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Best time to visit USA

America being such a vast country has a variety of weather conditions that occur at the same time. It is one of those countries in the Northern Hemisphere that experiences extreme climate conditions that is the winters are very harsh while the summers are very hot. Month wide Details of the climate present in America are given as follows:


January to March - The White Winter

Northern Part

Temperature: Ranging from 1 degree Celsius to 5 degree Celsius

Weather: During these months the northern portion of the country experiences harsh winters filled with excessive snowfall. The amount of snowfall may also affect the roadways and prevent access to certain places. During these months the days are shorter and only a few hours of sunlight is received. The temperature remains quite low during this time.

Know before you visit: In winter the snow may cause many inconveniences making touring of the cities a huge task.

Why you should visit now: During these months the prices for accommodation are quite low and easily available. Going ice skating or playing in the snow is a blissful feeling that definitely makes an individual feel happy and loved. These months are the ideal time to visit America for all the snow lovers out there as one can go skiing, snowboarding and do other activities that can be done only in winters. 


Southern Part

Temperature: The temperature remains average ranging from 5° to 25° Celsius.

Weather: While the Northern part of the country has a harsh winter, the southern part experiences a lot of warmth for the sun along with the snow. At night the temperature does fall down but during the day it is quite pleasant with a cool breeze blowing all the time.

Why you should visit now: With such pleasant temperature and the beauty of snow-covered roofs and trees, this time is the best time to visit USA cities like Savannah, Atlanta and New Orleans, Hawaii and so on. 


April to May - The Spring Bloom

Temperature: The temperature during these months range from 20° to 30° Celsius all over the country and are definitely some of the most pleasant months to visit America in. This is one of the best season to visit USA in.

Weather: During these months the snow subsides and the trees start blooming again. Once again the Flora and the fauna brighten up the country creating a much energetic and exciting environment all over the country.

Know before you visit: During these months the prices are quite high as this the peak time when tourists flock to America as the temperature is not too hot nor too cold.

Why you should visit now: As the country starts getting more sunlight everyone in the country is seen enjoying the weather and so tourists can get involved in the welcoming of the spring season. One can go to specific gardens in these months to enjoy the Spring Bloom like the Japanese Gardens present in America.

Significance: While visiting America in Spring Season is also a plus point for baseball fans as these months enjoys the baseball season and one can witness games at different places in New York, Chicago and Boston and so on to get a complete American experience.

Tips: Places like Miami, Hawaii and some other southern cities of America should be avoided in these seasons as these cities are generally hit by hurricanes during these months or may even experience extensive thunderstorm which can ruin one's vacation.


May to July - The Blazing Summer

Temperature: The temperature is at an average point which makes doing outdoor activities like sightseeing or adventure and water sports becomes more convenient and fun.

Weather: These months are filled with lots of sunlight and joy. The summer months generally get too hot at some places like Florida, Philadelphia, California and San Francisco.

Why you should visit now: During these sunny days, the wildlife is at its peak as one can easily spot animals in places like the Yellow Stone National Park and so on. Safaris are more worth it in these summer months. The great weather enables the tourists to have wonderful experiences while doing activities like trekking, hiking, exploring the Grand Canyon, the Rockies and so on. It makes exploring the country much easier and convenient. The pleasant weather also enables the tourists to go for fishing or to take cycle or bike tours in the cities and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Significance: The best part about this season is the celebration of 4th of July that is the independence day of America. Nothing can be compared to the fireworks that take place on the night of 4th of July. It is an absolutely mesmerizing view that can leave the tourists speechless. Celebrating this great event with the Americans is altogether a different yet amazing feeling. All these things combined together give the tourists a great cultural experience when in America.


July to August - The Great Fall

Temperature: With average temperatures ranging from 15° to 30° Celsius all over the country.

Weather: The weather is absolutely pleasant as it not too cold or hot. This is again a popular time to visit USA as one can witness some magnificent views and enjoy the country at its best. These months experience the Autumn Season which is known all over the world as the fall season. During these months all the leaves turn red to represent the onset of winter

Know before you visit:  months are again the most visited months by tourists so the airfares and accommodation prices are a bit on the higher end.

Why you should visit now: These months are the ideal time to go for trekking and hiking to the Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park and so on, as the pleasant weather makes the whole activity less tiring and more enjoyable. 

These months are also ideal to go for boating or cruising to admire the beautiful skylines of different cities of America. You can also plan to visit Miami and Hawaii in these months as water sports are easily available and activities like parasailing, jet skiing, fly boarding, banana boat riding, kayaking as well as scuba diving. The pleasant weather and climate of the Autumn Season make these activities more enjoyable.


September to December - Time for Festivities

Temperature: These months do not experience a lot of tourism as there is heavy snowfall everywhere and the temperature may drop down to -15° Celsius in certain cities of America. 

Weather: The months of November and December experience cold and harsh weather. The cities however are filled with joy and excitement to celebrate the upcoming festivals of Thanksgiving and Christmas. The starting months of August and September still have soothing climate as places like Hawaii, Miami, New York, Chicago, etc. and experience long hours of sunlight with a cool breeze blowing.

Significance: The good things about these months are that there are two great festivals and events that are celebrated in these months that include Thanksgiving and Christmas. The whole country is decorated with jingle bells, ornaments, trees and lights which creates a very happy and joyful environment. Everywhere you will see people enjoying their vacation and breaks from jobs and schools and spending time with their families. 

Why you should visit now: The months of August and September are perfect for visiting the National Parks and enjoy adventurous activities as the weather is pleasantly cool with ample warmth in the daytime. The later part of the season though has harsh and cold weather, visiting the American cities which resonate joy from the celebratory mood of Thanksgiving and Christmas, is one to experience. 

Tips: You are advised to carry warm clothes to survive in the cold weather.


Travel Season
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp

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