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Sketching an interesting and illustrious history which dates to over 3,000 years, Athens is a stunning capital city of Greece. The beguiling history, fascinating mythology, sprawling impressive architecture and an equally beautiful ambiance is what that has made Athens Tour Packages one of the bestselling Europe tours in the world.  

Athens Tour  Packages

No. of Days


Simply Greece - Athens with Santorini

6 Nights 7 Days

Rs. 1,06,357

Simply Greece - Athens, Delphi-Meteora and Santorini

6 Nights 7 Days

Rs. 1,17,141

Greece and Italy - By Europamundo (Flights Not Included)

8 Nights 9 Days

Rs. 77,558

Essentian Greece with Mykonos - Europamundo (Flights Not Included)

10 Nights 11 Days

Rs. 1,34,379

Once a mystic and imposing city which held up its head for being both architecturally impactful and scientifically advanced is now a bustling modern metropolis which lives mostly for its booming tourism. Known for the iconic Greek monuments and sculptures like Acropolis, Temple of Olympian Zeus etc. the city has cherished the remnants of its enigmatic past while embraced the new age resolve.

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Most important and iconic site to visit in Athens, home to many famous Greek ruins and monuments including Parthenon and Temple of Olympian Zeus, awe-inspiring architecture, striking sculptural design, Doric columns with beautiful frieze, temple dedicated to Greek Goddess Athena, panoramic view of other great ancient ruins of Greece and the city from hilltop 

 More About Acropolis

Acropolis Museum

Famous museum near Acropolis showcasing over 4000 artefacts from the ancient city displayed on four levels of the building, biggest collection of Greek sculptures and architectural relics, major attractions include Parthenon Gallery, Parthenon Frieze, Athena Nike, Athena Statue and Colour of the Peplos Kore

More About Acropolis Museum

National Archaeological Museum

Wide collection of ancient Greek artefacts including frescoes, jewellery, pottery, sculptures etc., over 11,000 displayed artefacts under different sections like Prehistoric Collection, Metallurgy Collection, Sculpture Collection etc., largest antiquities museum across the globe, distinctive neoclassical building with over 8,000 m sq. of exhibition area

More About  National Archaeological Museum

Tower of The Winds

Beautifully constructed edifice of scientific and historic importance, built entirely of Pentellic marble by a Syrian astronomer, known for its usage as a sundial, water clock, compass etc

More About  Tower of The Winds

Panathenaic Stadium

Built in 4th Century BC, famous Greek attraction, multi-purpose stadium which hosted the first modern Olympics, stunning construction made completely out of white marble

More About  Panathenaic Stadium

Athens Planetarium 

Also known as Eugenides Idrima, largest planetarium in the world spread in 950 sq. m, state of the art technology, stunning visual tour of universe, ideal attraction for families 

More About  Athens Planetarium 

Athens National Garden

Beautifully manicured and well-tended garden, built in 1840 on Queen Amalia’s orders, adorned with beautiful statues and ancient ruins, charming patch of pine forests, ideal for relaxing or leisurely walks, also houses gardens of Zappeion built in the 19th Century

More About Athens National Garden

Churches and Cathedrals of Athens

Beautiful Byzantine and Orthodox churches and cathedrals including Church of Panagia Kapnikarea, Church of Agios Nikolaos Ragavas, Agios Dimitrios Loubardiaris etc., exquisitely designed and adorned churches with typical clay or marble façade and stunning frescoes

More About Churches and Cathedrals of Athens


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