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Best Time to Visit Hyderabad

As the charismatic capital of the Indian state of Telangana, Hyderabad dons many hats. History, heritage, royalty, culture and commerce blend into a beautiful cup of chai. Travellers come from far and wide to explore this gorgeous city, eating and drinking their way through the region’s eclectic offerings. As a hub of tourism, Hyderabad makes sure to delight individuals through the year. While winters are magical, summers are laid back and monsoons are enchanting. 

When the question of what is the best time to visit Hyderabad arises, one need not look to far to find the answer. Thomas Cook has simplified your decision-making process! With this travel guide, you will be acquainted with each of Hyderabad’s seasons and all it has to offer. So, are you the type of person who loves the chill, or do you prefer those balmy days? Or perhaps you are more of the singing in the rain type of personality? Irrespective of what time you choose, be sure to have a great time.

So, here’s a quick snapshot of the climate:

Peak Season – November to February

Shoulder Season – July to September

Low Season – March to June


Travel Seasons

Min/Max Temperature


March to June


Summer - Hot and humid

July to October


Monsoon - Mid-high rainfall

November to February


Winter - Chilly





Hyderabad in Winter (November to February)

Temperature – The air temperature during the season of winter generally fluctuates between 13°C and 25°C, although it may sometimes rise to a maximum of 30°C. 

Weather – Hyderabad during winter is a splendid affair. The climate is cool, the atmosphere is crisp, and the air is fresh. While early mornings and nights can get quite cold, the days are graced with mild sunshine. For exploration of the city, sight-seeing and nomadic wandering, this is the best season to visit Hyderabad in. 

Significance – Most travellers find themselves in the city of Hyderabad during the delightful season of winter, for this is the most ideal time to navigate the regions history and culture. Here are some of the recommended sites - Chowmahalla Palace, Salar Jung Museum, Taj Falaknuma Palace, and Nizam's Museum

Why you should visit now – Experiencing winter in the cultural city of Hyderabad is wonderful. From the museums to the monuments, palaces and forts, cuisine and cityscape, one can get lost in the regions multifarious offerings. And, what better time to do this than when there is a beautiful nip in the air?

Things to know before the visit – The season of winter is deemed peak tourist period. With this title comes a range of consequences. For instance, sightseeing queues will be longer, crowds will be larger, and hotels will be booked out sooner. Hence, make sure to plan your trip well in advance to avoid last minute hassles. 

Tips – Hyderabadi winters may not be the coldest, but that doesn’t mean you dress lightly. Long sleeve shirts, pants, socks, sweaters and a warm jacket are imperative items. If you’re someone who is prone to feeling cold, throw in a scarf and some vests too! It’s always good to carry moisturizer and lip balm during this season. 


Hyderabad in Summer (March to June)

Temperature – The air temperature during the season of summer fluctuates between 21°C and 40°C, although it may sometimes soar to 45°C. 

Weather – The climate of Hyderabad in summer is severe. With soaring temperatures, high levels of humidity and a stagnant atmosphere, the conditions can get quite unbearable. Although, early mornings and evenings are significantly better. 

Significance – Hyderabadi summers are meant for indulgences in its sumptuous cuisine and drink. What better time to unwind at hotels and restaurants than when you’re dodging the sun? What’s more? One can even engage in some exciting excursions to places like Snow World and AP State Archaeology Museum.

Why you should visit now – This is far from the best climate to visit Hyderabad in, but there are some advantages of planning a trip during these months. For instance, you can optimise on great offers on hotel and tour packages. Furthermore, you can engage in indoor sight-seeing and relax at luxurious hotels. 

Things to know before the visit – Due to extreme weather conditions, there is risk of individuals suffering from heat exhaustion or sunstrokes. As such, take all the necessary precautions and try limiting your time outdoors. On a lighter note, since this is off season, travel and accommodation will be more affordable. 

Tips – The summer months can be unforgiving and so you must be fully prepared. Light cotton clothing is imperative so that you prevent stickiness and irritation of skin. SPF 30+ Sunscreen will help prevent sun burn and tanning. A hat and sunglasses will protect you from the blazing sun! Lastly, water is the elixir during this period as are balanced meals. 


Hyderabad in Monsoon (July to September)

Temperature – The air temperature during the season of monsoon fluctuates between 22°C and 31°C. 

Weather – The weather of Hyderabad in monsoon is nothing short of alluring. The average temperature is pleasant, perfect for long strolls and drives. The climate is neither hot nor cold. The landscape is rejuvenated with drizzles and showers, rendering the region a green paradise. 

Significance – Between July and September, Hyderabad is greeted by the monsoon Gods. But, worry not. They bless the region with magnificence! Here are some of the best places to visit during this time - Golconda Fort, Shilparamam, Birla Planetarium and Technological Museum, Sudha Cars Museum, Purani Haveli, and Taramati Baradari. 

Why you should visit now – During the season of monsoon, everything is more lush and earthy. The cityscape is washed anew. The atmosphere is blanketed in mystique and enchantment, courtesy to purple clouds and mist. There is a general feeling of romance and thrill in the air. This is a good time to watch the palaces and forts glisten with glory. 

Things to know before the visit – With moderate to high rainfall, the weather may hinder day tours. It’s important to check the forecast when making plans, which means you can’t schedule too many weeks in advance. But when it comes to hotel bookings, make those arrangements beforehand. 

Tips – Gear up for the pitter patter of the monsoon! Carry an umbrella, windcheater and rain proof footwear/gumboots. Clad yourself in light clothing that is also protective. Shelter those electronic gadgets in plastic bags, especially when touring. Don’t forget to lather yourself with mosquito repellent, you’ll need it! Lastly, keep away from unhygienic street food stalls. 

Have you decided on your best time to visit? If yes, run through Thomas Cook’s Hyderabad tour packages and get ready for an exciting trip! 

Travel Season
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp

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