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Places to visit in Mauritius

The very thought of Mauritius conjures up vivid images of immaculate powder white beaches peppered with tropical palm trees. So, while a trip to the pretty island naturally has you relaxing in the sun and sand, on its cards, there are still many fun and exciting things to do in Mauritius that you just can't deny trying. Mauritius has tons of titillating activities including many adventure escapades, visiting various sites of aesthetic or historical value, nature walks and treks, and much more. The only catch is, you need to make an effort to tear yourself from one of your many basking sessions on quaint beaches to enjoy them. 

The list of things to do here is quite long. From the many places to visit in Mauritius to shopping to dancing a night away in one of the many electrifying nightclubs on the island, you have a range of exciting activities to indulge in, depending upon every liking or change of mood.

For the tourists with a thirst for knowing the place, even more, there are innumerable places of interest that you must check out. The bustling capital city of Mauritius, Port Louis, offers its visitors many options for entertainment and shopping. It boasts of spectacular French architecture dating back to the colonial times, giving you an opportunity to instigate a satisfying tour of the paradise island. Along with it, there are many more places that are popular among tourists, such as the famous Grand Baie, the Black River Gorges National Park or Chamarel. Mauritius is the perfect amalgam of unique and mesmerizing sights and fun activities which in totality makes it such a desirable tourist destination.

Troud Argent

One of the most wondrous places to visit in Mauritius, Troud’Argent is a beach on Rodrigues Island. Extremely beautiful, with pure white sands and blue waters, the site finds its place at the top of the list of most popular tourist spots in the country. Equally loved by both tourists and the locals, the beach promises the most memorable and relaxed day out at sea. With the tropical sun shining bright and reflecting off the splashing waters at the shore, it i

Chinese New Year in Mauritius

Chinese New Year is commemorated, with Port Louis being the focal point of the celebrations. People decorate the whole place beautifully with red lanterns, and one can enjoy the mesmerizing dance of the lion and dragon at the nighttime.

When: January


The Christians festival of Christmas celebrated every year on 25th of December is an occasion of much jubilation.

When: December 25

Natural History Museum

The roots of any place can be explored through its museums, and Natural History Museum does the same for Mauritius. It showcases a collection of some veritably fascinating artifacts which includes many ancient maps of the island and amusing paintings of the original fauna of the county- including that of a dodo. Along with these, you can also spot here the preserved bones of certain extinct birds, a curio of an engraving depicting some Dutchmen riding the back of

Independence Day Mauritius

Mauritius celebrates its Independence on 12th of March every year to mark their freedom from colonial rule and oppression and the foundation of their state on this day in 1968, as it is known today. Proud Mauritius citizens celebrate this day with the organization of parades and other patriotic events.

When: March 12

Isle aux Aigrettes

A visit to the Isle aux Aigrettes or the Egret Island undeniably enters the list of the most interesting things to do in Mauritius. Believed to be the last resting place of the former avian inhabitant of the island, the dodo bird, this locale is a beautiful and tranquil site that one should veritably pay a visit. Formed by a small coral outcrop and bounded by the limpid ocean water, the island is the current home of gigantic Aldabra tortoises which can be seen dod


Diwali is a Hindu festival of lights which is celebrated with an ardent spirit in Mauritius. The Hindu population of the country lighten up their homes and surroundings with beautiful earthen lamps, electric lights and candles to mark the triumph of good over evil.

When: October or November


If Mauritian history dating to its colonial era is what you seek, then do not miss out on Eureka. The perfectly conserved Creole mansion that was built in the 1830s is indeed a sight to behold. Today it has been transmuted into a museum that takes you gliding back into the island's spirited bygone days of a plantation. The architecture of the house is another aspect to marvel at with its superior, tropical ideal construction that is still effective in keeping the


Holi is another Hindu festival that is fervently observed in Mauritius. The festival of colors and joy, Holi, is a much-awaited festival that everyone enjoys a lot, playing with colored powders, water and with music and dance all around.

When: February

Port Louis

Although famous among tourists as a great shopping destination in Mauritius, the capital city of Port Louis is also a trove amassing several cultural attractions in Mauritius. Located here is The Blue Penny Museum which is the home to the first ever colonial stamp across the globe. Also, The Natural History Museum in the city lets you get a glimpse of the preserved skeleton of the extinct dodo bird. Port Louis is also the place to get a taste of the multi-culture

Father Laval Day

Another festival indigenous to Mauritius is Father Laval Day which is observed to pay homage to Jacques-Désiré Laval who arrived in Mauritius in 1841 as a healer and a missionary. On this day all Mauritians, irrespective of their faiths, head to his resting place in Sainte Croix in Port Louis to pay their respect.

