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Places to visit in Kalaw

When you travel to Kalaw, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Kalaw, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Kalaw to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Kalaw things to do can include exploring Kalaw attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Shwenandaw Monastery

This monastery is a part of the royal palace, which belongs to the King Mindon. People consider this as an anomaly in between various types of worshipping sites. Architects have constructed as well as decorated this famous monastery by using a durable and a dark wood as teak. This material has allowed various sculptors in carving of windings, serpentine dragons as well as motifs from Buddhist mythology. In addition, you will find many religious icons in this place

ASEAN Heritage Parks in Myanmar

In the year 2003, member countries of ASEAN i.e. Association for Southeast Asia Nations have agreed for the common cooperation to conserve as well as manage unique biodiversity areas of the region. The common cooperation has lead to the launch of Heritage.

Inle Lake

Inle Lake is one of the famous scenic spot located nearby Kalaw Hills. The lake is of 10.2 km wide and 22.4 km long and displays shallow as well as extreme picturesque. This lake acts as the residence for Intha People known as Leg Rowers. Moreover, these people are recognized for their rowing skills, where they locked one of their legs across the oar length, while grip the boat’s stern by maintaining perfect balance.

Mount Zwekabin

Mount Zwekabin is a holy mountain of the country, where you would find a pagoda at its top portion. Moreover, travelers could view more than 1,000 Buddha images at this mountain base, which are carved by hands into rocks. 

Thanboddhay Temple

Thanboddhay temple is an interesting place, which has a strong link with the Borobodur temple located in Indonesia. This religious property of Myanmar has stunning architecture and vibrant colors aimed at grabbing the attention of worldwide visitors. Two white elephants would guard the entire temple, because of which Thanboddhay often displays variation from the actual Leograph found in different shrines of Buddha times.

Hlawaga National Park

This national park is located nearby the Northern region of Yangon. Professionals involved in providing Kawal City travel packages have said that the park is of about 1,540 acres or 623 hectare and serves as a popular destination for various eco-tourists and family members. This is because of the proximity towards commercial centers as well as huge array of various activities as well as wildlife available. Currently, the Hlawaga National Park has become

Bogyoke Aung San Museum

This is a small museum stands in the Bahan district and nearby Kalaw City of Yangon. Bogyoke museum has the homage to many great Hero involved in the struggle related to freedom of Myanmar.

Nee Paya

Nee Paya is a popular Buddha Image established before 500 years. Head of this Buddha statue has remained sharp in the upright way, while the ears do not touch shoulders. The statue is of 8 feet and 4 inches in dimension, while people note it for its feature of preventing fire and its longevity. In addition, many Buddha devotees believe that the idol has wish granting powers. Occasionally, people will find the radiation coming from this Buddha Pagoda at the front p

Mandalay Palace

People of local area also call this palace as the Golden Palace. Architects have designed this compound in four years. The building comprises brick and teak wood structures, along with detailing of gold in liberal amounts. Mandalay Palace is the last royal or king’s palace belonging to Burmese monarchy.

Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park

Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park has gained its name from big herds of various elephants found in Asia. In addition, you will find here several other wildlife creatures in this park, which include one of the elusive clouded leopards, civets and other jungle cats, along with endangered brow-antlered deer found in Burma. Furthermore, the national park acts as home for barking deer, different bears’ species, along with sun bear and brown bear found in Himalayan

Indawgyi Lake

Indawgyi Lake is the biggest water body of Southeastern Asia and the masterpiece of various wildlife sanctuaries. Known as the Heritage Park of Asia, the lake as well as its nearby area gives home for various terrestrial bodies and rarely found bird species. Here, you will find biggest species of wild cattle, guar and elephants.

Kothaung Paya

Kothaung Paya is another impressive religious venue comprised of about 1,000 different types of Buddhist statues over the ground and inside the hall. After following different rows of terraces from the outer part of Paya, you could be able to find every line leveled with stupas, to give the right way towards main spire over the top portion of the stone plateau.

Sule Pagoda

Sule Pagoda is a popular stupa of Burma and occupies central part of the city as well as an essential space in contemporary geography, ideology and politics of Burma.

National Museum

National Museum of the country houses big collection of various Burmese artifacts. The entire building is spread over five different stories inside the Dagon region. The museum has two fundamental themes named as historic periods and culture, where people will find 14 galleries to cover each aspect of the Myanmar’s history, which would include folk art, natural history, Buddhist imageries, performing art collections and varieties of ornaments found during ol


Phowintaung is situated towards the western part of Monywa and in northern region of Myanmar. People translate this name as the mountain of the isolated and the solitary meditation. Travelers could get the opportunity to reach this case by following the new bridge, which crosses by ferry and the river. Here, you will find 947 different caves, which remain filled with fine artwork and statues dated back majority of collections belonging to seventeenth and eighteent

Majaw Lisu Village

The village of Majaw Lisu acts as the right place to collect information about various locals placed at the outer part of urban areas. Paddy fields as well as local creek would surround the route towards the village and form its backdrop. Moreover, the village has snow-capped peaks and thatched roofs at the back portion.

Snake Monastery

Just at the distance of about 80 kilometers, travelers by choosing for Kalaw City tour packages would be able to view a popular monastery named as Snake Monastery nearby the Kalaw Hill and outside of Yangon. This is an incredible building, which acts as the second fiddle towards various archeological wonders surrounding the entire area.

Hlawaga National Park

This national park is located nearby the Northern region of Yangon. Professionals involved in providing Kawal City travel packages have said that the park is of about 1,540 acres or 623 hectare and serves as a popular destination for various eco-tourists and family members. This is because of the proximity towards commercial centers as well as huge array of various activities as well as wildlife available. Currently, the Hlawaga National Park has become

Shwe Oo Min Pagoda

This beautiful and religious Pagoda is located not only at the mouth of the cave, instead inside it. Here, enthusiasm of people would prevail to a huge extent, while passages and carven walls of pagoda remained covered by Buddha statues made of gold and arranged properly in row patterns. 

Golden Rock

Golden Rock serves as the third biggest pilgrimage of Buddhist people. This is also known as Kyaiktiyo Pagoda of small size built at the top portion of granite boulder covered perfectly with varieties of golden leaves pasted over by Buddha devotees.

White Water Rafting

Maykha River of Myanmar allows people to enjoy the thrills and excitements of white water rafting. Here, the river would run via snowcapped peaks of Southeast Asia to provide stunning sceneries of the country.

Eco tourism in Rainforest

Rainforests in different regions and areas of Myanmar provide eco-tourism features.

Diving with Moken

Sea gypsies are considered as antithesis of Myanmar culture. These creatures have rejected possessions and greed to achieve something different i.e. harmony between people and with the sea. According to latest research done by experts and highlighted by Kalaw City tourism packages providers, Mokens have evolved various special visions, which allow them to undergo incredible feats within water and under huge waves. Because of this fact, tourism companies

Rock Climbing and Walking

Rock Climbing and Walking are often popular types of adventurous activities performed over the Kalaw City and hill station of Myanmar. Here, individuals could find a good network of walking trails in combination with various interesting sites advent for rock climbing activities.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is an adventurous activity performed nearby the Kalaw City and other surrounding parts of Myanmar. This has remained the top preferable water sport in between people since last many years.

Golden Triangle Exploration

Here, travelers would be able to find one of the famous regions for production of opium. The place cuts swath from the Myanmar, while large numbers of tourists have sneaky peak at Thailand region of the actual golden triangle that is close to Burma.

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