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If the United States is North America’s most ambitious child, Mexico is its most creative one. From its spicy chilly dish to its saucy La Bamba dance, the country is as sensuous and spellbinding as can be. Glorious natural formations in the form of volcanoes, coral reefs, mountain ranges and forests co-exist in awe-inspiring harmony. Culture complements history, while recreation draws from nature. Mexico is a cocktail of modern ingredients and traditional recipes. Are you intrigued by this colourful, vibrant and animated nation? If yes, go forth and explore its many wonders!


Mexico Tourism : A Quick Overview


North America

National Language


Dial Code



126,577,691 (as of 2019)



Time Zone

UTC -8 to -5


1,972,550 square km


Highlights of Mexico: Crown Jewels 

Mexico City

The brightest star in Mexico’s galaxy sparkles with history, culture and a zest for life. High in altitude and enthusiasm, this capital city is a treat for all kinds of travellers. Visit Centro Historico (the beating heart of the region) and frequent its gorgeous cathedrals, eclectic art centres and delightful restaurants. Head over to the Frieda Kahlo Museum aka the Blue House to marvel at the life’s work of one of the most prolific Mexican painters. Explore the picturesque Bosque de Chapultepec, one of the largest parks in the western hemisphere. 



The glittering white shores of Cancun harbour some of the loveliest resorts, clubs, boutiques and eateries you will ever see. Zona Hotelera is an ivory strip of beach with all the makings of a fabulous tropical vacay. From underwater adventures to on land extravaganzas, the entertainment is simply electrifying! In-fact Cancun Under Water Museum and Coco Bongo come highly recommended.  Downtown’s El Centro offers the chance to explore a more traditional and quaint part of the city, if you’re tired of the golden glitz.  


Chichen Itza

Built by the ancient Mayans itself, this mystical city is defined by its massive step pyramid known as El Castillo or Temple of Kukulcan. Perhaps one of the most stunning archaeological sites, it tops the list of Mexico famous places. If you’re traveling in March or September, you must witness the mysterious light and shadow illusion of the serpent ascending/descending the side of El Castillo’s staircase. It is absolutely breath taking! 



This antique city is not only synonymous with its exquisite neo classical architecture, it also famous for its silky Tequila and peppy Mariachi music! Situated in western Mexico, Guadalajara will remind you of Kings Landing from Game of Thrones. Spectacular plazas, larger than life murals, colossal basilicas and other intricately built landmarks shine with pride. Teatro Degollado, with its glistening twin gold spires, is a recommended site along with The Palacio del Gobierno.


Puerto Vallarta 

Yet another tropical paradise, distinguishable by its charming boardwalks, sun kissed beaches and quaint historic city centre… Puerto Vallarta is slowly developing into a foodie’s playground, taking tourism in Mexico to newer heights! Fresh catch of various kinds (fish, lobster, scallops, oysters) are treated with the utmost care to create sumptuous and flavourful dishes. From cute local restaurants to candlelit fine dining, there’s not much to miss! You must try the Marlin roasted on a stick, which is served with Huichol salsa. Another lip-smacking delicacy is lamb meat cooked in a spicy gravy, served with tortillas.


Interesting facts about Mexico: Spicy Secrets 

  • Home to almost 10% of the world’s natural biodiversity, Mexico tourism is world-famous. 
  • Mexico is home to a number of unique and fascinating festivals such as The Day of The Dead. 
  • The adorable and iconic Chihuahua breed originates from Mexico. 
  • Mexico’s average working hours are the longest in the world. 
  • Mexico is the world’s largest silver producer and beer exporter. 


Location of Mexico: South of the North

United Mexican States, also known as Mexico, is a unique and striking country in the southern plains of North America. Ever-booming United States frames it in the north, the glittering Pacific Ocean caresses it in the south and west, while exotic Guatemala, Belize, and the Caribbean Sea hug it from the southeast. The Gulf of Mexico stands arm in arm, from the east. Covering an expanse of almost 2,000,000 square kilometres, this colourful nation is regarded as the 4th largest in the Americas! 


Best time to visit Mexico 

Mexico bubbles with beauty and bountiful offerings all through the year. From its steamy jungles to its frosty mountains, balmy beaches and windswept cities, the weather shapeshifts according to the region. This diverse country experiences 2 main seasons – wet and dry. While the wet season coincides with summer and autumn, the dry season corresponds with winter and spring.  When it comes to the best time to visit and explore Mexico, one must identify what kind of holiday they’re looking for. Summer is an ideal time for eco and marine adventures, winter is perfect for all sorts of celebrations, while autumn and spring bustle with unique cuisine and culture. Take a look at our best time to visit Mexico page, for a thorough analysis! 


How to Reach Mexico: Vámonos Amigo!

By Air - Mexico City International Airport and Cancun International Airport are the busiest, most convenient and well-connected airports to avail off. Flights are available from cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad, from the following airlines - Jet Airways, Air India, Air France, Air Canada, United Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa. The flight duration varies from 21-27 hours depending on the point of origin and point of destination. Upon arrival, one can catch the Metrobus line 4 service which operates every day from 4:30 to 00:00. 


History of Mexico: Political Warfare 

Early history points towards Mexico’s very first community, which is that of the Olmecs, who occupied the regions of San Lorenzo and La Venta. During this time a number of villages based on agriculture and hunting also started to spring up simultaneously. This was followed by the establishment of several powerful civilisations such as the Zapotecs, Teotihuacáns, Mayans, Toltecs and Aztecs. Middle history was defined by the conquests of the Spanish as well as the influence of the Catholic Church. It was in the year 1810 that parish priest Miguel Hidalgo led a rebellion against Spain. In 1821, Vicente Guerrero and general Agustín de Itúrbide united to fight for Mexico’s independence, drafting its very first constitution. In 1822, Antonio López de Santa Anna overthrew the former and drafted a federal republic of 19 states and territories.

Language Spoken


Currency used:

Mexican peso

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Best Mexico Tourism Guide

Mexico is a dazzling land with vivid culture portrayed through contemporary and ancient buildings and colonies. Soak in sun and sand, go wild in the nightlife and gauge into the delicious Mexican cuisine.  The country is backed with cultural and historic beauty giving alternate option for tourist.

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