When: September 9

Le Morne Brabant

For those who delve into the depths of intriguing history, this place is a must visit. Le Morne Brabant marks the peninsular area of southeast Mauritius which makes for a spectacular mountainous landscape. However, it is more famous for being a refuge shelter for the runaway slaves from the nearby places including the African mainland, south-east Asia, and Madagascar. The hilly terrain that holds several caves helped them to conceal themselves from their masters a

La Vanille Nature Park

Loved by all, be it kids or adults, La Vanille Nature Park is a breeding park of its kind. Carved amidst lush foliage, you can experience the breath-taking event of holding a baby Aldabra tortoise or even a baby crocodile, iguana or a fruit bat! The insectarium and fossil museum located in the vicinity gives your kids a unique opportunity to play on the forest playground.

Location: Mauritius

Kreol Festival

Mauritius is also known for its vibrant, engaging International Kreol Festival which is a four days long event that is celebrated every year since 2005. Commenced with the aim to celebrate Creole culture, it organizes many exuberant activities including traditional dances, music, and many exciting games, to end with a night of grand concert that's something to witness.

When: Early December

Black River Gorges National Park

Of the many beautiful and ardent natural environs of the rugged Mauritian mountains, Black River Gorges National Park deserves a special mention. One of the many magnificent attractions in Mauritius, the park is filled with lovely rainforests that boast of many quaint hiking trails and picnic spots. It displays a wide array of both flora and fauna, with many rare species too such as the Mauritian flying fox that draws in huge crowds of tourists from the world over

Fete du Poisson

It is an event that marks the beginning of fishing season. It is a prestigious festival for the Rodrigues' fisherfolk and opens up an excellent opportunity for joyous celebrations and lots of delicious food!

When: 1st week of March

Grand Baie

Until about 20 years ago, Grand Baie, a quiet fishing village of Mauritius, is now a bustling tourist spot of the country. This lovely sheltered bay that is also given the sobriquet of ‘Le Trop,' appears happily bobbing up and down with the many big and small boats in its clear waters. The village has emerged as one of the most prominent tourism hubs of the nation and is famous for the many entertainment options and hot shopping districts, along with several

Eid Ul Fitr

Usually observed towards the end of September, Eid-Ul-Fitr is a Muslim festival that is celebrated with a lots of joy and vigour in Mauritius.

When: September

Spot Dolphins

If an adventure sport is not your cup of tea, try spotting a dolphin instead. While it may not be as much of an adrenaline-pumping activity as a water sport, it is probably not any less, considering the thrill that it offers you. Besides, watching a dolphin with its charming antics, swimming alongside you is undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable moments one can experience in their life.

Location: Tamari

Witness Horse Racing

Among the most high-end things to do in Mauritius, is visiting Champ de Mars which is the oldest racecourse in all of the southern hemisphere. It is guaranteed to make your time memorable if not, through a serendipity of cheering for your favorite horse alongside a Mauritian socialite than for what's it worth- an exciting day out. Put your best dress on and set out on a Saturday to either watch the jockeys go on their sturdy horses or if you are up for it, then be


Blue Bay received the status of ‘Marine Park' as an attempt by the government to protect the lush underwater foliage and corals from the encroaching developments. Besides a decree barring the indulgence in any high-speed watercraft, the conservation plans are quite relenting with other water sports such as snorkeling. However, the local environmentalists believe that the bleaching of the corals is inexorable. This is the best spot in all of Mauritius for sno

Go on a Trek

The trekking trail up to the Les 7 Cascades or the Sept Cascades is undeniably gorgeous yet challenging at the same time. The scenic beauty of the winding pathway depicting picture postcard perfect forests of South West Mauritius and leading to an even more bewitching sight of gushing waters of the seven consecutive waterfalls is ecstatic. Gifting you with one of the most memorable trekking experiences of your life, the route, offers some astonishing vistas. But a


Offering a unique and an unequivocally thrilling experience, tandem skydiving is an adventure sport you can indulge in for the ultimate adrenaline rush. The thrill of jumping out of a plane, combined with the panoramic view of Mauritius is inexplicable. The sight of the verdant forests, white shores and blue waters of the paradise island when hovering in the air, is a one to behold! It is undeniably going to stay etched in your mind for a lifetime.

Try Windsurfing

Windsurfing in Mauritius’s Le Morne is both exciting as well as challenging. The challenge is on account of the control of the surfboard while standing on it and the regulation of its speed with regard to the direction and acceleration of the sails.

The waves at Le Morne offer the ideal spot for this thrilling adventure sport, which has made this region a favorite among water sports lovers. Before Le Morne, Tamarin Beach u

Go Scuba Diving

Holidays in Mauritius are incomplete without a diving undersea with the cornucopia of vibrantly hued and varied fishes and corals surrounding you. It is a categorically breath-taking experience on its own, and a swim in the crystal clear waters of Mauritius doubles the fun and wonderment of the coup. While it is an added plus point to know how to swim to go ahead with scuba diving, it is still possible to indulge in the adventure activity with some basic training.

