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Schaffhausen – Rustic Swiss 

Schaffhausen is the kind of place you picture in your dreams. A mediaeval Old Town, with candy coloured buildings, embellished frescos, classic bay windows and fairy-tale fountains - framed by a towering fortress. Here, you will find that elements of history, culture and spirituality woven into the architecture and landscapes. Schaffhausen tourism is the epitome of old-world charm, besotting travellers with its unique offerings.  

Schaffhausen Tourism : A Quick Overview
Country  Switzerland
Official Languages German
Dial Code  41
Population 36,582 (as of 2018)
Currency Swiss francs 
Time Zone GMT+1
Area 41.78 square km


Highlights of Schaffhausen:

Old Town:

An old-fashioned toytown from the Middle Ages, Schaffhausen’s main borough is delightfully quaint. The architecture itself is rare, with intricate Oriel windows, decorative trims and opulently painted facades lending vision to the backdrop. Clock towers, fountain statues, cute-as-a-button bungalows and stone benches dot the cobblestone streets, while pots of flowers infuse bright colours into the artsy surroundings. We’d recommend a visit to the lovely Café Vordergasse, where you will find home-made soups, quiches, sandwiches, salads and cakes to satisfy your hunger pangs. 


Looking at Munot, one might think that this 16th century round fortress is right out of a fable. It’s got a Hogwarts-like quality that you can’t help but love. The castle definitely tops the list of Schaffhausen’s famous places, for it provides the best vantage point for admiring Old Town and the Rhine River. Ensconced by a small vineyard and moat, that is home to a family of deer, there are little surprises to discover on the way to the top. What makes this place truly special is a fragrant rose garden, a short walk across. One can savour the sweet smell while enjoying the sweeping views. 

All Saints Abbey:

Kloster Allerheiligen, a former Benedictine abode, is the oldest building in Schaffhausen and the largest monastery complex in Switzerland. Today, the compound is home to the city museum of local lore and the cathedral of St. John – the local parish’s operating church. Individuals can tour the 12th century Romanesque buildings as well as the 13th century Gothic style buildings, a sight for sore eyes. Amongst the infinite places to visit in Schaffhausen, this is highly recommended! Take a look at the Apothecary garden, an enchanting place where Benedictine monks grew medicinal herbs. Don’t forget to spot the famous Schiller Bell! 

Rhine Falls:

It is believed that the Rhine Falls were formed some 17,000 years ago, during the last Ice Age. Irrevocably beautiful, one will be starry eyed after glimpsing this cascading marvel. Today, it is the largest flowing waterfall in the European continent. 23 metres in height and 150 metres in width, the buttery falls whoosh and splash with glee! Observation decks sit on both sides, opening up to exquisite views of the natural wonder. A flight of steep and narrow steps leads to the walkways, an ascent that might be difficult for those who suffer from vertigo. Individuals can also take a boat ride, for a truly exceptional experience. 

Haus Zum Ritter:

Haus Zum Ritter, roughly translated to House of Knights, was home to some of the most important and influential Renaissance frescos north of the Alps. The house was built in 1492 and showcased the masterful work of Tobias Stimmer (from the year 1568-1570). The mural paintings were inspired by the townspeople of Schaffhausen. In the 19th century they were removed from the site and today can be glimpsed at The Museum Zu Allerheiligen. 


Interesting facts about Schaffhausen:

  • The Rhine Falls are the largest waterfalls in Europe, making Tourism in Schaffhausen most coveted.
  • Legend has it that the name Schaffhausen is derived from Schaf, which means sheep. 
  • Schaffhausen was once a German city. 
  • Schaffhausen is home to one of Switzerland’s first karate clubs. 
  • IWC Schaffhausen is the only significant Swiss factory that manufactures world-renowned watches in eastern Switzerland.


Location Schaffhausen:

Schaffhausen is a delightful little town, situated in the canton of Schaffhausen – Switzerland’s northernmost canton. It sits pretty on the banks of the High Rhine River, hugging the German border. Elevated at a height of 403 metres, the municipality thrives in a wine growing region and overlooks the picturesque Rhine valley. The settlements of Neuhausen, Neunkirch and Stein lie adjacent to it. 


Best time to visit Schaffhausen:

As with other villages in Switzerland, Schaffhausen experiences a variable climate, with year-round temperatures remaining temperate and cool. Due to its geographic location, a variety of micro climates are witnessed, including high levels of humidity. Snow and rainfall occur on an average of 122 days in the year. While pondering over the best time to visit and explore Schaffhausen, one should consider each seasons offerings. Summer is the most pleasant period, with mild sunshine. This the best time to enjoy recreational amusements. Winter, on the other hand, is a playground for snow sports. Spring and autumn remain delightful periods for picnicking and biking. 


How to get to Schaffhausen:

By Air – To reach Schaffhausen, one can fly to Zurich Airport, which is the nearest airport to the village. It is located merely 36.2 km away by road, via A51 and Route 4, with an approximate commute time of 37 minutes. However, if one opts for a train, the duration is 45 minutes. As Switzerland’s largest international airport, Zurich is well connected to all the major cities in India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. 

By Rail – Schaffhausen Railway Station is served by long-distance passenger trains that ply between Zurich and Frankfurt as well as Basel and Ulm. Those who wish to travel via rail can do so from the aforementioned destinations in Europe. Furthermore, the village can be directly reached from Schaffhausen by train from Winterthur, Kreuzlingand, Singe, Stuen and St. Gallenttgart too. 

By Road – If you choose to travel by car, you need to first fly into Zurich Airport first. From there, you can rent a car and drive via A51 and Route 4 to the village. Note, all Swiss motorways require users to purchase a vignette. Individuals can even avail of the efficient bus connection from Zurich. 


History of Schaffhausen:

The incidents, as follows, are some of the most impactful in Schaffhausen’s history. Coins from way back in 1045 denote that Schaffhausen was a city in the Middle Ages. Goods were transported along the Rhine River.  It was in the year 1050 that the Benedictine monastery of All Saints was formed, acting as the town’s seat of religious and political power. By 1190, the region enjoyed the status of Imperial City, as reflected by seals dating from 1253. The abbey’s power began to decline gradually and after some conflict with the Guilds and the Habsburgs relinquished full control. Schaffhausen was finally able to buy its independence from the Habsburgs in 1418. Fast track to 1501, and the region was incorporated into the Old Swiss Confederacy. 

Language Spoken

German, French , Italian, English

Currency used:

Swiss franc


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Best Schaffhausen Tourism Guide

Enjoy the striking beauty of Europe’s largest waterfall when you are on Schaffhausen holidays. Schaffhausen holiday packages in the city that is located in northeastern Switzerland are about spending idle days near the Rhine River and enjoying your vacations. 

Tourists availing Schaffhausen travel packages can go on the tours after reaching the city by train from Zurich. The special transport passes available for travelers to see the surprises of Schaffhausen   are especially useful. It’s also possible to travel to Schaffhausen in cars from Zurich. There are a couple of ways to go on a Schaffhausen tour. Tourists can see the grand Renaissance buildings in the older parts of the city on foot, but for areas further off they need to takes buses that are available every 15-20 minutes.  Plan a visit to the Munot fortress during your trip to Schaffhausen and get panoramic views of the old city and the amazing landscape. But it is the Rheinfall that makes this vacation packages truly wonderful experiences. Vacationers can take boats to the middle of the falls. Watch out for the fireworks if you are in the city on August 1.

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