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Places to Visit in Kom Ombo


Attractions in kom ombo


The intriguing museum is located to the south of Sacred Well which exhibits twenty mummies of crocodiles, effigies and votive tablets found in the cemetery is an interesting spot for kids. It stands on top of 15-metre hillock to the doorway of Ptolemaic temple. Here only, ancient Egyptians worshipped Sobek, the crocodile headed God of fertility. 


Situated in the town of Kom Ombo, 28 miles to the north of Aswan is Temple of Kom Ombo which dates back to Ptolemies and was constructed on high dune, overlooking River Nile. The imposing Greco Roman temple features marvellous setting. A visit to the temple is included within the itinerary of Nile Cruises sailing from Aswan to Luxor. The word ‘Kom’ means ‘hill’ and ‘Ombo’ means ‘gold’. The temple was constructed to worship two Gods- Sobek, the God of crocodiles and Horus, the falcon God. Sacred crocodiles once sunbathed on the river bank here. The temple features two courts, two entrances, two hypostyle halls, two colonnades and two sanctuaries. People of Ombos held crocodiles sacred. The double temple is really unusual where you can find symmetrical two parallel passageways.


The Chapel of Hathour is situated in North Eastern section of Kom Ombo temple which consists of rectangular shaped chapel made higher than ground level and is reached through by climbing a few steps. It is 3 metres wide and 5 metres long. Inside it you can find three glass galleries that display three crocodile mummies representing God Sobek. The chapel’s facade carries portrait that displays Hartour sitting right in front of entrance. 


Located to the north of eastern section of Kom Ombo temple is Roman style chapel that was constructed in 3rd century AD. Here you will find the emperor of Caracalla portrayed in two columns which dominates the entrance to the chapel hosting many portraits of God Sobek who was worshipped during Roman periods and Ptolemaic period.


The interesting museum presents an interesting gallery of mummified crocodile. Situated on the doorsteps of Ptolemaic Kom Ombo temple, it has 22 crocodile mummies variously sized. You will find them arrayed on sand hill inside the large glass showcase which allows the visitors to behold how the crocodiles spent their days. The place is rich with a collection of coffins for crocodiles, wooden sarcophagi, crocodile eggs, foetuses, and statues of the crocodile God Sobek. The statue is very interesting for it has the head of crocodile and body of human being. The significant artefacts that can be found displayed here is ivory and golden teeth along with eyes that has been inserted during the mummification of crocodiles. Suez National Museum is another museum which has been newly opened. 


By heading to AL Azhar Parkyou can really escape Cairo’s exhilaration. The green landscaped garden is beautiful where one can relax in the tranquil setting and gaze at the magnificent panoramic views of the city. Visitors can really enjoy the natural surrounding and have some fun moments here. 


Kom Ombo is called the “land of sugarcane”. The irrigated, fertile cornfields and sugarcane around Kom Ombo is 65km to the south of Edfu which supports not only fellaheen, the original community, but also the Nubian population displaced from their original location due to the creation of Lake Nasser. The place is really pleasant and is easily reachable en route between Luxor and Aswan. 


Popular stories and folk tales revolve around The Temple of Kom Ombo. The place has acted to be the chief sanctuary of Sobek, the crocodile God. In the Horus myth it is proclaimed that allies of Seth, the wicked God, ran away from Horus in the disguise of crocodiles. People of Kom Ombo generally worship crocodiles out of fear that they might devour humans and animals on the banks of river Nile. 


Temple of Kom Ombo is the major landmark in the town. It stands as the popular crossroad between caravan route that leads to the gold mines in the eastern desert. 

Activities in kom ombo

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You can really enjoy the adventure trip by touring historical ruins across Kom Ombo. 

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You can visit the ‘tourist bazaar’ and can relax here while shopping at the same time. 

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Kom Ombo is the treasure house of sugarcane. You can enjoy the sugarcane and cornfields. All the way from Ombos hills you can enjoy the view of the town. Banks of River Nile is the must visit. 

Food in kom ombo


Located to the south of service-taxi station is the popular Al-NobaRestaurant that is perhaps the best sit-down eatery in the town. Items that occupy the menu are variety of soups, chicken and mutton items, rice vegetable items with which you can pamper your taste buds. 


Lamb is the choice among the locales of Kom Ombo. Charcoal grilled lamb kebabs are the common sight in Kom Ombo cafes. Bread soup prepared from meat, rice and ‘ghee’ is prepared when a guest is expected across Kom Ombo. Fish Kebabs are also famous.

Shopping in kom ombo


A great cattle market takes place at the outskirts of the city just near to the railway line, every Thursday. The market has everything right from stuffed toy camel; bag of saffron, the Luxor shopping scene never disheartens its visitors. 


You will find a dilapidated Mall, namely, “tourist bazaar”, next to Winter Palace, that showcases fake antiques. Apart from this there are several stores that can be browsed through with family and friends. 


While in Kom Ombo you cannot ignore the tourist souk, “Tourist Bazaar” located just adjacent to the town. The ‘bazaar’ is saturated with stalls that are full of repro figurines, souvenir shirts, cheap water pipes, and hats. 

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