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Places to visit in Langkawi

When visiting such an astounding island destination, Langkawi tourism and Langkawi sightseeing play a major part in enriching your experience on your vacation. Here are some of the investigations that you simply must visit on your Langkawi trip: 

  1. The Durian Perangin Waterfall - A cascading waterfall with 14 steps nestled among the dense forestry of Langkawi. It is one of the top Langkawi attractions that you simply must visit.

  2. Crocodile farm - The place offers a unique opportunity to view some of the rare specimens, such as the Guinea crocodile, Siamese crocodile, Tomistoma crocodile, and the infamous Saltwater crocodile. 

  3. Galleria Perdana - For art lovers, this gallery is a haven housing some of the best artwork and handicraft work that you have ever seen. Among most tourist attractions in Langkawi, the art gallery stands out for its uniqueness and reflection of the past, present, and future.

  4. Mahsuri tomb - The local folklore of the young girl Mahsuri tells quite a gruesome tale. This tomb is dedicated to her memory, surrounded by a museum featuring the tale of a mythical death. It is one of those Langkawi attractions with historical significance and a chance to glance at folklore in the modern age.

  5. Night markets - Shopping in Langkawi, especially given the huge discounts and duty-free offers, is something you cannot miss. Because even though enticing at the night markets of Temoyong, Kedawang, Ayar Hangat, and Ulu Melaka. These may not particularly be tourist attractions in Langkawi, but they sure invite a lot of tourists.

  6. Ayar Hangat village - The mythical folklores of Langkawi have inspired the locals to embrace modernism and cultural development. The village of Ayar Hangat is a true testament to how far the island has come from its initiation. 

  7. Sunset deck - The scenic views of sunrises and sunsets on an island are very different from catching a glimpse of this daily phenomenon which seems mundane in city life. The sunset deck is the perfect place to capture this moment of serenity in time as you watch the sun setting on the horizon of the tranquil water. It is one of the Langkawi attractions that leave you feeling light and relaxed.

  8. Kilim Karst Geoforest Park - Among the various destinations to visit on your Langkawi trip, the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park is the best location to encounter migrating birds and animals. Provides a true learning experience, especially for children during autumn, winter and spring when these land and animal creatures visit for favourable climatic conditions. It is also popular for the mangroves through which you can take a safari trip. 

  9. 3D Arts in Paradise Museum - The second largest 3D museum in the world lies on the islands of Langkawi. It is an opportunity to learn the rich history of the area as well as the world as depicted by the artworks of global artists. 

  10. Temurun Waterfall - In Langkawi, waterfalls are not just sightseeing spots but rather entertainment venues created by nature herself. The Temurun Waterfall is a perfect destination for a picnic in the afternoon or playing games in the water. You can even take a few laps under the waterfall or amuse yourself with the squirrels and butterflies that bring nature to life. 

  11. Taman Lagenda - Langkawi has a rich history to share, and what better place is there than the home to the 17 sculptures that relate to tourists a story of how the villages evolved. 

  12. Antero - To experience the thriving nightlife of Langkawi, you can visit Antero for vibrancy in both music and interiors. 

Best beaches in Langkawi

Langkawi is lined by garlands of white pearly beaches, but here are some of the best ones that you simply must visit on your Langkawi tourism packages: 

  1. Pulau Beras Beach - If you wish to go swimming when the southwestern beach in Langkawi is the perfect place to explore the sparkling blue waters. 

  2. The Black Sand Beach - Not all the beaches in Langkawi reflect the pearly gates of heaven. This incredible picnic spot is famous for its picturesque views, where the locals go fishing and sell unique souvenirs and street-style food. 

  3. Pantai Cenang Beach - The most famous beach for tourists to visit in Langkawi is Pantai Cenang Beach. The ideal location, close to the Cenang mall as well as the coastline covered with palm trees, makes it the best place to spend an afternoon absorbing the serenity of Langkawi and shopping for traditional items of clothing, jewellery, accessories, and souvenirs.  

  4. Pentai Tanga Beach - For an extraordinary and exuberant beachside experience, take a trip to Pentai Tanga Beach, where beautiful chalets overlook the crystal blue water and sandy beaches. 

