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How to Reach usa america

By Air

All the metropolis cities of America like New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, etc. have their own international airports from where regular USA flights keep flying in and out. There are hundreds of flights that are handled in these airports on a daily basis and so traveling by Plane is the most convenient method and best ways to reach USA. While flying to America, you must keep in mind the amount of Baggage you carry with yourself as every flight company has certain restrictions regarding the weight of the baggage. Furthermore, the tourists should keep all the required documents in handy in order to avoid any complication at the customs and the immigration counter in America. Although, there are no direct flights from India to USA requiring one to change flights midway, i.e. take connecting flights, it is still the fastest and the easiest way to reach USA. Before you think about how to reach USA, you should know that a flight to Los Angeles can be easily taken to do so. Mumbai: You can also fly from Mumbai to reach Chicago. The flight consists of stopovers at Newark Liberty and then San Francisco to finally arrive at Chico Municipal Airport. Bangalore: If boarding from Bengaluru, you can board a flight up to Atlanta with a single connecting flight from Dubai to finally reach Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Delhi: People looking to take a flight from Delhi can board a plane from Delhi International Airport to Canada from where they can enjoy a beautiful road trip of 1000-1300 km distance, to reach USA. The two stopover destinations in this journey include Vienna and London.

By Sea

This mode of transport is generally used by tourists coming from Europe on Private boats or tourists traveling within the country by ferries, cruises, and boats. The two main ports for such Private boats are located in Los Angeles and Florida. From here the tourists can easily rent a car, hire a cab or even take a train to get to other cities of America or to any other place in America. This mode of transport is rarely used by any individual nowadays. But the facilities are still available as some people might like to just go fishing on their boat or might own a boat and want to take it out for a ride.

By Train

You can travel to other cities in America via Train or tourists traveling from Canada or New Mexico can use the train to reach America. Amtrak is the only operator that provides train facilities from Canada to America and the other way round. One can board an Amtrak Train from either Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver located in Canada to reach the USA. If you are traveling from Mexico, they need to come to Canada by bus or car and then board a train from the above-mentioned places. You can travel from city to city within America via train in a very Swift and smooth manner. This mode of transport is cheaper, faster and more comfortable as one can freely move around on a train.

Commuting within USA

Hiring a metered taxi is a good option to get around in various cities of USA. The charge is around Rs.120-180 per mile with a flat rate of around Rs.180 as minimum charge while starting. However, these are most easily available in the busiest parts of big cities, hence calling a taxi service like Lyft or Uber is more suitable in most cases. Another way to travel around in the country is by public transport like metros or buses; although the cheapest but these are the least convenient of all options. Renting a motorcycle or a car for a day or more is the most convenient of all transportation facilities, with maximum flexibility. These can be availed at a rate as low as Rs.1200 a day.

By Road

You can always take a road trip to go to certain place in America. Tourists living in Canada or traveling from Canada can also take a road trip or hire a cab and get to America. While traveling by car, you should always keep your passports with yourself and should be prepared to pay the 6 $ entrance fee at the point of entrance. The Canadian and Mexican borders are the two border that is crossed the most number of times. Since US-Mexico border has a pretty tight invigilation system the tourists might need to be a bit more careful and prepared. They should always go along with the officer and not try to offend them. Due to trafficking of drugs, officers might even scan the car or search the entire car if they are suspicious. Taking a Road trip to America to reach some city is an amazing experience as America has some great scenic views and one can make the most of it by going on a road trip. Some of the major cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Las Vegas, Boston, etc. are interconnected with a great network of highways so one can travel within America to reach local destinations through a car. This mode is the fastest and the most comfortable as well. However there is a danger of accidents, but if the speed limits are followed then this danger shall be over-ruled.

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