Panchmarhi Tourism

Situated in the heart of India, the state of Madhya Pradesh is one of the most culturally rich states of India. Amidst this beautiful state lies the quaint little hill station of Pachmarhi, resplendent and lush which will make you its’ own at the first meet. Beautifully embellished by nature on the Satpura ranges, Pachmarhi is fondly known as “Satpura Ki Rani” because it is the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh that is located at a height of 1100 meters from sea level.  Pachmarhi is sure to make you stop, breathe, realize the importance of smaller things in life and take on life as is. You feel extremely close to nature as no cutting of trees or no new construction is allowed in order to retain its original character as much as possible. A marvelous feature of this beautiful hill station is that it almost has distinct personalities within itself since every place you visit is starkly different from any other.  There is no scarcity of the things that you can do in Pachmarhi to entertain yourself. Embark on a stupendous journey to absorb the beauty or just to relax and have a good time.

Best Time to Visit Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi can be visited all through the year however the period of October to June is the most suitable as the other months experience showers. 

How to Reach Pachmarhi 

By air

The nearest airport is Bhopal Airport. Bhopal Airport is well connected to various other major airports. Pachmarhi is around 200 kilometers away from Bhopal. One can easily find a taxi or a bus that will take them straight to this scenic hill station.

By Road

The road up to Pachmarhi is the most convenient if you have your own vehicle. However, if not, the bus services from Pipariya, Chhindwara and Bhopal are pretty regular and safe

By Rail

The nearest rail station is Pipariya which is situated at a distance of around 45 kilometers. It is effectively connected to many lines like Mumbai's Mahanagari Exp, Kolkata Mail, Chennai's Gangakaveri Exp, and Bangalore's Sangha Mitra Exp. From the railway station, you can reach Pachmarhi for the journey ahead by car or bus. 

Pachmarhi Sightseeing

1.Pandava Caves 

One of the best attractions in Pachmarhi, the Pandava caves were once inhabited by the Pandava brothers with their wife Draupadi during their exile. These caves were built over a thousand years ago and is surrounded by a spectacular garden with vivid varieties of flowers.  Made of five sandstone temples, it is a treat to sore eyes especially in the mornings and afternoons when sun rays fall on them and brighten the auburn sandstones. 


Dhoopgarh is the highest point in the Satpura Ranges and is the most scenic point in all of Madhya Pradesh. It is called so because people especially travel to Dhoopgarh to view its breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. When the first rays of fiery sun hit the horizon at the crack of dawn and paint the skies yellow and orange, you will be left awestruck. You can get up to the point by car or walk.  You can please the adrenaline junkie in you by trekking up to the top through the wild, dense forests and frothy waterfalls or even decide to camp overnight at Dhoopgarh.

3.Pachmarhi Catholic Church

Pachmarhi brims with contrasting cultural diversity and the Catholic Church is proof of that. Built in the year 1892, it is a pristine portrayal of French and Irish architectural styles. Even after so many years, it still retains its aura and charm that will captivate your imagination and leave you wanting to go back in time and live there. The Pachmarhi Catholic Church also houses an ancient cemetery dating back to the World War days which are a strong portrayal of how uncountable lives were lost and that war is not the answer to anything.

4.Satpura National Park

Satpura National Park boasts of diverse and rare flora and fauna which has also won it prestigious awards for protecting the same. Right from bison, spotted deer, elephants, leopards, tigers, sloth bear, four-horned antelopes and numerous native and migratory birds to trees like teak, sal, mahua and bel, the Satpura National Park has so many shades of nature you probably did not know existed. There are special safaris organized for tourists where you are taken through the forests and also are made to cross a river in the jeeps or on an elephant back to witness the wonders of nature. 

5.Handi Khoh

Local people believe that Handi Khoh was essentially a lake that dried up by the wrath of a huge snake who once used to guard the place. Handi Khoh is now a cliff top located in Pachmarhi which offers a jaw-dropping view of the frondescence and foliage. Cool breezes float through and give a feeling so refreshing that all your stress and anxiety will fade away. Handi Khoh also offers various activities like short treks, photography options, and horseback riding which make the experience fun and keep the visitors entertained. 