  5. Batu Hampar Beach - An isolated beach located around the century Langkawi resort, the perfect place to spend some time alone or with your spouse and simply take in the scenery all around. 

  6. Tengkorak Beach - On the northern side of Langkawi lies an incredibly mystical beach with crystals and white sand dotting the area around the clear water. It almost looks like something taken right out of a fairy tale. 

  7. Datai Bay Beach - Another secluded beach lies on the northern side of Langkawi, facing Datai Bay. If you book your accommodation along Datai Bay, then you can definitely visit this beach and witness the boats sailing on the horizon more for adventure than trade.
  8. Pantai Kok Beach - If you truly want to experience watersports or go swimming in the tranquil waters of Langkawi, then Pantai Kok Beach is the ideal location to visit for your Langkawi tourism. The panoramic views of lush, dense forest lands and the exquisite hills constructed of natural limestone add to the right element of beauty that only mother nature can provide.

Adventurous things to do in Langkawi

The island of Langkawi is a haven for adventures not just in the water or on land but also in the air. If you love a good adrenaline rush, try the following activities for some thrills on your Langkawi trip package: 

    1. Underwater expeditions - Go scuba diving or snorkelling with the marine life around the Langkawi archipelago to check out the sharks, feels, stingrays, the rare Amazonian Arapaima, and even some penguins. 

    2. The Skytrail Jungle - Trekking in itself is an adventure but you are taking in an activity where you are surrounded by indigenous fauna in the Skytrail Jungle at the Oriental village. It's a thrill that you will never forget. 

    3. Skytrex - Have you ever wondered how Tarzan swung from one branch to the other? How must it have felt to be free of gravity and surrounded by nature? Skytrex it's just the place to go gliding, flying, or just dangling in the air in the rainforest with a spectacular view and a constant fear of falling despite the safety precautions. 

    4. Crocodile Adventureland - A brush with crocodiles sounds scary, doesn't it? Even when standing on the other side of the fence, watching these massive killer reptiles is a thrilling adventure worthy of the name. 

    5. Zipline - It is one thing to walk across the features of Langkawi or stroll through the jungles for nature centric hike. But zip-lining across the Malaysian rainforest is an adventure of a lifetime with picturesque views all around. 

Shopping on your Langkawi tourism package

When you plan a trip to an island as beautiful as Langkawi, you cannot return without souvenirs and some duty-free products. Here are some of the best places to shop in Langkawi: 

  1. The Langkawi fair shopping mall - One of the primary shopping destinations with ample duty-free items at your disposal is the Langkawi fair shopping mall. The wide selection of products ranges from branded items to groceries, textiles, cosmetics, electronics, accessories, perfumes, leather goods, sporting equipment, tobacco, liquor, and a range of confectioneries. 

  2. Cenang Mall - For budget shopping on your Langkawi trip, visit the Cenang Mall with its availability of duty-free stores that carry apparel and medicines and house large supermarkets as well as restaurants.
  3. Jetty point complex - This large shopping complex has filled its two floors with stores of perfumes, tobacco, liquor, accessories, cosmetics, jewellery, and souvenirs, not to mention the delectable confectionery. 

  4. Teow Soon Huat - Duty-free budget shopping experiences incomplete without a visit to the store in Padang Matsirat. Not only can you procure travel bags, household items, decor, clothing, confectioneries, groceries, tobacco, and famous liquor bottles, but you can also get them at very low prices as the store offers great discounts on most occasions. 

  5. Atma Alam Batik Village - This beautiful village side store near the airport carries a wide variety of souvenirs and decor alongside clothing and accessories to bring back from your Langkawi holiday package. 

  6. Coco Valley - Another excellent shopping destination for duty-free products, you can acquire exported confectioneries as well as a decent amount of champagne bottles, wine, and infamous whiskeys. 

  7. Temoyong night market - Aside from shopping at the biggest malls and street-side shops in Langkawi, you must pay a visit to the night market for a wholesome experience on your Langkawi tourism package. Not only do they sell traditional clothing, jewellery, souvenirs, and accessories, but you can also pick up unique paintings and trinkets with intricate handiwork at very low prices. 

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