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Places to visit in Hyderabad

Best Places to Visit in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has a lot of spectacular attractions to explore. From forts to beautiful museums, you’ll find yourself walking through a number of incredible spots. The most unique feature about Hyderabad places of sightseeing is the architecture marvel that you won’t find anywhere else in India. Before starting your sightseeing trip, you should list down all the necessary information about Hyderabad so that you don’t miss out on anything important.


Charminar literally translates to ‘Four Minarets’. It is located in the heart of Old City and is dedicated in memory of Quli Qutb Shah who prayed at the exact location asking to end the plague epidemic. Charminar is a beautiful piece of architecture and perfect spot to begin your Hyderabad travels. Many local groups provide heritage walks around this area. You can check Hyderabad latest activities on social media and local websites to find something of your interest.

Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City is located nearby Hyderabad and enjoys the position of the biggest film studio in the world. One can see many film sets in the premises. There are regular performances that showcase scenes from iconic movies and process of filmmaking. Apart from being a destination for film lovers, Ramoji film city has a reputation of being haunted. So if you want to have some spooky experience, make sure that a day trip is in your itinerary.

Golconda Fort

Your Hyderabad trip will be incomplete without a visit to Golconda Fort. This iconic spot was originally built in mud on top of a 400 metre hill. The ruins of the fort have seen rise and fall of several dynasties. Climb the topmost part of the fort for a breath-taking panoramic view of the Hyderabad city area and the radiant sunset.

Salar Jung Museum

Salar Jung Museum is located in Old Hyderabad and is home to many priceless artefacts such as bronze sculptures, textiles, ivory, arms and armoury, jade, bidri art of Hyderabad, miniature and modern painting. The museum also houses a unique collection of walking sticks. No wonder Salar Jung is the highest recommended spot when it comes to best places to visit in Hyderabad.

Mecca Masjid

The Old City has countless attractions and one will need an experienced Hyderabad guide to explore the famous ones. Mecca Masjid is one of the signature buildings of the city. One of the largest mosques in India, the magnificent masjid was constructed using the bricks brought from Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The intricately designed arches, large hall and Belgian crystal chandelier lends to the awe-inspiring beauty of the mosque.

Hussain Sagar Lake

Hussain Sagar Lake is one of the must visit places recommended by every Hyderabad travel guide. Part of the twin city of Hyderabad and Secunderabad since 1562, it is one of the largest artificial lakes in India and popular for many water sports and activities. The monolithic statue of Buddha simply enhances its beauty.

Birla Science Musuem

Birla Science Museum is always filled with children who come here to see the wonders of science. This is one of the new places in Hyderabad that has gained popularity because of its unique exhibitions. The archaeology and fine arts section are a favourite among visitors of all age.

Sri Jaggannath Temple

Sri Jaggannath Temple is constructed by the local Oriya community. The gorgeous intricately carved temple replicates its original counterpart in Jagganath Puri. The community also organizes Rath Yatra festival coinciding with the one held in Jagganath Puri. As it is located close to city centre, you can find the location in any Hyderabad tour guide.

Biggest Baobab

If you are looking for some short trips from Hyderabad then you should pay a visit to biggest Baobab and cave of 40 thieves. Baobab is a tree whose origins belong to Africa. The one in Hyderabad is almost 300 years old and is said to accommodate almost 20 people.

Qutub Shahi Tombs

Qutub Shahi Tombs has great historical significance in Hyderabad. The tombs stand in the stunning background of Ibrahim Bagh. These structures are dedicated to the seven kings who ruled Golkonda and founded Hyderabad. The walls of the tombs are adorned with intricate designs and verses written in Urdu and Persian. It is another wonder of Old Hyderabad that one must not miss.

Sri Rama Chandra Swamy Temple

This 800 year old temple is close to Hyderabad in Ammapali Village. It boasts of rich history and houses the idols of Rama, Lakshman, and Sita which are carved from a single stone. The most unique aspect of this temple is the Rajasthani architecture that is used as primary design medium and its seven layer gopuram elevates its beauty.

