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Places to Visit in Chiang Mai

When you travel to Chiang Mai, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Chiang Mai, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Chiang Mai to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Chiang Mai things to do can include exploring Chiang Mai attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in chiang mai


It is a historic temple that was built in 1441 around the tallest structurethe Lanna-style chedi of ancient Chiang Mai. This temple had an emerald Buddha which is now in Bangkok’s WatPhraKaew. To replace it, a jade replica has been put which was a gift from the Thai king to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the ancient chedi. Due to damage form an earthquake and cannon fire from King Taksin, restoration work has been conducted by UNESCO and the Japanese government. This work can be seen in the new doorways and mythical serpent’s (naga). There were new Buddha images installed in 3 out of the 4 directional niches. Another attraction of WatChediLuang is the lakmeuang which is a city pillar said to be the home of the house of a deity which guards the city. There is also a standing Buddha called Phra Chao Attarot sided by two of his disciples who are renowned for the mysticism and meditation.


This is the most esteemed temple of Chiang Mai as it draws the sightseers and pilgrims to see its Buddha and the classic Lanna architecture and art. One has to cover their shoulders and knees before entering the temple. The lion Buddha (Phra Singh) is the temple is the most famous image and is kept in the Wihan Lai Kham. The 3 tiered roof and carved gables is a classic Lanna style architecture. Inside are the murals and the golden stencilling (Lai Krahm). Even though the Phra Singh has a noble status, people do not know much about it. It is one of the most beautiful Lanna religious arts. It has a lotus shaped topknot and human-esque features that makes it interesting and beautiful to look at. Other important features are the octagonal base which is classic style of Lanna. It was built in the 1345 by King Pa Yo. There is also a Thong Thip at the entrance.


DoiSuthep and DoiPui bare the crown of the clouds and are the sacred peaks of Chiang Mai. A portion of the mountain forms a national park which is 265 sq. km and is house to the famous WatDoiSuthep and other tourist spots. There is also an accommodation for the tourist. The climate here is so diverse that is sustains the life of more than 300 bird and 2000 species of flowering plants and fern. The natural attraction here is the Nam TokMonthathon which is a park with a series of rapids. Swimming in these rapids should be done during or after the rainy season for the best experience. There is also off road biking for which the park has made designated single track road which were previously the hunting routes. It is advisable to take a tour guide while travelling as the tracks are not properly marked.


This is a botanical garden, privately owned, south of Chiang Mai preservation the native fauna and flora. This garden houses over 1000 varieties of plants with bees, butterflies and birds. Each plant has been signed providing the reader information about its scientific name and any applications. Tourist can walk around the garden or get themselves a guided tour of the garden. The Dokmai gardens are also involved in the preservation of the endangered species of orchids.

Food in chiang mai


Pun Pun

This is a very simple place and it practises all the famous health food trends. Vegan and meatless meals made available use herbs and vegetables, no refined sugar and whole wheat. The restaurant has its own farm from where it sources most of the ingredients. They also conduct several workshops like mud hut building, cooking and organic farming. They have another branch, Imm Aim vegetarian restaurant.

New Delhi

This eatery basically served the best Indian food in the town. The food has lots of delicious flavours without having any greasiness. The restaurants specialities are the handi dishes.

Salsa Kitchen

Mexican food done in Baja-style has earned the highest of praises for its zesty flavours and huge portion sizes. This place is often busy during the evenings and has been a favourite amongst the locals.

Kow Soy Siri Soy

This is a well-known place among the locals. The chicken and rice (kow man gai)and chilli-averse are quite popular and is a must have for all tourists.

Riverside bar and restaurant

With its wooden structure, it has been the most popular riverside eatery for over 20 years. It serves western, vegetarian and Thai cuisine. The ambience here is very soothing and will give you a good time. There is a bar as well so that you can enjoy your favourite drink.


This place is cosy and therefore you will feel comfortable. It has a wooden make that adds to its elegance. This place has been cooking German food for years now and also serves Thai and western food and it is popular for getting a drink with some friends in the evening. It is one of the classy restaurants on the strip.

Shopping in chiang mai


The city’s main night time attraction is the Chiang Mai night bazaar. This bazaar is the legacy of the Yunnanese who traded caravans and were stopped along the routes between Simaoand Mawlamyaing. The tourist can buy their regular souvenirs here. There are also shopping buildings like the Chiang Mai night bazaar building that has shops for handicrafts and antiques. The Galare night bazaar across the street sells chic clothes and home décor. Behind the night bazaar is the Galare food centre.


This is a retail market with the comforts of air conditioning. The main shop here is the Bangkok based central departmental store and the Tops marketplace which sells foreign friendly food items. Various mobile and related accessories can be found at the top floor and clothing at the ground floor. There are small vendors that set up outside the mall during Thursdays and Fridays.


Compared to KadSuanKaew, this plaza is more expensive with all its international brands and a wealthier clientele. The 2nd floor complex sells high quality souvenirs. The readymade clothes and silk are a good buy.

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