Places to visit in Hanoi

When you travel to Hanoi, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Hanoi, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Hanoi to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Hanoi things to do can include exploring Hanoi attractions and visiting the places of interest.

The desire of a simple cremation has been contradicted, but in style with this mausoleum that has been built by bringing in resources from all over Vietnam during the period of 1973 to 1975. This is an epic marble structure that now preserves the body of the great Ho Chi Minh. The body is kept inside the building in a glass sarcophagus. The mausoleum remains closed for 2 months every year as his body goes to Russia for maintenance. The peristyle and roof are said to look like a lotus flower or a communal house but most travellers just find it like a cube of concrete with columns. The snow white military uniform can be seen at a short and regular interval which gives a very strange vibe against the spectacle of a body with its fine white hair. The mausoleum is very strict when it comes to discipline. Wearing indecent outfits is strictly forbidden. Even wearing hats and photography inside the mausoleum is forbidden.

About 2 km from the HoanKiem Lake is the temple of literature. It is a rare example of well-preserved Vietnamese architecture. It was founded by the emperor Ly Thanh Tong in 1070. The temple is dedicated to the great KhongTu (Confucius) and it also honours the finest scholars and men with literary accomplishments. The first university of Vietnam was set up in 1076. In the year 1484, the emperor ordered the erection of stelae’s stating the names, place of birth and achievements of the most exceptional scholars. As of now, only 82 remain standing. After entering through the main gates, paths lead through the proper gardens to the Khue Van pavilion which was constructed in 1802 and after that to a square pond called the Well of Heavenly Clarity. 

This is the remains of the Hoa Po prison which was nicknamed by the US POW’s, the Hanoi Hilton during the American War. Most of the exhibits show how the prison was used during the mid-1950 and focuses on the struggle of the Vietnamese for their freedom from the French. A ghastly relic here is the French guillotine which was used to behead the Vietnamese revolutionaries. Displays also show the American pilots who gave up their lives in the prison during the War including Senator John McCain. The prison was built in 1896 by the French with the intention to house 450 prisoners. However, records show that the number when up to 2000 in the 1930s.

If you are planning to bring your kids in Hanoi,visit the Water Puppet Show. Here you will come acrossbright coloured puppets that would beregulatedwith the help of sticks hidden in the water.

Get your little ones to Thong Nhat park that lies to the south of HoanKiem.What’s best about it is that it has plenty of space for running around. If possible, let your kids spend quality time at Hanoi Circus where they can enjoy watching acrobatics and juggling.

What you will love about this temple is its extension up to the lake. Here you will come to know about Vietnamese history and also about giant turtles. The site usually remains crowded with tourists coming from different corners of the world.

Founded only 23 years ago with the object of worshipping Hani Goddess,you will come across displays of Vietnamese beauty here.

If you want to visit a temple with modernised interior, step into the Vietnamese Women’s Museum.What you will gain knowledge here is on the fearsome female freedom fighters of Vietnamese history. The information inscribed here is available in English, Vietnameseand French.You will also get to see exhibitions on rituals surrounding women in the family. In fact, watching a lot of ethnic costumes will leave you excited.

The military history of Vietnamdates back to some two millennia.This museum is so big that it four buildings. The museum exhibits are all available in Vietnamese, French and English.

If you are looking for one of Hanoi’s best leisure spots, go to HoanKiem Lake.Even if you want to practice tai chi in the morning or read a book in peace, this is the ideal spot to visit.

The park stands opposite toHoanKiem lake with a breathtaking view of the busy Hang Bai street.Earlier, it was known as Chi Linh Garden and thereafter it was named as Indira Gandhi Park.

Ha Linh Thu, who isa reputed designer,is known to producetrendy designer outfits, jewellery and accessories. Pearl Ha is a well-known shopping destination where you can take pleasure in shopping for hours.

Hanoi Moment will bring you jewellery and lacquerware along with T-shirt shops nearby. So, if you want, you can always take your friends along with you here for shopping.

If you are looking forward to buy ethnic and handicraft, Pan Flute will help you do so.Here you will get good quality old textile.

Koto is a four storeyed restaurant-bar-café that overlooks the temple of Literature. Its interior design has been taken care with perfection. You will come across a variety of foodthat range from battered fish to chips and pita wraps.

Set in a stylish French mansion, Ly Club will bring you both Asian and Vietnamese food which you will love savouring.Try having soft shell crab or sautéed clam with lemongrass. Amongst the international dishes, you can go forthe chargrilled Australian wagyu beef or the salmon baked in banana leaf.

Looking for anew age bistro? La Badiane is located around a breezy courtyard. Apart from trying the French cuisine, you will also love the Mediterranean and Asian flavours. The menu favourites include sea bass tagliatelle with smoked paprika, prawn bisque and wasabi.

This is the junction in the centre old quarters and is the best classic night time activity in the city. The city hasn’t been seen until you have spent a few hours here in the atmosphere along with some fresh beer at the famous Beer Hoi spot. The street vendors also serve steamed peanuts exotic snacks and beef jerky to compliment with the beer.

To witness the finest musicians in the city, this place is second to none. The lovers of live music would definitely fall in love with this place as the dark interiors leave all the light on the performers. Minh –being a jazz performer himself- is very fond of this place and said it was the best in Vietnam. The drinks are not cheap but factoring the live environment, the prices seem fair.

With a young crowd of foreign tourists, this is the place to go for those who need heavy bass beats. It is located at the centre of old quarter and is a narrow, 2 storey bar where house music is played all the night. Drinks are reasonably priced.

This is an upscale bar which offers a sophisticated ambience and an excellent service in their third floor terrace and the indoor club style bar. The bar is always well stocked and has to offer some of the best wines and cocktails along with tasty snacks. Live music is here from Thursday to Sunday and a buy one get one free every Thursday for select drinks.

This is a laid back venue and the crowd is mostly young foreigners and expats. The music played in hip hop and dance music. Football, shisha and inexpensive drinks keep the night going. The bar is very friendly with a special ladies night every Sunday. Downstairs has to offer dance and pool and move upstairs to the lounge to enjoy a game of jenga and to smoke apple and mint flavoured tobacco from the hookah.

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