Nehru Zoological Park

If looking for a place to enjoy some leisure time with family and kids, then Nehru Zoological Park is where one should head to. Spanning across an area of 380 acres, this 50 year old Zoo showcases various ecological wonders, wildlife, rare species of trees and plants. Indulge in activities such as boating, train rides and cycling inside the park.

Golconda fort

Golconda Fort is one of the most renowned places that is associated with the southern city of Hyderabad. Sometimes known as Golconda Qila, is a fortress and remains of a ruined city, that is located on the outskirts of Hyderabad. As per Golconda Fort history, it was called Mankal and the Golconda Fort was built by the ruler Prataparudra in the 11th century. 

The importance of Golconda Fort comes from the fact that it is surrounded by diamond mines. The Kollur Mine resulted in making Golconda a trade centre and it flourished because of some of the largest diamonds and most famous diamonds of all time. The Kohinoor Diamond, which is now under British custody, was mined in Golconda. 

Currently, in ruins, the colossal fort has 8 gates and 87 bastions. The fort later came under the Bahmani rulers, and it was further extended and fortified. After coming under the rule of Aurangzeb, the fort was left without any attention in 1687. Though the Golconda Fort was built by Prataparudra, it was extended and updated by later rules as well. 

The complex Golconda palace with remains of mosques and pavilion, is what you can witness during your visit to the fort. Even in ruins, the fort is magnificent and will leave you in awe of the design and architecture which is centuries old now. 

Golconda Fort Location

Golconda Fort history is quite rich and diverse, and it has undergone several rules in the past. It is located on the outskirts of Hyderabad, about 12 kilometres from the city centre. The entire fort occupies an area of 3 square kilometres. The Golconda Fort height is about 130 metres, which gives an excellent bird’s eye view of the nearby places. The granite hill on which the fort lies, is another 120 metres. The fort is easily accessible by road.

Language Spoken in Golconda Fort

You can speak various languages while visiting Golconda Fort or Hyderabad in general. Telugu and Urdu are the city's two official languages. However, you'll also hear a lot of Hindi and English spoken. Since Golconda ka Kila is just on the outskirts of Hyderabad, you won't encounter any language barriers if you speak one of these four languages when visiting the lake. If you struggle with any of these languages, it still should not hamper your trip to Golconda Kila, since the people around are extremely friendly. 

Currency Used In Golconda Fort

To visit the Golconda Fort, you will need Rupees as the currency. Either for buying tickets or for reaching the location via public transport or auto rickshaws, you will need rupees. For all the shops nearby, you can use the Rupees for buying. Though some of them now support UPI payments. If you use any of the UPI apps on your phone, you can make payments via them. 

Golconda Fort Is Known For

Golconda Killa in Hyderabad is known for several reasons. Primarily, it is one of the most stunning and complex fortress complexes in the country. Surrounding the fort were mines that were used for Diamonds. The Kohinoor diamond was mined in the Golconda mines. You can also experience the Golconda light show, which is exquisite, to say the least. There is even a legendary iron block that weighs 250 kilos. It is said that the iron weight was used to test the strength of the soldiers before their recruitment to the king’s army.  

The Type Of Place Golconda Fort Is

A historical fortress that has a long history associated with it. The Golconda Fort was built by ruler Praraparudra and has been there since the 11th century. After Aurangzeb took over, the fortress has mostly been in ruins. Presently, you can visit the fortress and learn about its history. Even the light and sound show depicts its royal past. The Golconda Fort ticket price is mentioned below. By paying the ticket price, you gain access to the different parts of the fortress. To make the most of your trip, it is recommended to visit anytime between September and March. 

How To Reach Golconda Fort?

For those wondering, Golconda Fort is located in which state, it is in the southern state of Telangana. And the Golconda Fort located on the outskirts of the capital city of Telangana. To visit the fort, you will first need to visit Hyderabad. The capital city is extremely well connected with the world. If you are travelling from outside India, the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport links a lot of popular cities across the globe.

Now that you know Golconda in which state, you can explore other options to visit Hyderabad. You can take a train to Hyderabad as well. And road connectivity to Hyderabad is quite good as well. Depending on your convenience levels, you can choose any of these methods to reach Hyderabad.

