major natural attraction in Naples. There are two port towns in the city – Baia and Pozzouli. The coastline of the city is a major attraction with visitors. Along with these, Naples has two volcanic regions namely CampiFlegrei and Mount Vesuvius. These areas are also explored greatly by travellers. 

Church of Santa Chiara

Built in around 1300, this church endured great damages in the Second World War due to air-raid bombing. Restoration work prevailed after that and the church was taken back to its original and authentic Provencal Gothic style. In the premises of the church, Robert I of Anjou’s funeral monument can be seen.

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