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Best time to visit Poland

Poland is small nation, located in Central Europe. With a population of species, Homo, inhabiting the present-day Poland 500,000 years ago, the country has had an incredible share of human history.  Over thousands of years, this area has witnessed multiple generations residing here, across all main ages like the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and so on. However, it is the Slavs, who came to the land around the 9th century, who have had the biggest impact in shaping the current state of the country. After suffering invasions of other dynasties, a Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth, two world wars and numerous years of struggle at the hands of Nazis, present-day Poland sits firmly as part of the European Union. With so much history associated with the country, you are bound to see a number of majestic architectural marvels spread across, from different eras and influences. All this, coupled with the incredible natural beauty that the country boasts of (mountain system, forests and beaches), make Poland a country that you must visit at least once in your life. 

Poland has a temperate climate, with all four major seasons in a year. The winter season is the longest, spanning over 4 months. While the summers are wet and sunny, the spring and autumn seasons have the most pleasant conditions for you to explore the country. However, one off-putting thing about the Polish weather is that it is quite unpredictable, especially when it comes to rain. You can most certainly experience an hour of shower here or there even in the spring time, which is supposed to be a fairly dry season. For years, the unpredictability of the weather made tourism in Poland a not so popular avenue, but ever since the country became a part of European Union in 2004, there has been a massive push for drawing tourists to the country and to good avail. 

Some of the most popular tourist cities in the country are Warsaw, Karkow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lodz and Szczecin, with a lot of sites and activities for tourists to enjoy. Museums like National Museum of Warsaw, National Museum in Krakow, Museum of the Second World War and others give you a vivid account of the history of the country. Similarly, Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork, the Historic Centre of Krakow, Old Town in Warsaw and the Old City of Zamosc are just some of the amazing historic structures spread across Poland. Many of these are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which just tells you how incredibly beautiful they are and the importance they hold to the country’s and world’s history. 

Apart from these awe-inspiring structures in Poland, you have hundreds of natural attractions as well. You just cannot take your eyes off sights like Bialowieza Forest, Koscielisko Valley, Szczeliniec Wielki, Errant Rocks and Pieniny Mountains National Park. There are several national trails, spread throughout the country, that take you through various forests, lakes and a lot more. During the winter months, you can indulge in activities like ski touring, ice skating, snowmobiling and sleigh riding, each of which are nothing short of enthralling. 

Due to the emergence of the tourism industry in the recent times, there has been an incredible increase in the number of festivals all-round the year, adding to the appeal of the country. With so much to explore in the country, the varied opportunities are sure to appeal to every tourist in Poland.

Peak Season: July-August

Off Season: November-March

Shoulder Season: April-May and September-October

Travel Seasons Min/ Max Temperature Weather 
Spring 2-17 degree C Pleasant with occasional showers
Summer 12-26 degree C Pleasantly Warm with heavy showers
Autumn 5-15 degree C Pleasant with occasional showers
Winter -12-4 degree C Frigid and heavy snowfall


Poland in Spring (April-June)

Temperature: The temperature during spring in Poland varies between 2 degree C and 17 degree C.

Weather: Spring in Poland starts during the colder month of April but the season takes a turn for the sunnier, making it ideal for travelling all around the country. The lowest temperature experienced during this time is 2 degree C and the maximum temperature reaches close to 17 degree C. Yes, it can rain almost any day but the average rainfall is around 45mm. 

Significant Events: Ludwig van Beethoven Festival is a popular music festival that brings multiple classical musicians from around the world to perform in various concerts held in Warsaw. Florianski Fair in Warsaw and Juwenalia in Krakow are the best fairs to explore street performances, food, music and other local attractions. Jewish Cultural Festival in Krakow and International Street Arts Festival in Poznan are the biggest festivals in the month of June.  Every festival mentioned is a great way to understand different local cultures. 

Why you should visit now: Spring time is one of the best seasons in the country to travel around because of the pleasant conditions. You still get to see snow in the early part of the season but nature soon starts popping up new colours everywhere, resulting in some stunning landscapes. It is a great time to visit places like Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia and Malbrok. 

Things to know before the visit: You definitely need to carry your woollens in this month as the nights are cold. Since it is the shoulder season, you can easily travel around in budget prices. 

Tip: In a country like Poland where you just cannot predict any weather, you must carry your raincoat or at least an umbrella with you every day of the tour if possible.


Poland in Summer (July-August)

Temperature: The temperature during summer in Poland ranges between 12 degree C and 26 degree C.