Once you are in Hyderabad, you would want to know how to reach Golconda Fort. If you have your vehicle, you can easily drive to the fort, which is approximately 12 kilometres from the centre of the city. The Golconda Fort location is about 9 kilometres from the famous Hussain Sagar Lake. You can use the public transport system of Hyderabad as well, which will take you to the fort. Alternatively, you can take autorickshaws to the fort as well. 

Interesting Facts About Golconda Fort

The following are some Golconda information that you must know before visiting the fort. There are a lot of interesting things about the fortress. Here are some of the most prominent ones.

  • There are quite a few secrets of Golconda Fort. One of them is secret tunnels under the fort, from the durbar to the palaces. These tunnels were built as escape routes if the fort was sieged back in the day. However, these have never been found out.
  • Another fascinating thing about Golconda kota is its association with diamonds. Some of the most famous diamonds such as Kohinoor, Hope Diamond, Darya-e Nur, Nur-Ul-Ain Diamond, and Regent Diamond were owned by the sultans of Golconda. 
  • The fort had inspired three other places with a similar name. Golconda is the name of a mining town in Arizona since it also had mines that were like the ones found near Golconda Fort. Though it is a ghost town now. Sarahsville in Illinois was later renamed Golconda in 1817. And similarly, Nevada also has a town named Golconda, which is a ghost town now. 
  • Sri Jagadamba Maha Kali temple on the top of the fort is also known as Golconda temple. It is said that the king Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah was quite famous among his subjects and that he was even called Malkabhiram by Hindus. 
  • The Naya Qila part of the fort has an African Baobab tree, which is now more than 400 years old.
  • The mines near the fort are so famous that Golconda, meaning to native English speakers, is a rich mine. The name is used as a symbol of wealth. 

Why is Golconda Fort Recommended?

Apart from being a fortress and an ancient ruin, there are a lot of other compelling reasons to visit the Golconda Fort. Golconda history is quite interesting, and you will learn a lot about Golconda and its history when you visit the fort. Here are some of the major attractions when you visit the Golconda location. 

  • Naya Qila - Often considered an extension of the original fort, the Naya Qila is 1 kilometre from the main location. If you want to visit the Naya Qila, it is open between 9 AM and 5 PM.
  • Qutb Shahi Tombs - Golconda Fort distance is just 1.6 kilometres from the Qutb Shahi Tombs. The tombs are a collection of mosques and mausoleums that the Qutb Shahi dynasty built. There are a lot of beautifully crafted dome-shaped tombs that are built on elevated platforms, helping them stand out. 
  • Golconda Fort architecture is a blend of Hindu-Islamic styles. The fort is known for the royal apartments that it has, massive parade grounds and a lot of mosques and halls. It was built on the top of a hill, to make the lives of royals easier during summers. 
  • Legends say the Golconda history is linked to a shepherd. A shepherd found an idol in the place of what now is the Golconda Fort. The Kakatiyan king was informed of the same and a fort was built around the idol, and it was known as “Golla Konda”. In Telugu, it means Shepherd’s Hill. 

Operating Hours

Golconda Fort timing for visitors is from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM every day, including weekends and public holidays. If you are planning to get inside Golconda Fort, you must reach the fort between these times. 

However, please note that the Golconda fort timing can vary, and it's always a good idea to double-check the current timings before planning your visit. You can contact the local authorities or tourism office for the most up-to-date information regarding the Golconda Fort timing.

If you want to enjoy the sound and light show at the fort, there are different shows and timings that you can make the most of. On all days, the Golconda Fort light show is its first show in English. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, the second show is in Telugu.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays the second show is in Hindi. The timings for the first show are at 6:30 PM and that of the second show is 7:45 PM between the months of November and February. For the rest of the year, the first show starts at 7 PM and the second show starts at 8:15 PM.

Golconda Fort ticket counter for the light and sound show opens at 5:30 PM every day. The Golconda Fort entry fee along with the prices of the ticket are mentioned below. However, if you do not want to stand in a queue and buy the tickets, you also have the convenience of buying Golconda Fort tickets online.

Ticket Prices

You will need to pay the Golconda Fort entry ticket price to enter the fort and spend time. Here are the charges for Golconda Fort tickets.