Visit Vanilla Plantations

A graceful plantation house, St. Aubin dates back to 1819 when it used to be a surrounded by sugarcane plantations. Incipiently it sat adjacent to the factory, but it was later shifted in the 1970s. Though the estate doesn't produce sugar anymore, it is has a garden sprouting pretty anthurium flowers and vanilla pods, and a traditionaldistillery, producing Mauritian rum.

You can also learn about the mesmeric history of vanilla p

Frenchie Cafe

Run by the French, Frenchie is among the most relaxed eateries on the paradise island. It serves its customers delicious carpaccios, quick bites, snacks and much more reasonably priced main meals that are all equally enjoyable. They serve breakfast too, but it is the Sunday brunch served between 11 am to 4 pm that steals the show. The food served in the brunch is outstanding with high demand from its usual as well new customers. The joint also has a modish cocktai

Le Cafe des Arts

This captivating dining area is situated within an old mill that is renovated to form Victoria 1840, a strange yet delightful art gallery. Canvasses portraying broad and carefree brushstroke that look downright stunning against the cracked and battered brick walls embellish the walls of this gallery space. Setting the mood supremely with its oddly charming ambiance, the food too ideally complements the surrounding with its luscious palate. It beautifully combines


Lambic is a well-known restaurant in Port Louis, located in the heart of the city. Set in a beautifully refurbished home dating back to the colonial times, Lambic is perhaps every beer buff's dreamland. With tons of beers continually flowing in, both local and imported, including a particularly impressive selection of fine Belgium ones, the place is adored by tourists and locals alike for a good time. The food served here is the usual fish and meat-based dishes, e

Chez Robert et Solange

Keeping up with a sublime emerging trend that Mauritius and Rodrigues have seen lately, Chez Robert etSolange is an open-air kitchen of the local fisherfolk. What makes it so different and exciting is that here you can dine under the open sky and enjoying

sea breeze hitting your face as you dig into the fresh seafood cooked right in front of you. The fisherfolk expertly prepare their freshly caught sea fare in the traditional Ma


Standing opposite the marketplace of Mahebourg, Pyramide is one of the best places to indulge yourself with the lip-smacking street food of Mauritius. Mainly known for its aromatic and flavourful Biryani and spicy Kebabs, it is a quaint shop that's always bustling with people looking for a hearty fare for their mid-meals. While the biryani tastes heavenly, its kebabs are even better. These kebabs usually arrive in two forms- with or without a sprinkle of chili. Ho


Placed in a high regard even among the locals, travelers on the lookout for some authentic Mauritian home-style food profoundly frequent Domainé. The food is delicious, and the prices are incredibly low. Those dishes that are marked as local specialties on the menu are the ones that are a must to try. These necessarily include chili lamb and OuriteSafrané (octopus cooked with turmeric, ginger, and garlic).

The plac


It is one place that lets you just be yourself with no defined dress or code of conduct and a chilled out casual aura about it. Just enjoy chilled glasses of beer, and make the most of your night.

Must try: Bouillon Crabes with Whiskey

Operating Hours: 6pm - 1:30am

Location: QuatreBornes, Mauritius

Mauritian Casinos

Both Le Grand Casino De Domaine Les Pailescasinoin Mauritius is one of the best casinos there are that offer ceaseless opportunities for you to gamble and enjoy your night. You can play numerous gambling games including roulette, blackjack and many more.

Operating Hours: 8am-4pm Mon-Sat. 2pm-4am Sun

Location: Pailles, Mauritius

Flic EnFlac

Flic EnFlac is a superb destination to get the local flavour, as far as shopping is concerned through local Mauritian brands and many others.

Location: West Coast of Mauritius

Known for: Souvenirs crafted with seashells and picture postcards

Bargaining skills: Need to be excellent


From lovely handicrafts to lighting products and apparels, Arsenal has got everything for the avid shopper. One of the choicest places to shop for cashmere products, it is also the place featuring many factory outlets of well-known brands.

Location: Pamplemousses District

Known for: Its various cashmere products


Le Craft Market

As the name suggests, it is a popular market in Mauritius famous for its superb handicrafts. You can buy beautiful glass artefacts, exotic oils and herbs here.

Location: Caudan Waterfront

Known for: Intricate cane home décor items

Bargaining skills: Need to be excellent

Centre Commercial Phoenix

A popular shopping and entertainment destination in Mauritius, Centre Commercial Phoenix houses more than 100 stores of luxury brands and several well-known dining options.

Location: Vacoas Phoenix

Known for: Being a one stop destination for shopping, dining and entertainment

Bargaining Skills: Not required<

Bagatelle Mall

Bagatelle is one of the finest destinations in Mauritius for luxury shopping. With over 130 stores featuring high-end brands, it is every shopper’s paradise.

Location: Moka

Known for: Its events and hypermarkets organized over weekends and on public holidays.

Bargaining Skills: Not required

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