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Places to visit in Sangla


When you travel to Sangla, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Sangla, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Sangla to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Sangla things to do can include exploring Sangla attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in sangla


Kamru fort is one of the oldest and most visited monuments in Sangla. It is situated about 2 kilometres away from Sangla and set in a very picturesque site. This place used to be the palace of monarchs of Bushahr, who reigned over this area. The fort is very famous for its artistic Kinnauri Architecture and beautiful locales. To enter the fort you have to go through a series of gates which would lead you to the majestic stone and wood tower like structure of the Kamru fort. The building is a two storey structure set over a pedestal of stone. The façade is festooned with elaborate wood work and a doorway in the form of a balcony. There are twotempleson the Kamru fort property, which has a steady flow of pilgrims and worshippers.The Kamru Fort is a piece of art and a must visit if you are vacationing in Sangla.


Located in Brelengi, Rekong Peo, this palace is also known as the Mahabodhi or Brelengi Gompa& Sangla Buddhist Monastery. The Palace is known for a massive 10 meter high statue of Sakya Muni. This palace has great views of the beautiful Kinner Kailash Mountain range. The Kinnaur Kalchakra Celestial Palace is also considered as one of the fabled residences of Lord Shiva. There is a 79 feet tall Shivaling, which changes colour a several times during the course of the day. A Gompa was also constructed nearby, which is famous because a Kalachakra ceremony was done here by his Holiness the Dalai Lama in 1992. The palace attracts a lot of Hindu and Buddhist devotees.  


The temple is also called Kamakshi Temple, and is located in the premises of Fort Kamru. The goddess Kamakhya, is an avatar of Shakti, associated with Lord Shiva’s first wife Sati. Kamru Fort has a deity sculpture of KamakshiorKamakhyaDevi on the upper floor, which according to the legends was brought here hundreds of years ago from Guwahati, Assam. The Kamakhya Devi Temple is an important destination for Hindu pilgrims and tantric believers.


The Badrinath Temple is also located in the premises of Fort Kamru. This ancient temple dates back to almost 15 Century AD. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu just as it is counterpart in the town of Badrinath in Uttarkhand. The Temple in Kamru, is also a location of fair which happens once in every three years. The fair is held in the honour of Lord Vishnu and is followed by a procession in which the idol of the temple is taken to the place where River Ganga originates, Gangotri. The fair is very famous amongst the locals and also attracts pilgrims. 


The Bering Nag temple is dedicated to the worship of God Jagas. Every year between August and September, a fair is held at the temple called The Fulaich Fair. Since, the temple is located in the centre of the town it is the hub of most religious activities in Sangla.


There are no parks and gardens in Sangla; however, children would love a visit to The Trout Farm, near Baspa River. The picturesque meadows and tranquil milieus give you excellent spots for having picnics with the young ones. You may even check out some suitable places and go camping with kids. 


The wood carving centre is indeed one of the star attractions in Sangla Valley. The Tibetan Wood Carving Centre houses beautiful hand carved Tibetan relics andartefacts. The centre is located near The Saffron Farms in the fringes of Sangla. The objet d'art on display in the Tibetan Wood Carving centre,are rare items of delicate and beautiful artistry. The place is a feast for the eyes and the best part is that you can actually buy some original Tibetan wood craft here. 


Baspa River gives the Sangla Valley a perfect back drop and is haven for campers. This scenic river has the same catchment area as River Ganges and is fed by the glaciers all-round the year. The Baspa River is haven for fishermen and provides some of the best trout fish in the valley. The Trout farm near Baspa River is very famous and you can get permits to fish.This soothing river is also a huge attraction for campers. 


Sangla Valley is part of Kinnaur and is culturally very rich. Most of the Kinnauri populations either follow Hinduism or Buddhism. Kinnauris are beautiful people and like wearing beautiful clothes and jewellery. They are also very fond of music, dance & singing. People in Sangla speak Hindi, Nepalese, Kumaoni and English. Some people also speak Sikimmese and Lepcha languages.


This Fables mountain range is the biggest landmark of most of the places in Baspa Valley. Revered by Hindus and Buddhists, the snowy Mountain range offers some of the most charming natural views in Himachal Pradesh. KinnerKailash is at an altitude of 6500 meters above the sea level. According to some mythological and religious texts,KinnerKailash was once the abode of Lord Shiva, when he was trying to hide from a Demon called Bhasmasur. KinnerKailash is also well-known for one the most treacherous treks in Himachal Pradesh, the Charang La.


The Baspa River has 300 MW Hydro Electric project run by a public sector company SJVN Ltd.  It is another famous landmark of Sangla. 


To get close to nature, you can opt for hikingwhile exploring the area on your own. Try camping near Baspa River. 

Activities in sangla

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The trek is also known as Sangla Kanda and is full of greenery, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The terrain is not very difficult and this is a must visit for people seeking natural beauty in the area. This tranquil and breathtakingly trek trail boasts of a lush green landscape, and an unhindered greatview of the Kinnauri huts in the region and the KinnerKailash Range,

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Sangla Valley is a sanctuary for backpackers, campers & trekkers. There are several popular trek routes in the valley like the KinnerKailash Circuit, Bhabha Pass Trek, Sangla-Chitkul trek along the valley and more. There are numerous big and small camp sites close to the Baspa River where you may pitch a tent to spend a night under the stars. There are several places where you can experience fun activities like rappelling and crossing the river in a basket. The Baspa River is not suitable for rafting. For a rush of adrenaline, you can also try mountain cycling in the valley. 

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Sangla is a small place and offers you mind refreshing feel. You may camp next to the Baspa River and get permit to fish there. You can spend quiet, relaxing evenings close to a camp fire. There are no spas and wellness centres in Sangla.

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Kinnauris love music. You may catch up with locals singing and dancing at fairs and other important religious and social functions and ceremonies. Kayang Dance is a very famous form of dance in Sangla along with the Demon Dance.

Food in sangla


The simple restaurants in Sangla serve hearty Tibetan, Chinese, continental and of course North Indian dishes. The most famous of all is Café 42, which serves Indian and continental food. The coffee at Café 42 is very famous. There are several other small restaurants like Sonu’s Café, which you may try for local food. 


Kinnauris mostly consume vegetarian food and their staple diet consists of grains and pulses. For non – vegetarian, they prefer goat meat. The cuisine is mostly Tibetan, Chinese and Indian. You may want to try Tibetan dishes like Thukpa and momos. You can also taste local, salted tea called Cha with barley sattu. Also, look for the Tibetan lemon-ginger and honey tea.

Night Life in sangla


Sangla is a quaint little town and doesn’t have clubs and discos. However, you may look for other options if you would like to have a night out, like camp fires and joining locals for a good time. 


There are no public bars and pubs.However, your Hotel may supply alcohol to you. Besides, there are liquor shops and other locally made wines which are very famous. You can also try the local beer. 

Shopping in sangla


The flea markets in Sangla are perfect for shopping silver jewellery, Tibetan artifacts and other souvenirs. You may also want to buy colourfulKinnauri Caps and Kinnauri shawls called Dhoru.


There are no big departmental stores in Sangla. However, the Street Markets provide enough options for buying essentials. 


The street markets in Sangla not only sell the essential necessities, but also wares like local tweed, woollen garments etc. Buying apples and dried fruit and exotic nuts like Chilgoza, walnuts and almonds from the small shops is also common.  


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