6.Chauragarh Temple

Located at a height of 1326 meters, Chauragarh Temple is of great religious place surrounded by spectacular hills and dense forests. Devotees need to climb around 1300 steps to reach the footsteps of the temple and worship the deities to bless them with health and prosperity. For the convenience of the visitors, a number of dharamshalas and eateries are constructed which provide overnight stay options for devotees who wish to spend more days at this auspicious place.

7.Bee Falls

Pachmarhi has been blessed with so many vivacious waterfalls but Pachmarhi definitely takes the cake. Popularly known as Jamuna Prapat, it is one of the most popular spots in Madhya Pradesh  for locals and tourists alike to enjoy a fun picnic with loved ones or take a refreshing dip in the crystal clear waters or simply sit peacefully and listen to the soothing waters flowing. The valley of Pachmarhi as a whole is like a dreamy beauty but the Bee Falls are like the cherry on the cake.

8.Jata Shankar Caves

   The Jata Shankar Caves is one spot that attracts the tourists the most in Pachmarhi. This is the place where Lord Shiva concealed himself from the fury of Bhashmasur and hence is widely known as the place where people try to seek spiritual solace. These caves are different than others since they are made completely of limestones and comprise of alluring stalagmites and stalactites. It also boasts of a massive rock resembling a natural shivalingam and is thus a favorite among devotees.

Pachmarhi Weather

The average temperature in Pachmarhi is between 20 degrees and 35 degrees. It can experience slightly lower temperatures during summers but it does not get any warmer than 35 degrees. Pachmarhi in general has a very pleasant climate and any time during the year might be a good time to visit.

Highlights of Pachmarhi 

  • Experience the bewitching hill station of Pachmarhi
  • Discover the caves which are said to have served as home for the Pandavas during their exile
  • Visit the Bee Waterfalls which are known as the same owing to the sound that the water makes when it falls
  • Cruise through the national park which is brimming with beautiful, unseen flora and fauna 
  • Know more about the history of World War and get a chance to see the remains of soldiers who lost their lives trying to defend their countries.
  • See the caves which were once home to Lord Shiva himself.

Recommended For

Pachmarhi is a location that appeals equally to all age groups because of its diversity in what it offers; there is an activity for everyone. Right from its pre historic appeal to fun filled horseback rides, each person finds something that appeals to their senses.

Interesting Facts About Pachmarhi

  • Pachmarhi has been added to the names of biosphere reserves by UNESCO in May 2009
  • Dhoopgarh is the highest point in Satpura and is  located in Pachmarhi
  • The word Pachmarhi has been derived from the words Five (Panch) and Marhi (Caves)
  • Pachmarhi is extremely popular location for shoot of multiple Bollywood movies.
  • Pachmarhi was found by Captain James Forsyth in 1857
  • It is widely known for the caves existing since the Buddhist Era
  • A lot of cave paintings in the forests of Pachmarhi date back to be as many as 10,000 years old.

Pachmarhi Location 

Click here to view Pachmarhi on Google Map

Situated at a distance of around 200 kilometers from Bhopal, it can be accessed by road, railway and air.


Language Spoken

Hindi, English

Currency used:

Indian Rupee (INR)


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Panchmarhi Tourism Guide

Panchmarhi boasts of great scenic vistas and lush rich greenness that will leave you enthralled. Panchmarhi Holidays are a heady affair with the pristine nature in its truest form that is hard to find nowadays in cities. Your mind, body and soul will be thankful for the Trip to this place.

This green little paradise is known as the Satpura ki Rani, the reason of which is played out well in the Panchmarhi Vacation packages brochures. In fact, there are quite a number of  Travel Packages to choose from if you are indeed planning to Travel to Panchmarhi.

Panchmarhi Holiday Packages are widely popular and the tourist destination attracts a lot of tourists every year. While on Panchmarhi Tours, tourists can check out the various cave paintings in the forests, several among them estimated as 10,000 years old. On a Panchmarhi Tour, you must make it a point to check these out. The sheer magnificence of the craftsmanship will leave you in wonder. During the stay, do visit Bee Fall, Rajat Pratap waterfall, Dhoot Akhilesh and Chauragarh, which attracts a lot of devotees. There are other places of interest for you to check out too.

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