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Since Tourism is controlled by the government and run by state-owned tourism bureaus, booking a guided tour with a travel company is the only way in.  There are few private tour agents that that operate that shall take care of visas, flights, etc. The tour packages and the tourism guides can be availed from the tour countries itself. Plan keeping in mind all the variables possible so that you can enjoy a hassle-free and relaxed trip to the places in North Korea with your friends and family.

Situated in the Eastern part of Asia, Korea shares its border with China, Russia, and South Korea. Its capital city is P’yong Yang and some other major cities are Hamhung, Schongjin, Wonson, Nampo, and Kaesong. 80% of North Korea is mountains, which is separated by deep narrow valleys and small plains. North Korea is a mysterious land; there is a lot of rugged and natural land with scenic beauty worth exploring.

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Best North Korea Tour Guide

North Korea remains shrouded in mystery to tourists as it is to some extent beyond the reach of travelers. The options for this holidays are therefore, not many. Yet, you can choose North Korea Vacation packages that suit you best and explore this land. As many as 2000 western tourists are allowed on its soil. They can either travel  on their own or go on North Korea Holiday Packages. The isolation of the country remains its special charm for tourists till date.

When you go on North Korea Tours, visit the capital, Pyongyang. The city has several sites that will overwhelm you. In fact, on your North Korea Tour, visiting Paekdusan will be one of the most stunning sights in this place.

A Trip to North Korea generally has to be authorized by the government. North Korea travel packages may not be ideal for vacation lovers, as a visit is generally allowed under strict government rules. However, if you want to experience seclusion from the rest of the world, this is the place to be.

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