Place's to visit in Nigeria

When you travel to Nigeria, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Nigeria, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Nigeria to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Nigeria things to do can include exploring Nigeria attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Lagos Island in Nigeria has the country’s most amazing and interesting landmarks. TaiwoOlowo’s Monument has the tomb of Chief Daniel Conrad Taiwo. This monument is said to be built by melting many and thousands of copper pennies.

Christianity and Islam are the most widely followed religions. Nigeria has the largest Muslim population in Africa. Islam is followed and dominated the northern part of Nigeria and there are many supports in the south western region and among the Yoruba tribe. Christianity (both Catholics and Protestants) are found majorly in the cities of Ibibio, Annang, and the Efik. There is a small percentage of people following the traditional Nigerian religion.

The museum is located in the Benin City, in King’s Square. The museum displays interesting artifacts from the times of the Benin Empire. These include bronze figures, terracotta and cast iron pieces.

The park is spread across a 2 acre land and is very beautiful. The park consists of green lawns, gazebos, a walk way, topiary with attractive shapes, waterfalls, sculptures, fountains, ponds, rock gardens and children’s playground. The park is mainly used for ceremonies, parties, seminars, religious retreats, school visits, picnics or simply a quiet hangout and relaxing spot for tourists.

Waterfalls are present in the Cross River state. These waterfalls are surrounded by vegetation making the area look green and soothing. It is a favorite tourist spot for trekking, swimming and for picnics. Also, situated in the Cross River state is the Obudu Ranch. This place is abundant in waterfalls, greenery and deep valleys. Mandara Mountains and Dimlang Peak which is the highest peak in Nigeria are situated in the Adamawa State.

Culture in Nigeria is diverse. The Nigerians still cherish and treasure their traditional and past civilizations languages, music and dance. The inhabitants of Nigeria consist of 500 ethnic groups of which the largest ones are Igbo, Yoruba, Fulani and Hausa.More than 250 languages are spoken across Nigeria however English is considered as the official language. The Nigeria culture gives a lot of importance to many local activities and professions such as Pottery, cloth and grass weaving, painting, ivory and wood carving, glass and metal works and leather and calabash. Hospitality shown by the people of Nigeria has been followed through traditions. The diverse culture makes Nigeria very special.

There are various activities, which kids can indulge in while in Nigeria. The kids can do water or jet skiing while in Lagos. You can also take them for a great boat cruising, which they are likely tofall for. Get Arena is another great place for kids to have a gala time while on their vacation. Here they can go for go-karting and race like pros.

Water sports, canoeing, mountaineering, hiking, trekking and horseback riding are some of the activities which can be pursued while in Nigeria. Among games, Nigerians enjoy soccer very much. Polo, cricket, wrestling and swimmingare popular among the wealthy people.

Visiting Nigeria’s natural beauty, lush green parks and gardens are good places for relaxing. However, as days are advancing Disco’s, clubs, cinemas are becoming great means of relaxation.

You will be surprised to know that restaurants in Nigeria offer a variety of cuisines such as Thai, Indian, Lebanese, Chinese and other. There are cafes and small restaurants offering confectionary and snacking items such as cakes,, pastas, pizzas, burgers and sandwiches.

Tourists should try out the local dishes. Food here is mostly made up of soft dough’s, yams, plantains, beans, rice, millet, cassava and these are served with different kind of soups. Meals also include plenty of fruits.

Plantain Porridge(vegetable and plantain stew)

Ogbono Soup(vegetable and meat and stew thickened with Ogbono seed)

Zobo (juice beverage).

The Nigerian music includes Folk and popular music. Traditional music throughout Africa has been continued. The call-and-response choir is very common where the lead and chorus singers exchange verses. Music in theatres is used extensively. String music and music with the use of traditional instruments is also very famous.

Nightlife at clubs and discos are very active in Nigeria. Lagos is the country’s nightlife capital. Locals and tourists can enjoy live music, dance until dawn and late night parties. There are several restaurants offering late night dining services. Nite Shift at the Coliseum has larger dance floors and DJ’s host live music and events.

Flea markets in Abuja and Lagos are famous. You can shop for second hand clothing by bargaining on the price. The most popular flea market is at Super Bus Stop in Lagos. You can also shop for accessories, T-shirts, skirts and blouses, jeans, bags, shoes, bed spreads, curtains, cars, motorcycles, equipment’s.

There are a few street markets in Lagos where tourists can shop. Balogun market provides you with daily goods like vegetable and fruits for the general population. Small household items or ornaments can be bought from the Lekki Market. Tribal masks, antique animal statuette, paintings and furniture can be shopped for.

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