Places to Visit in United States


One Spark

One Spark is the crowd-funded festival held every year in the Jackson Florida. During this festival, exhibits are displayed which cover art, innovation, music, science, and technology. You get to see a nice amount of exhibits, eat good food and have fun with the locals there.


Smithsonian Folklife Festival

This is a festival where culture is mixed. Tourists are welcome and they can even set up shops to sell or share things. It has kept growing to the point that it’s the biggest festival in the city. It is held annually. The festival is divided into sections a nation, region, state or theme. It’s a must-see for anyone visiting the States.

Art Institute of Chicago

One of the finest art museums in the world, you can marvel at the exhibits present here. With a huge collection, this museum stands out. They have a collection which not only includes old works of art but newer ones too and is very frequently updated.


Dinosaur Discovery Museum

This museum holds a collection which brings forth the connection of the old age dinosaurs’ connection to the new aged birds. They offer a lot of significant artifacts and you can witness the huge full skeletons of Tyrannosaurus Rex in the lower floor.

The Statue of Liberty

The gift of France to the people of America, it is a universal symbol of freedom and friendship. Located in Manhattan, New York, it was restored for her centennial on July 4th, 1986. This magnificent structure stands tall and attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world. It’s one of the most famous national monuments in the world.


Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is a sculpture carved into the face of Mount Rushmore. It comprises of the American presidents Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. It is one of the nation’s most prominent monuments and is a structure to behold. Its size and magnificence are unparalleled.

Lakewood Church

Located in Houston the Lakewood church offers some of the finest carved walls in the world. You can see depictions of several biblical scenarios and marvelous ambiance. The evening candles make the place truly appear like a holy grail.


North point ministries

North Point Ministries is located in Alpharetta, GA. It stands as the second most common church in the USA. You can see the marvelous arches and the roof paintings which show different works of art by famous artists.

The USA houses some great picturesque spots from where an activity like Bungee jumping turns out to be 100 times more adventurous and thrilling. It is considered to be one of the ultimate activities to get the adrenaline kick that a monotonous lifestyle of today demands. 

Some of the best places to go for bungee jumping in the States are High Steel Bridge in Washington that is 365 feet high gives a great adrenaline rush and is perfect for first timers, the Stratosphere in Las Vegas is 829 feet high and is quite scary but definitely worth it, Royal George Suspension Bridge in Colorado is an extreme version of bungee jumping as it is 1053 feet high, Redwood Trees in California is a different experience as to start off you will require to climb a red wood and then take a jump.

The Navajo Bridge in Arizona is not that elevated but imparts a great view and gives a magical feeling altogether. While opting for Bungee Jump you can as well explore the sightseeing attractions located in close vicinity which would vary from location to location.

Places to go for Bungee Jumping - High Steel Bridge in Washington, the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, Royal George Suspension Bridge in Colorado, Redwood Trees in California, Navajo Bridge in Arizona


Approximate Cost - 6500 INR for one jump and 10000 INR for two jumps

For: Couples and friends

Difficulty level: Moderate to high

Restaurants in The United States

You get in numerous restaurants all over the country. They all specialize in every cuisine on earth. Alinea in Chicago is a great place to eat some Italian dishes. However, it also offers a variety of other cuisines as well. Eleven Madison Park in New York City is another great restaurant specializing in meat as well as other fascinating cuisines.



You get every kind of dishes in this country. However, you also get the dish which is the staple food of this country that is Burgers. You get a lot of burger joints in every locality of the country. Make sure you grab a bite of that; if you have not had a burger while in America you certainly have not experienced the essence of America.

Clubs and Discos

Clubs are right around every corner. You can get good music and wonderful food and a lot of new people to talk to 24*7. The ambiance is nice and rowdy. Whichever one you prefer to go for it.


Bars and pubs

Bars are available throughout the country. You get good quality drinks here, the most common being beer. You can even find a few themed bars which are a great choice to grab a drink when traveling through the USA.

Flea markets in The United States

There are a lot of flea markets spread all over the country. You get a lot of cheap yet good stuff when you shop here. This is a common place for not only tourists but locals too. Some of the most common ones are the 127 Corridor Sale which is in West Unity, Ohio. Another good flea market is in Springfield Ohio called Springfield flea market after the place.


Departmental stores in The United States

Department stores in the United States are very common. It is one of the largest countries in the world; here department stores are in plenty. You get good quality as well as amazing discounts. You just have to look around a bit.

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