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Historical places, scenic landscapes and adventure sports

Rhodes in Greece has been an incredibly popular tourist spot in the European sector for a while now, with over a million tourists hitting its shores every year. Thanks to its rich historic past, the island offers various ancient structures and monuments spread across the towns and villages. The numerous national parks, waterfalls, caves, bays and isles add to the things the island brings to the table and makes it an ideal place for tourists who love to explore nature. Furthermore, it is an excellent tourist destination for those who want to enjoy various water-based adventure sports as well.

If you are looking to enjoy your vacation at a pleasantly warm location with fewer tourists around, Rhodes is right up your alley. You can spend your days relaxing on one of the beaches, indulging in beach volleyball or football, hiking through a national park or swimming in one of the bays. 

Rhodes Tourism : A Quick Overview
Continent Europe
Country Greece
Official Language Greek
Dial Code +253x
Population 115,490
Currency Euro
Time Zone UTC + 2 and UTC + 3
Area 1400.684 km²

Highlights of Rhodes:

Popular Tourist Spots

Lindos is one of the first tourist spots that a traveller visits upon arrival in Rhodes. The town houses an archaeological site called the Acropolis of Lindos and has several historical attractions for you to explore to get a glimpse of  ancient Greek culture. South of the town of Lindos is the Anthony Quinn Bay, which is one of the best places for you to enjoy your time near the beautiful waters of the peninsula. 

If you want to enjoy your time on the island by enjoying its amazing nightlife, then Faliraki is the place to be. Located on the east coast of the island, Faliraki is known for its long, sandy beach and amazing beach resorts. You can alternate between sunbathing lazily and enjoying all the activities on offer at the local water park.

Petaloudes is unlike any other place in the entire world, with millions of butterflies of various species fluttering around. With the municipality here declaring it as a protected site, all the butterflies are safe and free from any harm. 

Historical Spots

We often hear about places that take you back in time. The Medieval Town of Rhodes does exactly that. The castle, city streets, hospital and Castello are some of the best examples of architecture that dates back to the Gothic and Renaissance period. Watch out for buildings from this era that hint at their Ottoman and Byzantine roots. Just explore the city and let it sink in and you will be able to visualise what life was like 7-8 centuries ago. 

One of the oldest structures in the island, the Acropolis of Lindos is what’s left of the Temple to Athena Lindia. The 6th century structure sits on top of a 116 m highland over the tip of the sea, giving you a stunning view from the front. The 20-columned Hellenistic stoa against the setting sun is a silhouette that is majestic, beautiful and unforgettable. As there’s no shade to protect you from the sun, do wear a hat or a cap while visiting this monument. 

Adventure Sports:


Thanks to the excellent water bodies in and around Rhodes, the city is fast becoming a hub for snorkelers from around the world. The beach at Lindos, Kallithea and St. Paul’s Bay are not to be missed if you want to enjoy snorkelling in their crystal clear waters. Keep in mind that the best time to do this would be in the summer. 

Scuba Diving

Discover the ocean’s secrets while scuba diving in areas like the Big Fish Dive Centre, Lepia Dive Centre, and the H20 Diving Centre. Divers have come across an array of ancient relics recently, which explains the surge in popularity that diving has seen in recent years.  

Kite Surfing

Surfing needs high tides and huge waves - a combination that you do not come across very easily. This is exactly why Kite Surfing is gaining popularity. Just grab a huge powerkite, stand on your wakeboard and let nature do the rest. Do try your hand at this unique sport that’s been created by combining several water sports together. 

Cuisine in Rhodes

The cuisine here is similar to what you find all over Greece in general, with one crucial difference – sea food outranks meat any day of the week! You’ll come across a ton of tomatoes and olives in most of the dishes. Thanks to the fertile lands, the island has no dearth of organic food products. 

Pitaroudia, Zucchini balls and stuffed cyclamens are some of the appetisers that are worth savouring. Oven baked kolokoudi, stuffed vegetables, karavaolous and hen with loukoumi are the main delicacies of the island. The locals absolutely love these dishes and you will probably feel the same way. 

Interesting Facts about Rhodes:

  • Rhodes has a nickname – ‘The Island of the Knights’. The Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem ruled the island for more than 200 years.
  • The Old Town of Rhodes is a World Heritage Site. UNESCO declared the collection of 43 towns and villages a Heritage Site in 1988.
  • The Island was home to the tallest man-made structure in the Old World, the statue of Helios that was once a part of the Seven Wonders of the Old World.

Location of Rhodes:

Rhodes is quite far away from the Greek mainland. In fact, it is much closer to Turkey, lying just 6 miles from the Turkish coast. It is the largest island in the Dodecanese group of islands with an area of 1400 sqm. 

Best time to visit Rhodes:

Rhodes has excellent weather conditions throughout the year, which is why you can visit it anytime. However, the best time to visit is during the summer season (particularly July-August) when it is absolutely rain-free. However, the spring and autumn seasons are also a great time for you to travel because you’ll run into fewer crowds, which will allow you to explore the whole island in peace. If you are on a tight budget, then winter is the best season for you as it is the official off-season here and all the rates for flights and accommodation are at their lowest. 

How to get to Rhodes Island:

Rhode is easily accessible by air and sea. The airports at Athens and Thessaloniki are the primary choices for international tourists and you can reach the island by hopping on a ferry. You can even get here via cruise by being a part of a tour that takes you to Greece. 

History of Rhodes:

Rhodes has an incredibly rich history that dates back to the Neolithic era. However, experts believe that civilisation in the area started around the 16th century with the Minoan Era. During the Hellenistic Age, the island became a part of the growing empire of Alexander the Great. It is during this age that Rhodes flourished. Many architectural marvels were built during this time, with the Colossus of Rhodes being the most prominent one. 

With so much going on in Rhodes, this is definitely a place that should be on your bucket list for sure. Browse the offers on our website to start planning your trip.  

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Currency used:


MAR-MAY 14 to 17oC

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