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A country rich in history and culture, Austria is a diversified platter of beautiful architectural wonder and scenic backgrounds. The Austria tour packages will help you get the best of this city by taking you on a rollercoaster ride over the scenic Alps of Austria. Apart from the views and historical monuments, Austria also has Switzerland as its neighbouring country, allowing you to try your hand at the winter sports in Europe. Our travel connoisseurs at Thomas Cook have crafted some special packages for the Austria tour. Here is a few of them:


Feel like a king in the Austrian countryside. Surrounded by castles on various ends, be it man-made or natural; Austria is a perfect escape for the architecture-lovers. Besides the architectural wonders, Austria is home to some festivals that celebrate the spirit of music, attracting tourists from various parts of the world to witness this legendary act. Wipe away your ambiguity as to which places are perfect to visit in Austria by looking at this exhaustible list:

Places to Visit  Known for More Details
Hochosterwitz Castle Set up amidst the secluded greens and hues of Austria; this castle is a picture out of a fairytale. Holding as many as 14 gates, the Hochosterwitz Castle is one of the most beautiful castles of Austria More Details Hochosterwitz Castle
Eisriesenwelt A name that translates to the world of ice giants in the German language, this natural wonder is a stunning counterpart of the Hoschosterwitz Castle and is sure to blow your mind. More Details Eisriesenwelt
Zell Am See Located in the countryside of Austria, this tiny town is an attraction that you would not want to miss. It holds an amazing blend of the whites and hues of natures, taking you through a gorgeous adventure that is filled with natural beauties More Details Zell Am See
Hofburg Palace One of the most famous tourist places in Vienna, the Hofburg Palace is a massive architectural wonder that you cannot get enough of. One of the best attractions of Austria, this palace captures the true essence of the place. More Details Hofburg Palace
Salzburg Festival A cultural fest in Salzburg that hosts veteran musicians from all over the globe to perform in this ideal destination. It has an amazing vibe that fills the air with music and grandeur, attracting tourists from various places More Details Salzburg Festival
Bregenz Festival Yet another music festival of Austria featuring the world-class Opera is the Bregenz Festival. It unfolds two unexplored genres of music, which is the opera house and the outdoor performances by the lakeside, which capture the true essence of music amidst natural settings. More Details Bregenz Festival


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