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Best Time to visit Pachmarhi

As hill stations go, Pachmarhi is one of the relatively lesser-known beautiful destinations of India. Nestled in the Satpura range of Madhya Pradesh, it has pleasant weather all year through, making every day seem like the best time to visit Pachmarhi. This hill station is also known as Satpura ki Rani, and you will know why when you visit. Walk through the verdant greens of this hill town, sit by the murmuring waters and lose yourself in the beauty of the place. Besides the splendor of nature, there are several archaeological attractions at Pachmarhi too, giving you a glimpse into life as it was eons ago.

The days are pleasant while the nights can be a little chilly, which makes Pachmarhi perfect as a getaway destination; If you are looking for a break from the mundane routine of daily life. It doesn’t matter when you decide to visit, because Pachmarhi is one place that is ready to welcome visitors into its embrace all year through.


Summer Season (April-June) 

The best time to visit is in summer, between the months of April and June, when you can escape the dry heat of the plains. The weather in the hill station is just perfect for heading out to explore the outdoors. The sun is warm after a cold winter and is a pleasurable companion.

Monsoon Season (July-September) 

The hill station of Pachmarhi sees moderate rainfall, but just that much rain is enough to transform the place completely. The weather is pleasant and even a little cool at times. The most fascinating aspect of Pachmarhi that comes alive in the monsoon is the many waterfalls that begin to appear. Plan a trip to Pachmarhi just to enjoy nature’s beauty and create wonderful memories to take back home.

Winter Season (October-March) 

The monsoon has barely retreated when winter makes its appearance at Pachmarhi. Winter is the longest season here, and sets in from October, going on till March. Pachmarhi is a hill station and its winters are expected to get cold. Be prepared and carry plenty of woollens with you. Once you are snug, you can welcome the breathtaking beauty of the place. If you can handle the low temperature, Pachmarhi is a great place to visit in winter.


Travel Seasons

Min/Max Temperature


April to June

22-35 degrees

Cool, with chance of rain

July to September

19-25 degrees

Pleasant with moderate rain

October to March

4-14 degrees

Cold yet pleasant


Pachmarhi weather During April to June – Pleasant Summers 

Temperature: Avg. of 35 degrees high to 22 degrees low

Weather: Anytime is a great time to visit Pachmarhi, but summer is the best climate to visit Pachmarhi. The Pachmarhi weather in summer is moderate, and in Pachmari temperature ranges between 22 and 35 degrees Celsius. The days are warmer than the nights, but since Pachmarhi is a hill station, summer here is pleasant. The sun is warm and friendly, and you can roam about the place without it becoming uncomfortable. It is often breezy and if you are lucky, you might even get to experience a light summer shower that brings the temperature down even further. 

Significant events: Being a small hill station, Pachmarhi doesn’t boast of many events or festivals of its own. But it hides many secrets in its land. What it doesn’t offer in festivities, it makes up in the number of fascinating landscapes to discover. There are mysterious caves to locate and vast flatlands to roam in. There are gurgling brooks to sit by and meandering paths to take. You can walk up steep inclines and look down from sheer drops upon the valley that lies below. When in Pachmarhi, do not miss Pandava Caves, Bharat Neer, Priyadarshini Point, Lanjee Giri and Harper Cave.

Why you should visit now: Pachmarhi is the perfect summer getaway. Visit this unspoiled land and let the fatigue of summer fall away.

Know before you visit: Book your stay in advance as this is peak tourist season and you wouldn’t want to be disappointed at the last minute.

Tips: Yes, it’s pleasant and cool, but do apply your sunblock when you head out sightseeing during the daytime.


Pachmarhi weather during July to September – Monsoon Season  

Temperature: Avg. of 25 degrees high to 19 degrees low

Weather: Pachmarhi weather during monsoon brings the beauty of the Indian rains without the inconveniences that it usually offers. The hill station experiences moderate rainfall and the weather turns pleasant during the three months of July, August and September. The rain might not be much, but it completely transforms the beautiful hill station into something far more spectacular and dreamy. The entire land is covered with a fine fog and the clouds descend from the heavens, sheathing everything around them in soft fabric of mist. The soil is drenched and the slopes take on beautiful shades of green.

