Places to visit in Tokyo

When you travel to Tokyo, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Tokyo, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Tokyo to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Tokyo things to do can include exploring Tokyo attractions and visiting the places of interest.

This tower is listed amongst Tokyo’s most amazing man-made landmarks and stages two viewing platforms, from which everyone can get panoramic views across Tokyo and Mount Fuji. Interestingly, there is to be found inside the tower of the famous Tokyo Tower Wax Museum, the Trick Art Gallery, and the Mysterious Walking Zone. Open hours are daily from 09:00 to 20:00.

Kaminarimon is one of the two attractive huge gates which make way to the Sensoji Temple. There is the Nakamise shopping street outside this landmark gate which is a popular shopping destination. Open daily 24 hours.

Tokyo Disneyland is an immensely popular wonderland for kids. It is a boon for parents to give their children a chance to see their favorite Disney fantasies and characters come alive at this theme park. 

It hosts seven themed areas which include the World Bazaar, Adventureland, Westernland, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Critter Country and Mickey’s Toontown which will hold every child’s attention. Kids can have all the candy this place can offer and squeeze into all the fun rides all day long. What can be more a source of contentment to parents than providing blissful fun to children without hassles?

According to millennium old legends, the Hirokuma brothers found the statue of Kannon in their fishing nets and the village chief dutifully enshrined it. The shrine was established in the mid 17th century and legend has it that the three brothers became Gods of the shrine. It is one of the popular places to visit among tourists. Open daily from 6.30- 17.30. Asakusa Kannon temple dedicated to the goddess of compassion is the oldest temple.

This shrine was opened to commemorate the death of Emperor Meiji and his wife Empress Sho-Ken and it stands as one of the examples of Shinto architecture. This shrine is believed to be the most sacred and definitely is worth a visit. Mementos from Emperor Meiji’s reign are to be found in the adjoining Imperial Treasury House. Open from 6.00-17.00 daily.

This shrine is an attraction to tourists as it is believed to be a place of praying for success in business. It was constructed in the early Edo period. Open daily from 6.00- 18.00.

Tokyo boasts of many museums. The popular choices include Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Park being the largest museum there and home to traditional Japanese art. There is also the National Museum of Western Art, the MOA Museum of Art filled with scenic beauty from the hilltop, National Museum of Modern Art, Nezu Museum in Aoyama, Edo-Tokyo Museum that showcases politics, culture, and lifestyle.

Tokyo’s parks and gardens encompass four national parks. Ueno Park is the largest tourist attraction with a large pond and lovely grounds inclusive of a zoo, temples, museums and aquarium. Rikugien Park is a scenic park enhanced with an island and a lake.

A visit to Tokyo would primarily include tours to the Imperial Palace (for which tourists have to book a tour online), Tokyo Skytree (a gigantic communications tower with a mall and major tourist hotspot), Ryogoku Sumo Town (to see sumo wrestling tournaments). Visit the Onsen, a Japanese bathhouse if you want to have a relaxing and rejuvenating experience during your travel. Mount Takao is a busy mountain catering to tourists and travelers worldwide.

Tokyo hosts a diverse culture apart from being a popular tourist hotspot. Tokyo is home to many festivals such as Sanja-matsuri at Asakusa Shrine, Kanda-matsuri festival where there is a parade with decorated floats, fireworks show over Sumida River. The Japanese host a stylish tea tasting ceremony in tea gardens like Hamarikyu Garden and Rikugi-en Garden. They are known to showcase national traditional crafts at the Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square and the Japan Folk Crafts Museum.

Also, a well-received rejuvenation is to picnic among the cherry blossoms in spring. Japanese people also have performing art theatres such as the National Noh Theatre and Kabukiza which are a leisure to visit. Sumo wrestling tournaments are a popular entertainment feature if this city as well.

Some of the fun activities catering to tourists are Tokyo Great Cycling Tour, Tokyo Bike Tour, Tokyo Free Walking Tour and Tokyo Photo Tour. These provide a good way to explore Tokyo.

Japanese cooking classes are also a great way to experience Japanese cuisine.

The Izu and Ogasawara Islands offer marine sports, whale watching and swimming with dolphins. Climbing, hiking, fishing, camping are the main outdoor activities to be enjoyed in this part of the world.

Just like any modern city, Tokyo is home to many modern spas where you can rejuvenate yourself. Japanese masseuses are renowned for their massages and hence, make sure that you try it once.

Tokyo is widely acclaimed worldwide for its fine dining and is the winner of Michelin stars (191 stars in all). Tokyo supposedly has the largest number of officially registered restaurants which makes it a popular option for food lovers. Mostly there are sushi houses in Ginza which is the famous and favorite delicacy of the Japanese gaining popularity worldwide. In Japanese culture, leaving tips is frowned down upon which might please most tourists.

Narisawa supposedly the 2nd best restaurant in Asia is a major rave in Tokyo. From street food to fine dining Tokyo hosts a plethora of food experiences which is an added attraction to all tourists and food lovers alike.

Tokyo has a distinguished and enjoyable nightlife for people on a vacation and those looking for some live music with strict laws banning dancing in residential neighborhoods. Another feature of Tokyo nightclubs includes admission fees at most clubs.

Roppongi is one of the upscale districts which hosts some of the best nightclubs and karaoke clubs. Another place which is a good option for teenagers is Shibuya which has arcade games and karaoke bars. Shinjuku is a place with a very busy nightlife and heavy footfall by night. Lights decorate the nightlife of Tokyo and entice people after work to join in merriment with friends. Visit Hub and Cheers for unique experiences.

Blue Note Tokyo and Club Quattro are great hangouts.

Harajuku tops as a popular shopping destination with all the best labels in store and is famous for its street fashion as well. Ikebukuro Shopping Park is an underground shopping center catering to locals and tourists willing to take back souvenirs. Ginza is a big shopping destination with big brands.

Fish markets in Tokyo deserve special mention as Tsukiji fish market where sales begin as early as 4 am is a major crowd puller. It is said to display a variety of fish to choose from and tourists must wear watertight shoes while visiting the market. Tourists can also capture the different kinds of fish on display on a reel.

Tourists can visit the Asakusa Nakamise shopping street to shop for trinkets, clothes, souvenirs, bags, pottery etc. 

Shimmering neon signs are a trademark in Tokyo and attract shoppers looking for high tech appliances in Akhibara popularly known as ‘Electric Town’. World class brands such as Sony and Honda helps Tokyo house many businesses and at their showrooms tourists flock to view the latest technology embedded products.

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