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Ladakh Tour Packages From Ahmedabad

If you are looking for a memorable Ladakh trip from Ahmedabad, Thomas Cook holiday package are the right choice for you.

Package Name Chadar Trek (Group Tour) - Millennial Special
Day - 1 Leh is the second largest district in the county offering varieties of high passes and different terrains. you would start gazing all around, you will notice the peaks of the mountains covered with ice, Snow-Capped mountains all around. The view would certainly lock itself in your muscle memory
Day - 2 A sacred Buddhist Stupa, Shanti Stup, to witness an all together beautiful sunrise along with capturing a panoramic view of the town of Leh
Day - 3 We suggest you to improve your stamina and energy, for removing the thin line between your fitness level and the Great Chadar Trek.Thukpa along with Kulcha and Qahwa(can you feel the heavenly aroma.) would go hand in hand
Day - 4 Shingra Coma, a drive not for the timorous hearted as you will face a lot of hairpin bends with bumpy rides accompanying you and your fellow travelers After a certain point, de-board from the vehicle and start trekking towards Somo Paldar campsite and Your Chadar Trek expedition start.
Day - 5 You going to Tibb Cave which will provide you shelter for the night you will witnes various frozen waterfalls and you will also cross gorges and ravines
Day - 6 You will be spellbound after witnessing the largest frozen waterfall and the prayer flags will get your heart humming. The bridge built next to the waterfall is used in summers to reach Zanskar from Leh.
Day - 7 You would find locals wearing traditional woolen Gonchas (robes). The return trail would make you witness the river in a different form as it quickly reacts to any change in the temperature.
Day - 8 Get ready to leave Tibb Cave and proceed to Shingra Koma via Gyalpo. you will get a chance to witness high mountains along with footprints of wild animals like Snow Leopard, Foxes and Himalayan Ibex.
Day - 9 You came here to cover the Chadar Trek but you will leave from here with all the energy and experiences with yourself.


Need a break from your bustling routine? It’s time to put the smartphone on sleep mode and give yourself some breathing space. Plan a vacation that cocoons you in the comfort of solitude and syncs your schedule to the pace of nature. 

Ladakh is the escape you’ve been looking for. A place that has its own stories to tell, its own cuisine to relish, its own culture to celebrate. Far from home and the everyday hustle of life – this is a journey worth taking. And if you want to get the most out of your vacation, kick-start your holiday planning with a variety of Ladakh tour packages from Ahmedabad.

Quality “me time” is an investment, not a luxury

Does taking a vacation seems like a distant dream? Try looking at it as an important investment in yourself. And like all good investments, the benefits of taking a holiday are far-reaching.  At Thomas Cook, we focus on making your trip memorable. If you’re still saving for the grand holiday, don’t let the limitations of a small budget stunt your dream for the break you rightly deserve. We have several options for your Ladakh budget tour from Ahmedabad to suit your needs and budget. All you need, from here on, is to prepare yourself to relax and soak in the beauty of Ladakh.

A holiday that’s designed for you

Do you prefer a well-planned holiday? Then check out the Thomas Cook Ladakh holiday packages for a well-designed travel itinerary and look forward to the best holiday experience you’ve had yet. Is taking off on the spur of the moment more your style? All you need to do, then, is to check a list of places to visit in Ladakh and let Thomas Cook’s travel experts plan a customized package for you!

Our customer service will go out of their way to help and make sure you travel in comfort. Spare yourself the hassle of planning and booking and let us provide you with a smooth experience with the best resolution.

The types of holidays you can enjoy

As a traveler, you enjoy a holiday with an itinerary that is packed with activities and experiences that interest you. Just let us know what you need and leave the rest to us. You can bank on a journey chockfull of pleasant surprises, joyful moments and memories that you’ll treasure forever.

Has it been a while that you let the adventurer in you run wild? Choose from Ladakh tour packages from Ahmedabad that give you a chance to get your adrenaline pumping. Looking for a romantic getaway? Book an intimate trip that celebrates the love you share with your partner. Is wilderness your passion? Ladakh packages from Ahmedabad offer holiday plans that include stunning getaways where you can connect with nature.

Each city, each location and each destination has so much to offer to the hungry traveler (and we’re not just talking about cuisine). From the small winding streets to the sprawling roads, from tiny shops to large malls, from a cozy cottage to a luxurious hotel – travel the way you want to. If history and architecture are what excites you, dive in. Spend a day soaking in the cultural ambiance. Visit museums and famous tourist spots. Spend time with the locals. Explore the nooks and crannies of old temples, monuments, and historical sites – you’ll feel the weight of all the stories and moments that occurred there.

Want to absorb the local culture? Visit Ladakh at its best. The city comes alive during festivals. From grand celebrations in every neighborhood to local places of worship – you can join in on the festivities or explore your own spirituality. There’s always a festival around the corner - whether you visit during a particular festival, or stumble upon a city in celebration. Want to experience the pulse of city life as well as the soothing song of nature? You don’t have to choose. Ladakh offers you both in abundance. Short journeys around the city will lead to lush forests or sweeping coastlines. Busy cities open you with welcome arms. No matter what your objective is, Ladakh will find a way to fulfill your needs. All you have to do is choose your destination, book a package and be prepared to be swept off your feet.

Help from locals

A language barrier is a common tourist problem in most places in the world. One way to avoid this is by reading up on and learning common phrases which can help you get around. After all, it is the locals that provide the best information on hidden gems to see and where you can shop at affordable prices. When you book a Ladakh budget tour from Ahmedabad, this bit of knowledge can help you save money.

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