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Best time to Visit Jaipur

Rajasthan’s prestigious pink city, shrouded in royalty and heritage, ranks high on a globetrotter’s travel bucket list. And, for good reason too! From its world-famous monuments to its ornate temples, grandiose palaces and aesthetic forts, the majesty is unparalleled. 

This diversity and variability percolates into its seasons too. So, when the question of ‘what is the best time to visit Jaipur’ arises, one must consider every detail. From the boon to the bane and everything in between, it’s imperative to be aware of each period. Jaipur’s pronounced seasons of winter, summer and monsoon go through a gamut of changes. The frost shapeshifts into warmth that eventually transforms into moisture. With each division of the year comes a different set of activities, events and festivals. The city dons many hats and there’s always something unique to experience through the year. 

Here’s a snapshot of everything you need to know, along with our recommendations and tips.

Travel Seasons

Min/Max Temperature


November to February


Winter - Cold and dry

March to June


Summer - Hot

July to October


Monsoon  - Moderate rainfall





Jaipur in Winter (November to February)

Jaipur Temperature – The air temperature during the season of winter fluctuates between 8°C and 26°C. 

Weather – Jaipur weather in winter is pleasant and amicable. During the mornings and the evenings, the city is cloaked in a dense cover of mist and fog. The days are graced with a lovely sunshine, rendering it a pleasing time to explore, wander and sightsee. The nights get particularly chilly, as temperatures fall to singular digits. All in all, this season is a comfortable time to visit.

Significance – Tis the season to immerse oneself in a host of thrilling things! Jaipur during winter is simply animated and magical. Here are some of the recommended experiences for you - Riding an elephant at Amer Fort, cycling around Nahargarh Fort, strolling through medieval streets/bazaars, partaking in festivals such as the Jaipur Literature Fest. The possibilities are endless. 

Why you should visit now – Just like other cities in Rajasthan, Jaipur exudes wonderful charm during the months of winter. One can take in the opulent forts, palaces and monuments with more clarity and ease. The cityscape and architecture look enchanting as the atmosphere is crisp and fresh, accentuated by the chill in the air. The climate is ideal for strolling and touring without the hassles of heat or humidity. As such, this is the best climate to visit Jaipur in for an exceptional holiday.

Things to know before the visit – Winter is peak tourist season. As such, travel will be a little more expensive.Jaipur Tour packages, accommodation and the likes will require prior booking. There are medium priced and budget hotels available for those who aren’t seeking luxury. Service personnel, be it porters, waiters or guides expect to be tipped at least 10%. 

Tips – While sightseeing, opt for a rikshaw or a taxi. However, be sure to agree on the price before hopping on. When it comes to your attire, it goes without saying that you need to be fully clad. Dress in layers so that you can shed some when you feel warm. 


Jaipur in Winter Summer (March to June)

Temperature – The air temperature during the season of summer fluctuates between 24°C and 39°C. 

Jaipur Weather – True to the Rajasthani summer blaze, Jaipur experiences blistering weather. Hot winds and humidity make it extremely uncomfortable to traverse the region during this time. As such, sightseeing gets harder. The days are scorching, eventually giving way to relatively comfortable evenings. 

Significance – Rajasthani summers are synonymous with its season friendly food and drink such as Sugarcane Juice, Lemonade, Coconut water, Buttermilk, Watermelon and Muskmelon. Imagine treating your palette to these cooling items, whilst enjoying the views that luxurious palace hotels provide? Yes, one can revel in the stunning infinity pools and platforms/gazebos/verandas at Jaipur’s best hotels. Summer is the perfect time for some indulgence and pool action! But it doesn’t stop here. Jaipur, being a cultural city, hosts some delightful festivals such as Gangaur. 

Why you should visit now – Although the season of summer can be particularly unbearable, there are advantages of visiting the city during this time. Apart from the commercial tourist spots, best place to visit in Jaipur are Night Bazaar in Chaura Rasta, Albert Hall, Snow World and the Light & Sound Show. The excitement is hard to ignore! 

Things to know before the visit – This is the best season to visit Jaipur in, for affordable prices at luxury hotels. In-fact, most hotels offer discounts to attract a larger crowd. Furthermore, this is the least rainy destination in the country for family vacations. To add to this, the queues are shorter, the traffic is far less, and accommodation is hassle free. However, there is great risk of heat exhaustion and heat strokes during this time so stay hydrated.

Tips – Make sure you pack all the essentials to help beat the heat. Your luggage should consist of airy clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, water bottles etc. Never leave the hotel on an empty stomach. Eat well and stay hydrated but try avoiding caffeine and alcohol. Plan your sightseeing timings according to the climate, which means early mornings or evenings.


Jaipur in Winter Monsoon (July to October)

Temperature – The air temperature during the season of monsoon fluctuates between 23°C and 34°C. 

Weather – The monsoon climate is far more alluring than that of summer. Jaipur Temperatures are significantly less hot; winds are cooler, and the existence of rain creates the illusion of mystique and wonder. This is an ideal time to enjoy gorgeous views, sprinkled with buttery drizzles.  

Significance – Jaipur won’t rain on your parade, should you choose to visit it during this season. You can choose a snug spot to marvel at the picture-perfect landscapes drenched in crystal drops, whilst savouring delectable Rajasthani snacks. And, this is just the beginning! Partake in the colourful and auspicious festival of Teej, during which street stalls sell delicious Ghevar. Visit Jal Mahal, an exquisite water palace and Chokhi Dhani, a haven for cultural enthusiasts. Spend a night at the earthy Tree House Resort and live out your glamping fantasy. Monsoon mania is so much fun!

Why you should visit now – The romantic season of monsoon is perhaps the best time to observe the pink city in its most natural hue. The rain has a way of making everything look more beautiful, more refreshing. From the sounds and smells to the gush of shimmering water, a city falls prey to the mystical charms of the monsoon Gods. And, Jaipur is one such city that embraces this ever so brilliantly! 

Things to know before the visit – August is the rainiest month of the season. Take this into account, while planning your day tours and outdoor excursions. Also, there is the risk of dust storms occurring during this time. On a lighter note, this period is shoulder season. As such, prices will be affordable, and hotels will offer great deals. 

Tips – Your clothing should account for the season. Carry an umbrella, windcheater and gumboots. Ensure your gadgets are waterproof! 

Travel Season
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp

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