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Places to visit in Casablanca

When you travel to Casablanca, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Casablanca, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Casablanca to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Casablanca things to do can include exploring Casablanca attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in casablanca


The official court of Casablanca which also serves as a banquet hall is one of the famous attractions in the New Medina region. It is located right beside the Royal Palace. The architecture of the building is fantastic and reflects Moroccan culture clearly.


This building cum tower is situated in the Plaza Mohammed V. The huge tower with the magnificent clock was installed by a French person. Many tourists pour into the place, admiring the building which is a perfect example of mixing of the modern and old architecture.


Situated in the Bidaoui Ahmed square in the Casablanca Medina this place has a beautiful Navy gate which has its own charm, and one can see the city ports rustle bustle and busy life. The port of Casablanca has historical importance and is a must visit. Tourists usually finish the tour quickly. You can also shop around Medina.


This fun filled park is a great place to relax with your family. Many small scale rides are available in the park, and kids will love the place right away. The trees and grass pavements in an around are well maintained and well kept.


This famous water park which is about 10 kms away from Casablanca has number of water rides and slides kids would enjoy. The water park is very big. Families can plan a day out here and enjoy this park in their way to the Tamaris Beach.


The majestic mosque, which happens to be second biggest in the entire world, is considered as not only Casablanca’s, but also whole Morocco’s pride. The mosque was completed by 1993, and surprisingly was constructed with funds raised by the common citizens. The raised money was about 800 million! The mosque is situated near the sea and has the architecture is just stunning. The materials used help beautify the place, with most of it coming from Morocco itself. The white granite columns and the splendid glass chandelier were imported especially. Over 6000 Moroccan craftsmen, sculptures and artisans were employed to work on this amazing project. This is a heaven for all tourists of all religions, because the beauty of the place just leaves you baffled.


The French influence in Casablanca can truly be seen through this Church. The famous French architecture Paul Tournon designed this church. Casablanca's history is hugely influenced by the French colony here. The Church was once a very celebrated one by the French living here in earlier times. It was built in a Neo Gothic style, and the twin towers provide a fantastic view. People can also see the pigeon nest here and there. The cathedral now keeps various exhibits which can be very informative.


This famous Catholic Church serves the many Roman Catholics that live in Casablanca. The church is very beautiful with 800 sq. ft. stained glass at both its sides.


The museum is a great distraction from the Souks, the Old architecture and the busy streets. It has great displays of the artifacts related to Moroccan history. Some of the exhibits also date back to 200 years old. The museum doesn't have a lot of English description so it is suggested that one should hire a guide.


The museum gives a great detailed description of the Jewish community in Morocco. The museum has amazing artifacts and old items displaying the Jewish culture. It is fascinating to note how both these communities of Jews and Islam lived in peace since such a long time. Many parts of the city are greatly influenced by the Jewish culture and the jewelry, furniture and the collectibles are something to look out for in the museum.


This museum is the only Modern Art museum in all of Morocco. One can enjoy the abstract art and can also enjoy the food at the cafe in the Villa. 


This park, constructed in 1918, is the biggest park in Casablanca. The park reflects a great deal of French but it has all African trees. The palm trees at all sides make this a great place to relax in. Tourists can be seen walking here at early morning and at time of sunset. The park also has some rides and great cafes serving good coffee.


This park is relatively smaller, and has number of benches one can sit and read on. The park has many flowers and shrubs and it is very quiet and beautiful. It is very less crowded and you can enjoy the serene location immensely. It was earlier known as Murdoch Park so if you're planning to take a taxi here, one should use this name as not all people know about the new name change.


The city of Casablanca has a little bit of many diverse cultures. The streets reflect French architecture, whereas the Moroccan culture is reflected through the old port. The Old Medina has number of attractions where one can visit the Casablanca before its economic growth. The old port with the old architecture is worth visiting. The new Medina on the other hand has great street markets. The Relics of the famous SidiBouSmara is also worth your time. The Palm trees and the beach side make it very scenic. Lots of branded outlets are also present from where you can buy different things.The economic centers are also worth watching, since Casablanca is known as the business capital of Morocco.


Take a break from the old architecture and take a day out and spend it at this huge beach. The seafood at the seaside restaurants is really good and many tourists can be seen basking in the sun enjoying the walks. The breeze from the Atlantic Ocean is cool and very enjoyable. This is one of the best places to relax and have some fun time. The beach is a great place to enjoy a few drinks and play volleyball. The walk to La Corniche is popular thing to do.


This is a famous forest amongst the people of Casablanca. The forest consists of many Eucalyptus trees and supposedly foxes come out at the night time. The forest is a great place to escape the city life and relax. The green trees at all sides have a very calming effect and makes for a very serene location.


Casablanca has a great blend of Islamic and French history. Tourists love the old architecture and the culture of Morocco is greatly reflected through the people and the streets. The city of Casablanca not only has historical significance but also has a great deal of religious sentimental value. The Shrines and Mosques, the Markets, the Souks and the food reflect a lot of the culture.


Book a guide for one day and take a tour of the old side of Casablanca. The Old Medina has a great number of old Architectural buildings. The palace, the mosaics and buildings give you a great insight into the old Casablanca.


The lighthouse has a stunning view of the city of Casablanca. Tourists are advised to take cameras with them, since the landscape is just perfect for photography. The sight along the Corniche is great.


This mosque is a rather small one yet the modern architecture is worth your time. It is really beautiful from outside. Limited time slots are available so please check in before you tour this mosque.


The Royal Palace is where the King resides while visiting Casablanca. Although one cannot go inside, the Gateway is so beautifully designed, one should not miss this one. The walls and the Gateway is decorated with intricate work which solely written work. One can see number of guards outside the gate.


The Shrine for Omar Ben Haroon, the famous Patron Saint of Casablanca, was dignified with the construction of a mosque around it. The Shrine is visited by numerous tourists every year. The Mosque had to be rebuilt since the Portuguese broke down the original shrine and Mosque. Since then other people have been buried here. 

Activities in casablanca

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One can indulge in snorkeling at le Dauphin Plongeour. The fishes and the coral reefs are amazing to look at. Watersports is another option near the AinDiab beach and have a nice time. Tours in and around Casablanca are a lot of fun. People many a times hire a vehicle and go touring themselves. 

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Casablanca is a world class port and numerous Business personnel come in and relaxation for them is a must. Casablanca has many world class Spas one can go and relax in. Some of the famous ones include Kinespa Casablanca spa and for women, HammamSolidarite Feminine is a great place. 

Food in casablanca


Casablanca has number of famous restaurants, and one can indulge in any kind of food. Places like La Fibule and Gossip Beach serve great Moroccan food, for people who want some Chinese can try out Golden China and Indian in India Palace. Italian is available in Little Italy. 

Night Life in casablanca


La Bodèga is a famous pub that has live Spanish and Arabic music. One can enjoy the atmosphere immensely and the service is really great. Sky 28 serves some really great wine and has amazing jazz performances. 


The wine is famous at Sky 28 and Petit Puchet is a great place for a cozy night. Brooklyn Bar serves the most famous cocktails. 


Black House and Cabaret Embassy are two great clubs with really good music. 

Shopping in casablanca


Number of stores can be found in and around the area and finding necessities is not a problem. Alpha 55 is a famous store which sells a lot of different things. 


The street markets of Casablanca offer a great number of things you can buy. Shawls, Rugs, Carpets, ornaments, fabrics, spices, fresh produce and the famous leather made objects. People can indulge in these from the famous New Medina Market and legendary Marché Central. 

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