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Places to Visit in Rameshwaram

When you travel to Rameshwaram, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Rameshwaram, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Rameshwaram to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Rameshwaram things to do can include exploring Rameshwaram attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in rameshwaram


This is a famous temple located in Rameswaram which attracts thousands of tourists and pilgrims from all over India ever year. This temple is famous as it has been dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is also one out of many Jyothirilinga temples where Shiva is worshipped as a form of light. This temple has huge walls surrounding it which spread over 865 feet from east to west and it has towers rising upto 657 feet. There are several shrines situated for several Gods inside this temple. There is a divine feeling that you get once you step inside this temple and the ambience inside is very holy. This is one place that you should not miss out on your trip to Rameswaram.


The temple which is dedicated to Hanuman and you will find statues of Hanuman inside and outside the temple premises. Within this temple you can find the famous floating stones which were believed to have been used for the construction of the Rama Setu. This is a much sanctified temple and visitors are restricted to only certain timing during the day. But however a visit to this temple is definitely worth the experience.


This place is famous for the temples and there is a beach beside it that is famous for pilgrims who come here to take a holy bath in the waters. This place is one of the most visited attractions in Tamil Nadu by pilgrims. Every year there are millions of pilgrims who come here for a dip in the water which they consider to be holy.


Although this may just be a bridge but this bridge has a very significant role in the history of the place. This bridge extends to over 2065 feet over the Indian Ocean and is the longest bridge in India to have been situated on top of a water body. This bridge connects Rameswaram to mainland India. You can take a ride on this bridge as the view from here is just breath taking. You will be able to see how vast the ocean is and be left in wonder. You will also find boats near the shores which usually belong to fishermen who earn a daily wage by catching fish.


This is a famous beach in Rameswaram which is considered to be very holy. Pilgrims do not complete their voyage until and unless they take in a dip in this holy water. There is a magnificent view from the beach into the vast ocean. This beach witnesses the meeting of two water bodies that is the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. There is a mighty sound of waves and a very pleasant weather that prevails here. This beach is a must visit when you are in Rameswaram.

Food in rameshwaram


This is a well renounced vegetarian restaurant in Rameswaram which offersmouth watering menu and a very warm atmosphere. The employees here are very well versed in Hindi and English and you will not have any problem in getting the best of services. This restaurant being vegetarian specializes in famous south Indian dishes and also some famous vegetarian cuisines from all round the globe.


This is a multi cuisine restaurant in Rameswaram which specializes in not only vegetarian but also non vegetarian dishes. It has a very homely atmosphere and the waiters here are very good natured and hard working. They can all speak fluently in English and Hindi which gives you an advantage to have the best experience. They serve the best of south Indian food at a very reasonable price and also famous dishes from all around the world. This is one place where you can fill your stomach and enlighten your taste bud without expending too much.


This restaurant is perhaps the only restaurant which offers a great view of the sea and a great ambience too. This restaurant is perfect for a nice romantic meal or a spendingsecluded time while enjoying the amazing view of the sea. This restaurant specializes in sea food cooked in local ingredients and spices. The waiters in this place also speak fluently in Hindi and English to ensure that you have the time of your life. This restaurant also serves famous Indian dishes as well as intercontinental cuisines.


This is different from the conventional idlis as this idli has ablend of spices that are mixed together with the batter while preparing. This dish is usually eaten for breakfast by the locals and it is best served with the traditional coconut chutney and sambhar dal.


This dish mainly comprises rice, which is marinated in tamarind and then fried along with certain herbs and spices. This has a very sweet and sour taste and a tinge of hotness too. This dish goes well for a main course and is best served with vegetarian or non vegetarian curries.


This is a very famous dish in Tamil Nadu which is prepared with rice along with moong dal and pepper corn. This dish is very spicy and is best served with sweet chutney to balance the spices. You can get a hold of this dish from most of the famous restaurants in Rameswaram. The food is a must have for menus in ceremonies and weddings in Tamil Nadu.

Night Life in rameshwaram


On the beaches of Agni Theertham you will find local folk artists who perform their own compositions or even some well known songs. This is usually accompanied with a traditional dance. If you are lucky enough you may get the chance to join in with them.


Rameswaram also has a healthy nightlife and you can find many clubs out here. This Bike and Barrel is a famous British themed Disco which is very popularamong the locals and tourists. You can get beverages here along with some inter continental cuisine. You can also get all types of cocktails and mocktails here. This place is famous for its ambience.The place also hostsevents where a DJ churns out the best of music for you.


This is a very interesting bar which is made fully out of leather including the floors. The place serves all variants of cocktails and mocktails and also different types of alcoholic beveragess from all around the world. This place also hosts  live DJ nights on certain.

Shopping in rameshwaram


On the streets of Agni Theertham beach there are various stalls that you are likely to come across. Here you may stumble upon sellers selling various products; most of which are made from sea shells. You will also come across a lot of stalls that sell local dishes and you can try them out and give a treat to your taste buds without having to burn holes in your pocket.


There are not many departmental stores in Rameswaram; however you will find a few well known outlets like Big Bazaar and Reliance Marts as you travel towards the capital city of Tamil Nadu.


The streets that lead from Agni Theertham beach to RamanathaSwamy Temple are full of shops. All of them sell similar products; the most popular being the shell products like mirror, key chain etc. You can pick up a few items for your own collection as a souvenir or you can pick up some items as gifts for your loved ones back at home.

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