Ticket Price

Entry Fee


Rs. 25 per person

Foreign tourists

Rs. 300 per person

Still cameras

Rs. 25 per camera

Golconda Fort light and sound show 

Normal tickets for adults

Rs. 80 per person

Normal tickets for children

Rs. 60 per child

Executive tickets for adults

Rs. 140 per person

Executive tickets for children

Rs. 110 per child


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Hussain Sagar Lake

Hussain Sagar in Hyderabad, is situated in the southern state of Telangana. The lake was built in the year 1563 by Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah and its shape is quite similar to that of a heart. The lake has made a name for itself, as being the largest artificial lake in Asia and is one of the biggest attractions that Hyderabad has to offer.

The lake is also known as Tank Bund and is fed by the River Musi. Apart from being a lake in the middle of the city, it also has a long dam wall, which happens to connect the cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Indira Park, Lumbini Park, and Sanjeevaiah Park surround the lake on three sides, making it quite relaxing.

Hussain Sagar Lake is famous for being a relaxing place amidst the chaos of the city that is constantly on the move. A lot of people from within the city and outside, visit the lake for its enormity, since it spreads across 5.7 square kilometres. There are a lot of other activities that you can do at the lake as well, right from water sports to the serene parks nearby. 


The Hussain Sagar Lake in Hyderabad is right in the middle of the city and is a place that can be easily accessed. The lake is about 3 kilometres away from the Nampally railway station and 4.5 kilometres from Secunderabad railway station. You can easily access the lake using your bike or car as well. Taking your personal transportation can be a bit more rewarding, thanks to the necklace road surrounding the lake. People who walk a lot can also consider a long stroll. 

Language Spoken In Hussain Sagar

During your visit to the lake or Hyderabad in general, you can use multiple languages. The official language spoken in the city is Telugu and Urdu. However, you will also find a lot of people talking in English and Hindi. If you know any of these four languages, you will not struggle during your visit to the lake. The people of Hyderabad are quite friendly and will go out of their way to help you at times.

Currency Used In Hussain Sagar

The currency used in Hussain Sagar Hyderabad is predominantly rupees. If you just want to visit the lake and come back, you might do that without spending any money. However, for all the attractions in the lake and park, it is recommended to carry cash. You can refer to the chart below for the charges for various activities. 

For the fast food chains near the lake, you can use various payment methods such as UPI payments and Card payments or cash. A lot of the vendors around the lake now support UPI payments, making it even more seamless for you to have fun, without having to worry about carrying cash.

Hussain Sagar Is Known for

There are quite a few things for which Hussain Sagar Lake is famous. Firstly, the lake is almost heart-shaped, when viewed aerially. Giving it a unique character. The lake is man-made and one of the largest in Asia. A monolith Buddha statue was installed in the middle of the lake, which is one of the most sought-after things in the lake. It is also known as the Hussain Sagar Buddha statue. 

Apart from this, you can have a very relaxed and leisurely time on the lake by opting for boating. A lot of people visit the lake just for boating around and have street food surrounding the lake. Evenings are particularly beautiful, once the lake and its surrounding area are well-lit. 

The Type of Place Hussain Sagar Is

The Hussain Sagar Lake is a major attraction of the city. The lake is in the centre of the city and offers a lot of activities. Hussain Sagar is incredibly scenic and the Necklace road around it is ideal for evening or late-night drives. The lake and the parks around it offer laser shows, musical fountains, boat rides, and above all pristine nature in the middle of the city to unwind. Following are all the activities that you enjoy at the lake. The attraction which is more than 2 centuries old, does not require any entry fees to enjoy the man-made lake. 

How To Reach Hussain Sagar?

If you are wondering about how to reach Hussain Sagar Lake, you will first need to visit Hyderabad for that. The city of Hyderabad is well-connected to all the major cities in the country. The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad is very well connected to a lot of international destinations as well. The presence of direct flights makes it even more convenient to reach the city. 

If you prefer trains, the Hyderabad station is also a great alternative. With trains to most parts of the country, you will never be too far away from boarding the fastest train to the southern city. The road infrastructure in and around Hyderabad is excellent as well. Thus, opening the option to drive to the city also. 

