Places to visit in Petra

When you travel to Petra, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Petra, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Petra to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Petra things to do can include exploring Petra attractions and visiting the places of interest.

The famous stone monument in Petra is a marvellous site. Its Greek architecture and intricate designs make it a must see. Its 2000 years old and an Urn inside was said to be full of rare and beautiful treasures. The extraordinary design and structure make it one of the most sought after places in the world.

This is the largest structure in Petra, a nice trek is all it needs for you to find yourself in front of this magnificent sight.

This place is a great place to see once in Petra, and this is the place for all you trekkers out there. It is a careful trek to the top from the valley floor and mind you it’s a treacherous way to the top.

This church is sought after by all tourists. It is so holy a place that even the birds around the place turn white when they touch the holy land. It makes it a very sought after religious destination for tourists. Its history is very special.

The Siq is famous for its dramatic sandstone carvings, carved out from a huge sandstone boulder. A view of the temple is mesmerizing. Immerse yourself completely in the holy feelings emanating from this incredible statue.

You will get several opportunities to know about the culture and development in Petra through several rich museums in the location. The place itself is so old that you can feel the vibes of ancient times running through you, Petra is a hot favourite of the art lovers. Petra has many places that show its culture and how its origin was right from the beginning.

Here in PetraParks and gardens are very rare, but even when one finds a park in this area, he/she will be definitely surprised. The archaeological park in Petra is worth the visit when in Petra.

Once in Petra, you have so many options to visit and enjoy as you are spoilt for choice. The exotic locales of Petra are a must visit. The various monuments in this area are fabulous with classic architecture and beautiful sceneries. Petra is a land of natural beauty and a variety of landforms, from mountains to rivers, deserts, plateaus and lowlands, beautiful scenery and amazing locales. You can enjoy a fulfilled and awesome trip when visiting Petra.

Petra is endowed with the most beautiful landforms in the world. The natural places that you can visit when in Petra include the hills and mountains that surround it. The topography and the beauty of the golden sand dunes are mesmerizingly beautiful. The folds of the sand dunes and the neighbouring lands can catch the eyes of any enthusiastic traveller. Surrounded by the most beautiful sceneries and landscapes, it is rich in natural beauty and vitality.

Petra is the place that is always blooming with the cultural varieties. Home to a thousand types of tribes and ethnicities known as Bedouins, Petra has a rich and alluring cultural heritage that no visitor can ignore. Petra is a land of diverse ethnicities and cultures and places like this are a hub for the tourists who come and seek relaxation from the land from all over the place. The cultural heritage of Petra is enriching. Petra is also famous for beautiful temples and monasteries and has several cultural attractions to bowl you over and take you to another world, where you have never been before.

One of the hard to miss landmarks in Petra includes the famous Tresuary. The beautiful and colourful inlaid and intricate designs find no match across the world it gives a Greek architectural look and is sought after by tourists. Other landmarks include the monastery, which symbolizes the religious thoughts of the place. The Temples are one of a kind and a major tourist attraction. The High place of sacrifice is a symbol of purity and tranquillity. These and many more landmarks are spread across Asia waiting to be visited and marvelled at by the awestruck travellers and tourists.

For a fun-filled and enjoyable experience with kids, Petra is the best destination. There are many places in Petra that are ideal for kids. You and your kids can enjoy a good time with loads of adventure and fun activities. Kids will have learnt vast amounts of information about history once you decide to travel back home from this wonderful place.

If you have an adventurous bone, then, you can enjoy the treks on the hilly regions with its rusty outlook and interesting ways of life. If you are a homely person then The Petra kitchen would be a nice idea, where you and the local women cook local dishes for daily meals.

If you are in the mood to relax and enjoy, then it is a very good idea to visit Petra. Here the locals know how to treat the body with absolute care and make you feel anew. The local spas are a treat to go to.

The natural habitats of the exotic locales like the mountain ranges and other natural cliff sides are amazing and worth a visit.

The Thousand and One Nights is renowned for exotic cuisines and chef’s specialities. Other major restaurants in Petra include, Sun City restaurant and Time Out, all of which are worth mentioning among the many famous restaurants in this place.

Petra is rich in matters related to the Middle Eastern cuisines because of its rich Middle Eastern ethnicity. Dishes prepared with lamb and meat are available in the location for you.

Who doesn’t want to enjoy some relaxing moments, chill a little and dance to some funky tunes when out on a trip? After all, the idea behind a vacation is to relax and enjoy, forgetting all the worries. Music can be found everywhere here, the Bedouins have got a wide collection of music in their own hands and they can play anything from local favourites to popular tracks. The talent of these people are such. But, every now and then the Siq and Treasury are lit up with candles and artists come and play some music here.

The Cave Bar is worth the visit when in Petra, the ambience and music here are out of this world. The only place where one can come and drink and enjoy after a long day of visiting places in Petra, it is a wonderful experience.

Petra is a hub to the best nightlife, bars and pubs. The places here are so good that one can think of nothing but enjoyment.

The City of Wonders Market is very famous worldwide. If you visit Petra and do not come here, you have missed something really big. The Market is famous for Trinkets and clothes all cheap and trendy by the aspiring local designers that can surely give a new splash to your life.

There are only a few departmental stores here, some like The Mosa Spring Gift shop is very famous in these parts. You can find commodities which you though never really existed.

The street markets of Petra are famous for cheap and good quality materials. The markets in Petra are the busiest during the time of sale.

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