Weather: Summer in Poland is the best in terms of sunlight but it is also the wettest season of all. The weather conditions are not that hot with the temperature staying in the range of 12 degree C and 26 degree C. 

Significant Events: International Street Art Festival in Warsaw is the largest outdoor festival in the country, drawing in artists from all the cities. Open’er Heineken Festival, a popular music festival, attracts artists like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Chemical Brother and Florence and many more from around the world. Crossroads Music Festival is another popular festival that focuses on traditional folk music from the Tatra Mountains. Good Taste Festival in Poznan is one festival that almost every food lover should have in their bucket list, since it is an international food festival where you can taste multiple cuisines in one event. 

Why you should visit now: Even with the unpredictability in the weather conditions, the summer season sees the maximum number of tourists from around the world. However, the major reason to visit this time of the year are the long hours of day light that you get, allowing you to visit multiple places in a single day. 

Things to know before the trip: Since it is peak season, you will get a lot of crowds, especially in major cities like Warsaw, Krakow and Tarnow. However, you can visit less explored cities like Torun, Lubin and Zamosc this time of year, to avoid the extremely busy areas. 

Tips: You must book your tickets and hotels well in advance as you won’t get a hotel room once you reach, and if at all you get one then that will be a costly affair. Always carry an umbrella and a poncho with you as this is the wettest season of all. 


Poland in Autumn (September-November)

Temperature: The temperature you get to experience in autumn in Poland is somewhere between 5 degree C and 15 degree C. 

Weather: Autumn in Poland is a lot better than summer, in terms of the amount of precipitation. However, there is a significant drop in the temperature especially in the month of November. The temperature range of this season is mostly between 5 degree C and 15 degree C. 

Significant events: Autumn in Poland has multiple festivals for you to enjoy. Warsaw Autumn International Festival of contemporary music, Cross Culture Festival in Warsaw and Festival of Four Cultures in Lodz are some of the most popular festivals to help you get a taste of multiple cultures, particularly, Polish, German, Russian and Jewish. Rawa Blues Festival in Katowice is the world’s biggest indoors blues festival. European Festival of Taste in Lubin is the best in terms of providing you a glimpse of food, art, music and dance culture of Poland. 

Why you should visit now: Autumn season is the other shoulder season in Poland, with the months of September to October being the best to travel around due to smaller crowds. Moreover, the prices of the hotels and flight tickets are much less than the summer months. The picturesque foliage during this time of year, with striking colours of the season popping at you, is a great reason for you to visit. Photography lovers would love this season for sure.  

Things to know before the visit: Even though it is pre-winter season, there are plenty of festivals for you to attend. This is also a great time for you to enjoy the finest Polish cuisine as you get popular delicacies that are mainly part of the summer and winter season otherwise. Kasimierz Dolny, Pieniny and Kaszuby are some of the must-visit places for natural attractions. 

Tips: Carry your umbrella at all times due to the unpredictable weather Poland throws at you. Also, carry your woollens and maybe add another layer if you are visiting in November. 


Poland in Winter (December-March)

Temperature: The temperature stays within the range of -12 degree C and 4 degree C in the winter season.

Weather: Winter in Poland can get really frigid and chilling, with temperatures dropping down to 12 degrees below zero. The maximum temperature during this four-month period is just 4 degree C, which tells you how cold it can get here. The country does see a lot of precipitation but all of it is mainly in the form of snowfall. Before actual winter sets in the cities, you can feel the cold winds hitting you throughout the day. Sudden rains can make the day even colder. 

Significant events: Krakow Christmas Cribs and Barbican Christmas Market are two of the best Christmas-related celebrations in the country where you get to experience the Polish culture and traditions at their best. Fat Thursday is one festival that every food lover would adore, with a whole day dedicated to eating and a major focus on sweets like packzi and traditional donuts. 

Why you should visit now: If you love winter sports, then this could turn out to be one of the best times for you. Zakopane, Izerskie Mountains and Wisla and Ustron Szczyrk have the finest ski resorts in the country. Thousands of tourists flock to these destinations every winter. 

Things to know before the visit: Since the temperature drops so significantly, you must wear multiple layers of woollens, including a muffler, gloves and thick socks. Also, carry a pair of boots to avoid the freezing temperatures. Apart from Christmas celebrations and winter sports, there are not many activities in the cities at this time of year. 

Tips: Since it is incredibly cold, not many people visit Poland this time of year, resulting in an excellent opportunity for you to explore the country and optimise on the prices. You can book hotel rooms and flight tickets at the lowest possible rates.

Travel Season
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp

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