Thailand Tourism

Every person’s dream destination, a land of pristine beaches, buzzing city life and even more electrifying night life, divine Buddhist temples and monasteries and tons of surreal activities to indulge in – Thailand’s is indeed one destination tailored for Indian tourists. From students who make casual plans for a vacation and married couples planning on a destination for their honeymoons to families who intend to enjoy a laidback, chilled holiday in a place close to India, every plan begins and ends with Thailand. Such tempting and contagious is the spirit of this archipelago that probably leaves us wanting to see more of Thailand during our holidays.

Being close home, Thailand is one of the most easily accessible holiday destinations for Indian tourists and it’s a perfect country to set out on a weekend getaway. Apart from its attractions and nightlife, if there’s anything else the place is famous for, it has to be its bizarre yet exciting range of street food options. It is here that you will find fried grasshoppers, ants and cockroaches and a more surprising grilled or smoked crocodile meat in the umpteen number of markets throughout the country. With a lively city life and livelier people, Thailand is therapy, your companion, an adventure, rejuvenation, fun, meditation and most importantly, fulfilling!  Besides, Thailand is also prominent for three other things – hopping as in club hopping, shopping and more shopping!

Officially, Thailand was formerly known as Siam. Thailand Tourism tickets are available all around the year, bringing in tourist to this place to explore it in totality. Tourism in Thailand is much appreciated by the masses visiting Thailand for tranquillity, peace, and adventure. Thailand Tourism Guide is available on all Thailand Tourism sites captivating tourists to visit the place on repeat. This makes Tourism in Thailand much appreciated for the people visiting for the big game of adventure.

Quick Overview

Currency: Thai Baht

Population: 68.86 million

Time Zone: UTC +7

Area: 513,120 km2

Capital: Bangkok

Official Language: Thai

Capital's calling code:+66

The economy of Thailand is the globe’s twentieth largest Gross Domestic Product at the public private partnership and the place is also the twenty-seventh largest by the nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The place became the brand new developed and industrialized country and a primal exporter in the year 1990. Agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism are the main, leading and primary sectors of the Thailand economy. Moreover, the place is said to be the center exhibiting middle power in the entire region and around the globe.

From throbbing and captivating nightlife to ascetic customs of monks to the ravenous parties on the magnificent beaches, Tourism in Thailand brags a wide wavelength of things. The splendid tropical beaches of the place captivate a large number of visitors to this place on repeat. You can even flaunt the mystical tan which you get on the beaches of Thailand and moreover, you also get a chance to relish the water sports that are available to you for the epic adrenaline rush. Also renowned for good massages, the place is an ideal spot to visit to get a relaxing backside massage from the masseuse by the Thailand beach.

The glittering and charismatic Thai temples and Ornate Buddha deities are the main attractions that catch the attention of the tourists visiting the place for comfort and relaxation. Wat Phra is a place which you must not miss for sure. The place exhibits a splendid range of royal palaces that one must visit here. The attractive architecture and the sparklingly beautiful gardens greet you with open hands at the blissful home of royalty and treasure. Also, you can explore the retrospective and old ruins at the places like the Ayuthaya and can clamber through one of the many religious sites that include the tiger temples in the place. Moreover, Thailand is also renowned for the street food. The place offers a relishing opportunity to bite on distinct varieties of dishes and delicacies at the roadside street stalls or restaurants. The fruit platters in Thailand are available at every corner of the place. 

From the limestone cliffs located at a height to the amazing picturesque valleys and splendid structures situated on the extinct volcanoes to the attractive reserves for wildlife, there is something for each traveler visiting Thailand.

Thailand Geography

Thailand, a spectacularly gorgeous country situated in the center of the peninsula called Indo-China is on the mainland of South Eastern Asia. The country also shares borders with Cambodia and Laos in East, in the north with Myanmar, in the west, it is bordered by the Andaman Sea, in the south and the place is bordered by the Gulf of Thailand. The place covers a splendid destination, it covers a total area of five lakh thirteen thousand one hundred and twenty square kilometres. The maritime boundaries of the place include Vietnam situated in the Gulf of Thailand in the south-eastern direction while India and Indonesia are on the Andaman Sea situated in the extreme southwest direction.

A constitutional monarchy, Thailand has been frequently switching between the military junta to the random parliamentary democracy for decades. Bangkok is the extremely populous and capital of Thailand. 

Thailand History

The rick and long legacy of Thailand can be estimated from the old city of Ayutthaya. Located 70 kilometres from the bustling city of Bangkok, Ayutthaya was founded in 1350. Though what remains of the once mesmerising civilization, is ruins, but its beauty and construction is enough to let you know of the progress and workmanship of the people in that era. Thailand’s first capital was however Sukhothai which was founded in 1238, much before Ayutthaya. It remained a flourishing Siamese city for about 400 years, post which it was led to take a back seat to make way for the new capital. The place was forgotten until it was the reign of Chakri dynasty, when Rama I used artifacts from the region to embellish his temples back in Bangkok.

Ayutthaya remained in power for a long time due to its strategic location that reinforced trade relations from many place across the globe including Europe. Also, its waterways protected the city from foreign invasions. Unfortunately, in 1767, the city fell to its demise after an attack by the Burmese. This turned the once majestic city to ruins. 

Today, after 150 years of efforts, the city is standing again and has been declared the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1991.

Thailand Population

Thailand encapsulates a total population of over 6,72,00,000 people out of which around ninety-five percent are Thai citizens, two percent of which are the Burmese and below 2 percent belong to other distinct groups.

Thailand Religion

Thailand’s constitution does not recognize any official religion. This guarantees its citizens freedom of practicing any religion of their choice. However, the Thailand law requires their king to follow Theravada Buddhism. As is seen, the most prominently practiced religion in the country is also Buddhism, though Hinduism is another religion that registers its profound presence. 

Thailand Language

The minority languages of Thailand are Islan, Malay, Lao and other distinct provincial languages of the place. Importantly, the official language of the place Thailand is Thai.  

Time in Thailand

Thailand is 1:30 hours of Indian Standard Time (IST), and 7 hours ahead of GMT.

Thailand Currency

Thai Baht is the currency of Thailand. The prevailing exchange rate is 2 INR for 1 Thai Baht.

Language Spoken

English, Thai

Currency used:



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Thailand Tourism

Cost and Money

Daily Costs

Budget: A budget of approximately 2000 is enough for a stay in a guesthouse, meals from street vendors, and travelling around via public transport.

Mid-Range: A budget of approximately 2000 to 8000 INR is sufficient for an accommodation at a mid-range hotel, for seafood or western meals at small restaurants, getting an organised tour and travelling around via a hired motorbike.

Luxury: You need a daily budget of more than approximately 8000 INR for a stay at a boutique hotel, meals at high-end restaurants, private tours and travelling around via a hired car.

Make sure you carry enough cash as most places in the country do not accept credit cards, with an exception of a few top restaurants, shops and hotels.

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