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Americas, The very name invokes dreams and desires! The United States of America are indeed the dream country of almost all the people all over the world. Skyscrapers taller than the eyes can see, abundant natural flora and fauna, two coastlines so big that one can spend each day on a new beach and still not manage to see them all in months, the States have it all! To add more, there’s the glow of money in Las Vegas and the shine of Superstars in Los Angeles, this place seriously has it all and a very interesting and varied history really makes visiting this place a heady cocktail! From the Golden Gate Bridge to the Yellow Stone National Park, from the Grand Canyon to the Statue of Liberty, this place offers a lot many thrills, chills, serenity, calm, excitement and more!

A dreamland for tourists, the United States of America is the third largest and populous country in the world. It gives you more than what you can ask for. USA flaunts massive mountains, beautiful beaches, jam-packed metropolitan cities, and much more than what your heart craves. The USA is one of the most influential and powerful countries that affect the world economy. America is a place that everyone dreams to visit at least once in their lifetime. It is no less than a paradise for tourists as one can explore the widespread nature's beauty and enjoy the modern life that has flourished in America over the past few decades.

Currency: US Dollars ($)

Population: 3.25 Million

Time Zone: GMT -5:00

Area: 9.83 Million sq. km

Capital: Washington D.C. 

Official Language: English

Capital’s calling code: +1

Being home to some of the world's most populated and famous cities like New York City, Chicago, California, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Florida, and Alaska, tourism in USA is ever increasing as people flock each year in almost every season just to witness the wonders of America and to experience the American lifestyle. Each of these cities has a diverse culture, food cuisine and various forms of entertainment, an alluring feature, which is always successful in attracting tourists from all over the world taking America right on top in Tourism. Every corner of America has something unique and different to offer to its tourists and never fails to surprise them. There are famous spots, like the Hawaii beach, beaches in Las Vegas, skyscrapers in cities like Manhattan and Chicago, snow peaked mountains and redwood forests all over America, monuments having historical importance, architectural structures that form the basis for USA tourism.

All these cities contribute in their unique manner to form America as a whole country and to make it such a fantastic and marvellous place to be in. Many people visit America not just to see the Disneyland or the Statue of Liberty but to all experience the American lifestyle, to relish American cuisine and to know more about the American people. Such cultural experiences that one can derive in America are awe-inspiring. Tourism in the USA has been playing a very important role in the American economy. Tourists are welcomed with warm hugs and greetings by the people living here. The USA natives are a friendly lot, always willing to help tourists. 

Since America is vast and diverse, it might take a tourist over a year to explore every nook and corner of America. For this reason, tourists going to America should always seek the help of a well versed travel consultant or an online guide so that they are aware of must-visit places and what places they can visit in their budget and time frame. Having a guide help plan out the whole trip always works better in case of USA Tourism. If one just goes for a backpacking trip to America, you may feel a bit lost and miss out on some great spectacles in America. USA Tourism guide ensures that the tourists know more about America, the culture, and lifestyle. 


The United States of America or the US is situated in the continent of North America. Spread in a vast area of over 3.25 million square kilometres, USA naturally has a vast variety of geographical features as well. It is bordered on the north by Canada and on the south by Mexico. USA is circumscribed by the Atlantic Ocean on its eastern front and the Pacific Ocean on the western, while its southeast coast is bound by Gulf of Mexico. Its landscape varies considerably spanning its 50 states comprising of 48 contiguous states, Alaska and Hawaii located in the mid of Pacific. From Arctic in Alaska to the wonderful sub-tropical attributes of Hawaii and Florida regions, USA boasts of a dynamic geography. While it features arid deserts, prairies and volcanoes, it also showcases wet rainforests, rugged mountain peaks and outstretched coastlines respectively.



America has had a history of colonization, struggle for freedom, civil wars, assassinations and its emergence as a world leader. Since the arrival of Christopher Columbus in North America in 1492, English, French and Dutch settlers found their way into the country, colonizing it. After the America War of Independence (1775-1783), America won its freedom from colonial rule and began its new journey as an agricultural country. In 1861 when the American Civil War broke out as a result of an attempt by Lincoln to end slavery, the country saw yet another turmoil which led to the development of the nation as an industrial giant through mid and late 19th century. Following the WWI, USA came out as a global power and formed many powerful allies and strengthened its political links. Since then, USA has remained a superpower and has been dominating the 21st Century.


Standing at 3.25 million population, USA is melting pot of cultures and people belonging to various ethnicities and national origins. The most significant and admirable aspect of its being is that the country recognizes and treats its people as equals without emphasizing on their ethnic backgrounds. It believes in embracing all of the cultural elements of both liberal and conservative ideologies and promotes freedom of expression, religion, individualism and egalitarianism.



Christianity is the religion, followed by the majority, 70% of the population in the USA. Following next is Jewish at 1.9%. There is also a large portion of the American population following Islam (0.9%), Buddhism (0.7%) and Hinduism (0.7%), with an amalgam of various religions with a collective percentage of 1.8%. However, what’s most interesting and notable about USA as far as religious beliefs is considered, is the fact that USA has a huge sect of citizens (22.8%) who do not affiliate themselves with any faith. It is perhaps the progressive and developed ideology of the nation that has led to a large chunk of its population to turn to agonistic and atheists. 


The official language of USA is English. Most people, around 80%, communicate in English, while the rest speak a variety of languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, French, Arabic and Korean. 


US Dollars ($) is the currency of USA. The approximate value of 1 US Dollar is 65 Indian Rupees.



Language Spoken


Currency used:

US Dollars


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Cost and Money

You can stay in the USA with a daily budget of Rs. 10,000 at the least. The amount is enough to get you an accommodation in a dorm room or a budget hotel with food that can be bought from food trucks or local cafes that are quite cheap and travelling around via buses, subway or trains.

A mid-range sustenance in the country as a traveller, ranges between Rs. 10,000 to 16,000. This will easily suffice for a stay in a mid-range hotel, meals for two at popular restaurants and car rentals to move around. 

You will however need 17,000 or more per day if you want an accommodation at a luxury hotel, dine out at fancy restaurants and want to splurge on the many theatres and concerts in the country. 

ATMs are widely available throughout the country and most credit cards are accepted at restaurants, hotels, resorts and shops. Also, keep in mind that in USA tipping is not optional. It is a norm that you should strictly adhere to and must only avoid in extreme cases of bad service.

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