Strawberries, cherries and the mist in the hills

Think of Mahabaleshwar and you think of strawberries and cherries. This verdant hill station, nestled in the folds of the Sahyadri Range in Maharashtra, is a haven for tourists looking to cool off from the bustle of daily life. A summer escape since the British era, it continues to charm visitors with its stunning vistas, picturesque towns and pleasant climes. Ascend the slopes of the hills and treat yourself to the best of Mahabaleshwar tourism in a land where time stops, the mist swirls and the green stretches indefinitely.

Mahabaleshwar Tourism: A Quick View of the City
State Maharashtra
Official Language Marathi, Hindi 
Dial Code 2168
Population 12,737
Currency Indian Rupee (INR)
Time Zone GMT +5:30 (IST)
Area 137.15 square kilometres

Highlights: More than fruits and jams

Of old temples and forts

If you wish to take a trip back in time, the temples will present you with numerous visual delights. The Mahabaleshwar Temple, Panganga Temple and Krishnabai Temple are all steeped in history, and offer you a glimpse into the architecture and artistic designs of yore.

Pratapgadh is a structure that stands tall and proud even today. Constructed to protect the Maratha Empire from attacks on the western flank, it is an attractive destination for serious trekkers and amateur climbers as well. The temples, towers and dargah inside will give the shutterbug in you many opportunities to capture beautiful shots.

A mere 7 kilometres from the modern city is Old Mahabaleshwar. Walk down its lanes to acquaint yourself with your past and soak in a part of India’s rich heritage.

Spectacular Points

With 30 exotic viewpoints spread over its 150 square kilometres, you will need more than just a weekend to explore Mahabaleshwar completely. Each of the points will showcase stunning vistas and a chance to be amazed by the fascinating landscapes that surround Mahabaleshwar on all sides. Many of the points are named after British officers who explored the plateau and discovered these sites. Some of the more famous places to visit in Mahabaleshwar include Connaught Peak and Hunter Point, Marjorie and Savitri Points, Arthur's Point, Babington Point, Lodwick Point, Kate's Point, Arthur's Seat, Needle hole Point (also known as Elephant Point), 3 monkey point and others.

Nature’s splendour

Mahabaleshwar is a nature lover’s paradise. The lush greenery as well as its imposing height makes this place cooler than its neighbouring towns. Is it any wonder then that the British made this town their summer capital? You can allow your feet to lead you and simply enjoy the greenery as you amble along the many lanes that weave through the hill station. While you do that, you must also add a picnic to either Lingmala Waterfall, Dhobi Waterfall, Bhilar Waterfalls or Chinaman’s Falls; a boat ride in Venna Lake must also be ticked off the to-do list; lie in nature’s colourful lap at Pratap Singh Park; and meander along the Guheghar nature trail to enjoy the feel of walking in a jungle.

Markets and shopping

If you like shopping, and who doesn’t, then put aside several hours for a visit to the markets. The plateau city is known far and wide for its leather goods – shoes, purses, wallets, belts and decorative home accessories, you’ll get them all here. The city has also taken care to preserve its ancient tribal arts; you will be spoiled for choice when deciding which beautiful trinket to pick. Simply head over to Town Bazaar for all your shopping desires.

Of course, how can you leave Mahabaleshwar without stocking up on a few weeks’ reserve of strawberries, gooseberries and raspberries? Pick up a few bottles of the delicious, mouth-watering jams, marmalades and jellies at Mapro Garden.


Mahabaleshwar will take your taste buds on a delicious culinary journey. While you must sample the strawberries and chikkis, you cannot leave without gorging on the divine food that the place is famous for. Ditch global flavours and dig into an authentic Maharashtrian thali served at Fasal Farm and Annapurna Gard Restaurant. You must also eat the puran poli at Suman Raj Resort – a dish fit for royalty, this is a festive sweet dish. Take a break from sightseeing and munch on the chana, a popular snack item served with chopped onions, chillies and chaat masala. We ate the bharli vangi at Dongarmath and cannot stop raving about it. Interestingly, Mahabaleshwar also has many Parsi restaurants that you can visit.