The land comes alive in ways not imagined and the abundance of waterfalls and scenic spots will amaze you. Do not miss Duchess Falls, Bee Waterfall, Apsara Vihar, Rajat Prapat and Mount Dhupgarh.

Significant events: The hill station of Pachmarhi during monsoon is not as crowded as it is in the summer season. You are free to roam the lands without worrying about running into too many people. The lush green grounds of Pachmarhi offer you the endless expanse of land to explore and trek to. The gushing waterfalls are inviting and you will be well rewarded when you trudge through the dense foliage to reach your destination.

Why you should visit now: Pachmarhi in the monsoon is like paradise on earth. Treat yourself to nature’s splendour and lose yourself in the swirling mists.

Know before you visit: The rainfall might be moderate, but it does bring temperatures down a bit. While you don’t need woollens, carry spare clothes and keep a jacket handy.

Tips: if you plan on hiking around the hill station, bring comfortable hiking attire. Do not forget to apply insect-repellents when you step out.


Pachmarhi weather during October to February – Winter 

Temperature: Avg. of 14 degrees high to 4 degrees low

Weather: The winter season is an exceptional time to visit Pachmarhi. The Pachmarhi weather in winter is pleasant to chilly, and the landscape is simply beautiful. If you visit just after the monsoon, the hill station is still resplendent with greenery. Once the cold starts to set in is when visitors begin to arrive. People have always been drawn to hill stations. There is a certain attraction to being snug in woollens, sitting around a cosy fire and sipping hot drinks to keep the cold at bay. The hill station sees many honeymooners during these months, as the weather is the perfect backdrop for cupid to do his work.  Winter at Pachmarhi can get cold and temperatures have been known to go as low as 4 degrees Celsius. However, a warm sun during the day makes it fun and comfortable to walk around the place. You must include spots such as Baba Mahadev Caves, Christ Church, Jata Shankar Caves and Handi Khoh in your Pachmarhi itinerary.

Significant events: Dussehra and Navaratri hold a lot of importance for the people of Pachmarhi. The Bastar Dussehra festival is celebrated in October, starting with the Navaratri celebrations that last for nine days. The last day of the celebration sees the streets throbbing with a grand procession that leads to the Dussehra grounds where effigies of Ravan are burned.

The celebration continues in December when once again Pachmarhi comes to life. The 6-day long Pachmarhi Utsav starts from 25th December and culminates on New Years’ day. The festival is celebrated with cultural performances, folk-art and craft exhibitions and even handloom markets with much pomp and gaiety in these lands. You can shop for locally-made goods. This festival is the highlight of the hill station and it is a fantastic way to end the year and usher in the new one.

In February lord Shiva devotees make a beeline for Chauragarh Peak, the location for the temple of Lord Mahadev, during the festival of Maha Shivratri. The temple is at the height of 1,326 m above sea level and it offers scenic vistas of the thick forests, deep valleys and the hills beyond. It does require much effort and time though, as you need to ascend 1,250 steps to the top.

Why you should visit now: Even though the place is brimming with tourists, it still retains its charm as a small hill station. Where better to enjoy a break with a loved one than at Pachmarhi!

Know before you visit: Come with plenty of woollens as temperatures can get very low very quickly. Pack woollen caps, scarves and gloves as well.

Tips: Pachmarhi sees a lot of tourists in winter. Book your hotel in advance to avoid disappointment.

Pachmarhi is counted among the best hill station destinations in India, and it attracts visitors by the hordes. If you are interested in adding this destination to your bucket list, do browse through our Madhya Pradesh Tour Packages  and get all the answers that you are looking for regarding your upcoming Pachmarhi trip. We can help you book your travel tickets and arrange your hotel accommodation too.

Travel Season
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp

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