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Attractions in panchmarhi


This cave is around 60 feet Long. It is a whimsical belief which says that Master Vishnu incarnated as Mohini and executed the devil Ruler Bhasmasur here. Vast idols of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and Lord Ganesha have been revered inside the 60 feet long give in. A meandering street embellished with stark green trees and bushes goes to Bade Mahadeo. Water always falls upon the shivlinga inside the cavern. A kund is arranged amidst the cave. There is an alternate hollow arranged close to bade Mahadeo, the cavern of Goddess Parvati. There is expansive of travellers on the event of Nagpanchemi Mahashivratri. 


This cave is around 40 feet long. The way of Gupt Mahadeo goes from inside the Bade Mahadeo. There is a narrow way that takes a shortcut to Gupt Mahadeo, where there is symbol of Lord Ganesha and Shivlinga revered inside the hole. Just eight persons can breathe easy. A idol of Lord hanuman has been revered at the passage.


Christ Church is one of the religious places in Pachmarhi, which was constructed by the British in 1875. The glass sheets embellishing the walls and back of the holy place were foreign from Europe. This church has a hemispherical vault on top with its ribs finishing in appearances of heavenly deities. Also, the Nave of the congregation is not backed by any column. 


Buffalo Lodge is the most established house in the town of Panchmari that was developed in 1862. This house serves as a resting place, which is committed to Skipper Forsyth, who is thought to be the creator of Panchmari. The museum hall houses several pictures, models, maps, charts and examples of the greenery on the showcase. This gallery likewise has an outside theatre that shows documentaries and presentations on untamed life.


Rajendra Giri Sun Set Point is a beautiful spot and offers surrounding views of Pachmarhi. The site was named after Dr Rajendra Prasad, as he was a regular guest to Pachmarhi.

The Rajendra Giri Nightfall point is the perfect spot to delight in an extraordinary view of nature, particularly at dusk. You can spend a calm night here with your family and companions as it offers an impeccable setting for unwinding and loosening up.

The best time to visit the site is just after the downpours, as the surroundings come into full grand mode. Rajendra Giri Sun Set Point is effectively reachable from all parts of Pachmarhi by nearby modes of transport.


Bee Falls, famously known as Jamuna Prapat, is a lovely waterfall that gives drinking water to Panchmari. It is a standout amongst the grandest waterfalls of the town that streams into the valley, making a sedating sound. Travellers often visit the showering pool, which is beneath the falls. Bee Falls is an effortlessly open waterfall, and only a 10 minutes’ walk from Apsara Vihar. 


Apsara Vihar is a naturally structured pool with a beautiful and little waterfall. Affectionately known as Fairy Lake, Apsara Vihar is arranged in the slopes of Pachmarhi close Pandava Caverns. The 30 feet high waterfall structures a shallow pool, which is a prominent outing spot among local people and also visitors. Water of the pool is ideal for swimming and swooping.

As indicated by a legend, British women used to bathe in this pool amid the English rule in India. As the British women wore white garments while showering, local people thought them to be fairy and thus named the pool as Apsara Vihar or Fairy Lake. 


Dhoopgarh is the most elevated point in Pachmarhi. Previously it was called as Harvatsa Kot. Tourists can witness the sunset and sunrise views from up here. Dhoopgarh is 4429 feet over the mean ocean level. The enigma of the sunrise and sunset visible from here is beyond any words can comprehend.


Jata Shankar Cave is an unmistakable religious end of the line, visited by tourists year-round. According to popular belief, Lord Shiva concealed himself inside the cave, because of the apprehension of evil spirit Bhasmasur. Inside the hole there are naturally formed 108 Shiva lingam. Water in the hollow streams from an obscure point like you might have never seen before. It is accepted that the Jambu Dwip stream starts from this cave. Idols of Lord Shankar, Goddess Parvati and Shiva lingam are revered at a stage on the upper part of the cave.


Priyadarshini Point is a prominent vantage point as it is accepted that this is the point from where Pachmarhi was found. In 1857, Skipper Forsyth, who was a Bengal Lancer, first saw the excellent bowl-formed picturesque spot starting here. After this, Pachmarhi was created as a hill resort.

Initially, this point was called Forsyth Point after which Indira Gandhi named it as the Priyadarshini Point.


This pool was named after Irene Bose, wife of Justice Vivian Bose, who found it at Pachmarhi. The course up stream prompts a cave, through which the stream goes underground and after that over a khud in a series of falls.

Activities in panchmarhi

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For adventure lovers out there, Lanjee Giri calls them to satisfy their thirst of enterprise at Pachmarhi. Appreciating rock-climbing in its dazzling territories is truly an extraordinary experience for travellers. Notwithstanding, the best bliss may be to find its underground section here. It’s very energizing.

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Nothing speaks relaxation quite like the different sunset points and gardens here in Panchmari. Delve in the magnificence of the sun kissed land, and find yourself take a rebirth again.

Food in panchmarhi


Eating out in Pachmarhi is about relishing customary Gujarati, Maharashtrian and Jain food. There is Chunmun Cottage close to Bee fall, which is one of the best places to consume and the restaurant here serves Mainland, Chinese and Indian food cuisines.

Enjoy conventional Bengali food at the Kolkata Nourishment Focus. Open Garden Restaurant, Nandan Restaurant, Pizza Bistro Chino, China Bowl are a part of alternate restaurants in Pachmarhi that are worth attempting. 


The kebabs, bhutte ki kees, mawa-bati, khoprapak and malpua of Madhya Pradesh provide for you an experience that will fill your stomach and would leave a perpetual impact on your heart.

Night Life in panchmarhi


Panchmari is famous for its different clubs like Worker’s Club, WCL Pench Valley Club, Officer Club, etc that are made to turn you insane. So what are you party animals waiting for?


From Desi Beer Bar to English Beer bar, when you are in Panchmari you won’t need to think twice to quench your thirst.

Shopping in panchmarhi


Chatta Chowk was known as Bazaar-i-Musaqqaf amid the rule of Emperor Shah Jahan. It is a secured market that was fabricated by Mukarmat Khan around 300 years prior. The site was the spot of extravagance exchange of the royals for items like rugs, blankets, shahtus, pashmina shawls, takia-namads, brocaded outfits and velvet pardahs. At present, the spot is known as Meena Bazaar and has around 40 shops, which offer simulated gems and antiques, packs, hand painted wall decorations and a lot of other stuffs. 


Panchmari is a well known hill station, so it is pretty evident it will have a lot of departmental stores all around. This is the ideal spot for all shopping crazy travellers out there. 


The local markets show tribal artworks made by the Bastar and Gond tribes. The lovely and flawless shade and bamboo work of the tribal individuals are out of the world. The pots, crate, and other such stuffs can be found in the nearby local markets.

The metal antiques made by the Bastar group of tribes are worth purchasing from here. Nearby canvases from Pachmarhi are widely acclaimed and ought to be added to your shopping rundown.

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