Interesting Facts about Mahabaleshwar:

  • The rich biodiversity of Mahabaleshwar gives us forests of therapeutic and ayurvedic plants.
  • It served as a jail for Chinese and Malay criminals in 1800.
  • We must all thank these same prisoners under whose initiative the strawberries were nurtured and cultivated.
  • You can get splendid views of all the surrounding landscape from any of the 30 exotic viewpoints that the city offers.


Location: Rise above the ordinary

Mahabaleshwar is a massive plateau in the Sahyadri range. It is 150 square kilometres of nature’s paradise, surrounded by deep and beautiful valleys on all sides and rising majestically above the local surroundings. The city is within driving distance from Pune (120 kms) and Mumbai (285 km), making the hill station one of the preferred summer destinations for those looking to get away from the heat. Around Mahabaleshwar famous places to visit include Wai – a quaint town, Satara – a major city in Maharashtra, and Panchgani – another popular hill station.

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Timings: Best time to visit

Mahabaleshwar experiences moderate climate throughout the year and is always ready to welcome you to its exotic heights.

Summers are pleasant and the city experiences intermittent rainfall during the monsoon, making both the seasons just right for a quick family vacation. However, it is in winter that tourism in Mahabaleshwar truly comes to life. The temperature drops, but not too much, qualifying it as a comfortable hill station. You can walk about in the quaint streets, enjoying the sunshine as it warms your heart. Or take a misty-rious boat ride in the manmade Venna Lake.

But what makes winters in Mahabaleshwar really special is the Strawberry Festival. Mahabaleshwar produces some of the best berries in India and it houses the Mapro Strawberry Gardens. Make your way to the estate for the 3-day festival in March and gorge on sweet and juicy berries. Shakes, ice creams, smoothies, spreads, jams, preserves … you just cannot have enough of the delicious fruit.


How to get to Mahabaleshwar: Ascending the majestic heights

By RoadMahabaleshwar is a popular tourist destination which you can access by road from any city in India. It is within driving distance from most major cities in the state. You can also book a seat on the state-run MSRTC or any of the private buses that run between Mahabaleshwar and Pune, Mumbai, Sangli and Satara.

By Rail- If you prefer taking the train, you must alight at Satara. It is about 60 kms and you can hire a private car or take a cab for the next leg of your journey. Other nearby railway junctions include Pune (120 km), Miraj (170 km) and Mumbai (285 km). You can rent a car or hire a cab from any of these stations. Alternatively, book a seat on the government-run luxury buses that ply regularly between these places and Mahabaleshwar.

By Air- Mahabaleshwar doesn’t have an airport to call its own. You can fly down to Pune International Airport from anywhere in the country and then hit the road to get to your holiday destination.


History: An ancient land

Erstwhile Mahabaleshwar is older, much older, than you would think it to be. The first historical mention of this mesmerising hill station can be found dating back to 1215 when a small temple and water tank were constructed near Old Mahabaleshwar by King Singhan of Deogiri. In under a century, there was a thriving Brahmin dynasty ruling the place. Sometime in the 16th century the dynasty was defeated by the Maratha ruler Chandarao More who took over Mahabaleshwar along with Javli, a neighbouring district.

His regime didn’t last long, as Maharashtra’s favourite warrior king, Shivaji Maharaj, became the ruler of Javli and Mahabaleshwar. It was during his time that the famous Pratapgad fort was constructed. You can see the fort from several vantage points in Mahabaleshwar. We recommend making the journey to the top of the fort for a spectacular view.

After his unfortunate early death, Mahabaleshwar came under the Peshwas who governed it until the British came to India and decided to make it their summer capital. Many of the sightseeing spots are named after the various British army officers who discovered them while being stationed there.

The Mahabaleshwar we all know today came into being in 1829-30 and was initially called Malcolm Peth. Today, the hill station includes Malcolm Peth, Old Kshetra Mahabaleshwar, and a part of Shindola village.

Mahabaleshwar tourism
is more than just what you find written online. To truly experience the city’s hospitality, plan a holiday today.

Language Spoken

English, Hindi

Currency used:

Indian Rupee (INR)


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Hang out at the town bazaar or Malcolm Peth, or visit Mount Malcolm, Moraji Castle, or the Mahabaleshwar Club on your trip. You can also go for a short drive to Venna Lake area to indulge in fishing, boating and pony riding.

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