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Place to Visit in North Korea

When you travel to North Korea, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in North Korea, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in North Korea to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to North Korea, things to do can include exploring North Korea attractions and visiting the places of interest. Plan a trip and don’t forget to get yourself the Best Travel Insurance for Asia at Thomas Cook.

All Attractions


The Juche erected in 1980’s is 560 feet tall. It is considered as the second tallest monument standing. This monument stands on the eastern bank of river Taedong. Just in front of the tower is a high statue which depicts three figures which are holding hammer, sickle and writing brush respectively. These three signify the insignia of the flag of the Ruling Workers Party of North Korea. This tower is worth a visit.


Pukkwan Victory Monument on which is engraved many victories of the Korean military against Japan. It was taken to Japan in 1905. Following the Korean outcry it was returned and today it stands in its original place.


The Constitution of North Korea allows for freedom in religious beliefs. Traditionally North Korea followed Buddhism and Confucianism but with the times their great leader Kim II Sung came to be worshipped. North Korea is a unique country in its religious beliefs. Kim II Sung is literally the God there and worshipping him does not require a church, a temple or a mosque. This religion has constructed giant sized statues of the President in every nook and corner with words praising him inscribed on them. It has also been decided that the year 1912 which is the year of the President’s birth should be considered the Year I. Even the monument of Juche which has a huge flame at the top was erected for his 70th Birthday.


North Korea has its fair share of museums. The Korean Centra lHistory Museum was founded in 1945. It has a large number of exhibits which shows the world how North Korea struggled against imperialism and oppression. Party founding museum is located in P’yong Yang; interestingly this building was constructed by Japanese Government in 1923. When Kim II Sung came to power, he turned the building into a museum. North Korean Peace museum is located in a village called Panmunjeom. This museum showcases the weapons used to kill Captain Arthur Bonifas and Lieutenant Mark Barrett in the axe murder case.


The most beautiful natural attraction in North Korea is Paekdusan, it lies towards the Chinese border and flight from P’Yong Yang takes you there. This is not only the country’s highest mountains; it is home to an extinct volcano with a vast crater lake at its centre. It is one of the deepest alpine lakes and though it has two hot springs, it is also considered the coldest lake of the world. Paekdusan is considered very sacred by the North Koreans.


The famous landmarks of North Korea is Juche tower, the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, Arch of Triumph, Changbai mountains, Tomb of King Kongmin, Sino – Korean Friendship bridge, Tomb of King Tongmyong, Sonjuk Bridge, Tomb of King Wanggon, Liberation monument, Sungnyong Hall.

All Foods


The North Korean restaurants, serve more flavored food than what the locals eat. The capital city has a popular duck barbeque restaurant which is famous among the tourists. P’yong Yang is full of restaurants which serve real good meal.  Some famous restaurants are Chong Ryu, Hotpot restaurant where you can make your own hotpot dish on little individual gas stoves.

The Pizza restaurant, this restaurant is P’yong Yang’s first pizza serving parlor where the chefs were sent to Italy to learn how to make perfect pizza by the President himself. P’yong Yang number 1 boat restaurant is moored near Kim II Sung square and eating on its deck is very popular among the tourists.

Okryu serves the best cold noodles and is very popular with the locals. Lamb barbeque restaurant has a very friendly staff and once the barbeque is served to a guest, the person serving starts singing a song to create a very happy moment. Viennese coffee shop serves amazing cappuccino and cakes

All Night Life


For a tourist, the nightlife is limited to what the hotel in which he is staying offers hence one does not find roadside bars or pubs or discos in North Korea. There are certain restaurants which serve dinner with some dancing and one can grab a few beers at a hotel bar. There are bowling areas in the hotel which are open nightlong. A couple of hotels have casinos and nightclubs but since the locals are not permitted there, they are usually empty. The Yangakkdo hotel has a small disco with western songs but that too is not very frequently visited.

All Shoping


North Korea has many souvenir shops which sells everything from trinkets, postcards to books. Ginseng is a good buy to take back home as gifts for people. Another tourist favorite item is art. The Mansudae Art Studio sells paintings, embroideries and sculptures. The landscape paintings of Korea are worth a buy. There are many departmental stores which sell everyday usage items at reasonable prices. North Korean stamps and t-shirts at the Korea Stamp Shop is always full of tourists who want to buy some collector stamps.

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