Once you are in the city, you can either take a cab or auto rickshaw to the lake. If you have your vehicle, you can easily take it to the lake and park it in the paid parking lot. If you want to avail of public transport, you can get down at the bus stops of DBR Mills, Necklace Road, or Tank Bund. Taking the bus is one of the most economical ways of reaching the lake. 

Interesting Facts About Hussain Sagar

The lake which has been around for more than two centuries, has a few interesting facts. Here are some of them.

  • There is a 3-kilometre-long dam that brings together the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. 
  • In Hussain Sagar statue of Buddha which is a monolith structure is one of the leading attractions of the place, despite having water sports, boating options, and fish culture. 
  • The United Nations World Tourism Organisation has named the lake “Heart of the World”.
  • Once the evening sets with all the lights, and if you stand at the Tank Bund, you will understand why the road is known as the Necklace Road. 
  • The water fountain in the lake was built with a budget of Rs. 17.02 crores.
  • The fountain spans over 180 metres, is 10 metres wide and the water rises to 90 metres. There are three different laser sets, which are capable of displaying a range of different themes. 
  • The Lumbini Park beside the lake hosts a light and sound show that must be experienced. The 3D show illustrates the history of the city. 
  • You can even have private parties or dinners if you do a prior booking. 

Why Hussain Sagar Is Recommended?

The Hussain Sagar Lake has been a popular location in Hyderabad for a long time now. And there are quite a few reasons for the same. Apart from being a picturesque lake that stands out in the hustle and bustle of a city, it has a few amazing parks surrounding it as well. If you haven’t visited the lake yet, here are some prominent reasons for you to do so.

Hussain Sagar has a musical fountain that is magnificent, to say the least. The musical fountain spans over 180 metres and is the largest in India. The fountain has about 8 high-powered nozzles and 880 LEDs that are underwater. 

Lumbini Park, which is sometimes known as Hussain Sagar Park, is bordered by the lake. It is a peaceful park, where you can unwind after a hectic day. A little over 7.5 acres, there is ample space for everyone, with a deck that opens to the lake. You can even opt for boating which usually starts from Lumbini Park. 

People who are a bit more adventurous can even try parasailing and jet skiing in the lake. These water sports make a visit to the lake even more enthralling. NTR Gardens, which is just 200 metres from the lake, is another popular place. The 36-acre park has a lot of attractions. 

And once you are done visiting the lake and park, you can indulge in some mouth-watering street food. The Eat Street near Hussain Sagar Lake is one of the most famous in Hyderabad and for good reasons. Right from fast food chains such as Mcdonald's, Subway, and Baskin Robbins, to local vendors, there are a lot of food options to explore from. 

Operating Hours

The Hussain Sagar Lake has opening and closing timings. If you want to explore the lake and its various attractions, you must visit within this time frame. Hussain Sagar Lake is open between 8 AM and 10 PM every day. If you want to witness the musical fountains, there are four shows that occur between 7 PM to 10 PM. These shows usually occur on weekends and on public holidays.

The laser shows in Lumbini Park take place on the weekends at 7:15 PM and on the weekends at 7:15 PM and 8:30 PM. If you are travelling by your vehicle, you can avail of the paid parking services at the lake. The ideal time to visit the lake and its attractions is between the months of October to March. You can avoid the peak summer season, as it can get quite scorching. 

You do not have to pay anything to enter the lake. However, to enjoy most of the attractions inside the lake, you must buy tickets. 

Ticket Prices

As mentioned already, you do not have to pay any fees to enter the lake or even the park. However, for the various activities, you will need to pay the following charges.


Charges per Adult

Charges per Kid


Mechanised Boat           

Rs. 50

Rs. 30 for kids below 6 years

Speed Boat

Rs. 350 for 4 people for one trip


Dancing on a boat

Rs. 100

Rs. 80

Jet Ski

Rs. 250
Rs. 300 for a couple



Rajahamsa Boat

Rs. 100


Water Sports


Rs. 300


Jet Ski

Rs. 250
Rs. 300 for a couple




Rs. 8000 for the first 2 hours and Rs. 3000 for each consecutive hour


Laser Show

Price of ticket

Rs. 50



Rs. 10



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