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Places to Visit in Puerto Natales


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If you go 24kms NW of the city, you will find the caves of the CuevadelMilodon Natural Monument of caves. In 1895, skin and bones of a giant pre-historic sloth, known as Mylodon, was found here in these caves. 


Take your kid for a horse ride in the Torres del Paine National Park or take them for a boat trip in the Patagonian fjords which will let them view the icebergs. You can take them to the Puerto Counselo, where you can make the kids watch the lifestyle of the Guachos or the local cowboys. This experience will enrich your kid’s vision and expose them to other lifestyles also and expand their horizon of knowledge. Torres del Paine National Park is a place where you can rent a bike and ride through it or hike up the trail inside the park and camp at the refugio locations. Get to experience wild life at a very close range here. 


There are plenty of small churches around. You can visit the Puerto Natales Cathedral which has a long history with decades gone after building it.ParqueNacional Torres del Paine

CuevadelMilodón is not only a religious spot for the tourists but also a spot for natural wonder. The neighbouring knolls and cavern structure become a paleo-historical treasure. It is chronicled that a Giant Sloth named Milodón used to roam Patagonia some twelve thousand years ago, contemporaneous with the inhabitant itinerant tribes of the Tehuelche or Aonikenk Indians.


Torres del Paine National Park is a place where you can rent a bike and ride through it or hike up the trail inside the park and camp at the refugio locations. Get to experience wild life at a very close range here. Inside the park, you are not allowed to camp at every place. There are fixed places to camp and cook. 


From a hiking trip inside the National Park to the boating trip amidst the Fjords, you will have a lot of options when you want to connect to nature while travelling in Puerto Natales. Torres del Paine National Park will give you a chance to enjoy the variety of nature. You can also head off to MiradorDorotea for a small hike which goes through the Lenga forest and this road leads to the overlooking rocky outcrop, from where you can get a splendid view of the city of Puerto Natales. 

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There are plenty of adventure sports you can try here. Kayak in the Patagonian fjords or ride an adventure bike in the National Park.

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Spend a night inside a camp in the forest and experience nature in a new way. You may explore the natural history as well as archaeological findings at the MuseoHistorico.

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Take a walk at the central square on a Sunday evening after soaking up the sun or coming down from the hiking trips.

All Foods


Have a sip of award winning beer from the Baguales Brewery beside the smoking patio with fire outside the restaurant with stories of a successful hiking in the national park. You must also try the brilliant meat, fish dishes at Andres with the decor of a 70s diner. You can also just relax at EL Living cafe with a sizzling coffee and scrumptious cakes. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee with some baked brown bread and local goat cheese at the Emporio de la Pampa or you can take sips of boutique wines. Taste grilled salmon or different delicious sea food platters from the Los Pineros, while enjoying the clear view of the mountains with their peaks covered with snow.

At La Aldea, the famous cook Pato offers a different cuisine every time you visit. In the menu you will have Mediterranean dishes that vary from clams and lambs. If you are a real foodie, a visit the La Casa De Pepe is a must to have the roasted beef sandwich. Treat yourself with baked potato with renditions of meat pie. Start your morning with good Chilean coffee at the El Living with good choice of music plays in the background.


Eel, grouper, corvina and salmon are some of the fishes which are used to make several kinds of dishes. 

All Night Life


Nightlife is quite different here. You can either choose to spend 2-3 nights or more inside the national park, inside a camp-tent, listening to the whispers of trees as wind blows. It is also a good idea to spend a nice evening at the local brewery and have good Chilean music with beer of finest class. Small pubs have usual live music crowd with latest electronic music played by renowned DJs from all over the world.

All Shoping


Buy handicrafts made of sheep skin to custom jewellery to wool products to bombillas and many other groucho products. Mirriam Parra handicrafts, Taller del Arbol, EL Toque Campero, Etnia Souvenirs are the shops you should definitely visit for the products mentioned as they have good products in a very reasonable rate.  Before you start your hiking trip, visit the Emporio de la Pampa to get goat cheese, wine and brown bread. Buy the essential camping gear or rent them from La Maddera. Do not forget to buy packets of dry fruits and nuts from 40 y 20 FrutaSeca. And trekking related souvenirs or books or maps are your need, Visit the World’s End for an amazing collection. 

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