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Place's to visit in Limassol

When you travel to Limassol, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Limassol, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Limassol to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Limassol things to do can include exploring Limassol attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in limassol


This place happens to be one of the ancient city-kingdoms in Cyprus. The place has a number of mythological relevance, one being that this place became the residing area of Pregnant Adriane after Theseus had left her. The flourishing place for the Aphrodite-Astarte cult, Amathus is necessary visit for the history lovers.


14 km far from Limassol, this castle is a real feast to the eyes. The place is actually a very prominent example of the military architecture that was subject to change in the later years. Situated in the village of Kolossi, this castle is the best place for the history lovers to pay a visit and get the best essence of the rough side of the place.


Among the various destinations in Limassol, this park is surely an interesting place for the kids. They can also visit the Limassol Zoo here where they can have the most exciting moments. Apart from that there are swings, theatre area, coffee shops and many more which are enough to call the kids to have fun.


The Bubble Park is actually a place for fun and activity for the children. There are various areas in the park, where they can have fun by driving, playing, swinging, enjoying slips and so on. There are sand areas as well in the park. For those tourists who have their little ones with them, they can bring them here so that they spend a good fun time.


For those who are interested in visiting the religious places in the city of Limassol, St. Anna Church is a must visit. The church with its long historical background stands tall, being the place of prayer for the local as well as tourists as well as those who are really interested in the historical architecture of the churches in Cyprus.


The luscious Limassol Municipal Gardens has beautiful flowers and well-watered palm trees. During spring, this garden becomes the site for flower show while in the month of September, the Limassol Festival is held here. It is interesting to note here that this garden has the sole zoo in Cyprus. You will come across several exotic animals and Cyprus moufflon as well. 


Museums are really helpful in case you want to get information about the local place. When you are in Limassol and want to know about the history of the place, you must pay a visitto the Cyprus Museum. Having a wide variation of things to offer to the tourists as well as those who are really interested of the history of the city and the region, this museum is a real storehouse of history.


The central beach of Limassol is a nice place to visit. You can surely spend a very good evening on the beach. Different names are ascribed to the different beaches. In Akrotiri, there is a sandy beach names Lady’s mile. Pissouri Beach is another place to visit for those who want to admire a very romantic sunset.


A proper mingling of the Akrotiri salt lake, Fassouri Reed Beds as well as the Zakaki Marshes, Limassol wetland is just the place where you would like to be if you are an enthusiast birdwatcher. During winter season, many migratory birds come here. Hence, if you are visiting this place during winter you will be lucky to see them.


This is a very attractive event for the tourists coming from the different parts of the world. The carnival happens to be a pre-Lenten celebration. The festival is almost a hundred years old. The eleven day celebration is filled with a lot of extravagant events. Crazy events, crackers, all of these are sure to stun the imagination of the tourists. They can have the best time of their lives in this holiday destination. 


The Limassol Culture Park are of immense interest to those who are interested in art related works. Here you can find twenty large sculptures that were made in between 1991 to 2001. The sculptures are the very examples of the artistic diversity that prevails in the city of Limassol.


Also called a sacred cat haven, the Holy Monastery of Saint Nicholas of the Catsis the sheltering place for cats for the past 2000 years. Built in 327 AD by Kalokeros, the landmark has a very long history filled with wars, myths and animals. According to history, the place was infested with snakes and different reptiles, cats were used to kill them. The cats were fed by the monks of the monastery from which this monastery derived this name.Till now, there are a good number of cats which live here. The monks consider them as wonderful and sacred.

Activities in limassol

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Waterbiking is a popular adventure sport in Limassol. Like waterbiking, diving is also very popular. 

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The natural beauty of Limassol will leave you all mesmerised. Its multifaceted scenic makes it an ideal walking paradise. Bird watching is something which you will enjoy immensely.

Food in limassol


One of the most famous restaurants of the area, Fuamo’s Steakhouse offers the most delicious food items at the most justified price. Offering a great stake house experience to the guests, Fuamo keeps an eye on the high quality and the preference of the people. Quality serving, friendly behaviour, these are the two primary things that offer a great comfort to the guests here.


Founded in the year 2002, this restaurant aims at opening its various branches in the different corners of the world. Serving a wide variation of the popular food items of Cyprus, the restaurant gained fast popularity among the native mass as well as the tourists.

Other than these famous restaurants, there are others as well such as Artima Bistro, Karatello Tavern, Ryan’s Grill and Bar and so on. If you are looking for quality food items, one can avail these few options.


Some of the typical Cyprus dishes are very famous here. You can get these dishes once you come to Limassol.

Night Life in limassol


A very trendy place for those who wish to spend quality night life, this place is the finest place for the tourists looking for place to have chat with their dear ones. Now the place has come up with a brand new shape. Definitely this is a very attractive place that you will wish to spend time.


This is another very frequently visited place for the guests. Here the guests can have the options to drink the finest wine products along with the best food items. A great presentation of the night is available right here.



Open until 1 o’clock at night, this is a very popular spot for those who like to have a night out and have some coffee. On Sundays and Saturdays the place gets filled with tourists as well as those who are the residents nearby.

Shopping in limassol


This flea market is located on the Asomatos village. The market, that stays open on every Sunday and Saturday, is really large and the visitors can get a wide variation of food items and grocery items right here. Other than that the tourists can also find the stalls, coffee shops and so on. So the tourists can shop here quite well.


This is one supermarket that is located on Mesoyi Avenue. Here food items such as meat, fish and also several kinds of toy are sold.


This store is for the UK branded things. The store is the seller of so many items that the one can get any kind of item that one wants. The variation makes this store a one-stop solution to all.

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