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Places to visit in Ladakh

Well known for the unique and awe-inspiring culture and landscapes, the place brings forth splendid worth seeing Places to visit in Ladakh. The snow-covered high pinnacles, the massive-clad of glaciers and cold desert delineate the topography of the place.

The place encapsulates breath-taking rivers and lakes that are sure to take your breath away. Moreover, there are plenty of opportunities for adventure sports. You can go river rafting, rock climbing, skiing and more. There are also plenty of sightseeing spots andplaces to visit in Ladakh that brings back people year after year. Here is a basic list of things that you can do and experience in and around Leh, Ladakh:

The Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame is considered to be an essential place that delineates the tale of great and spectacular valour of the armies and soldiers who participated in the battle of Kargil at the time of 1999. The place provides all the major information on the operations that are taken up by the army in Ladakh. Also, you envision here an exhibition of a great display of the Siachen Battlefield, this is the globe’s one of the most onerous battlefields. Also, a museum, t

Tsemo Fort

This is a fort that is actually visible from anywhere from the place Ladakh. Located at the pinnacle of the ridge of the palace, it is a tiny and omnipresent kind of fort having many prayer flags all over.


Location: This is a place that is located in Ladakh at the peak of the ridge of the palace.

Known for: Tiny Fort

Namgyal Tsemo Gompa

Situated behind the Palace of Leh, this is a spectacular monastery that offers a splendid view of the whole place. Highly renowned endowing a three-storied solid and pragmatic gold efficacy of the Maitreya or the great Buddha, the place is a must visit for travellers. 


Location: The place is located in the district of Leh at Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir.

The performance of the Champs by the Llamas

One of the more relaxing things to do in Ladakh is viewing the performance by the Llamas. Envisioning the magnetizing and gripping performance brings you to the globe of happening and radiant spirit. You are sure to relish the energizing dance drama and exhibition of radiant clothes and daunting masks. If you have visited Ladakh, then you must surely visit the Hemis Festival also known as the Ladakh Festival as this showcases splendid outcast of tradition, culture

Old Town Leh

The whole town of Leh is characterized by its distinct old world charm and appeal. Small alleyways, stairs, mud-brick houses and the ruins of ancient Gompas make the region an ideal place to revisit and relive the spectacular past history - of the globe’s coldest and chilliest desert. An unusual feature of the small houses situated here is that they do not consist of many windows.


Magnetic Hill

You can ride through the Magnetic Hills check out the astounding views from the tip. This is a place also has a really unusual magnetic field, which drives vehicles and other magnetic objects up the hill by itself. Experiencing the same is something that you will not forget for a long time!


Location: Magnetic Hill is considered to be the gravity hill that is situated at

Chadar Trek

Otherwise referred to as the ‘Frozen River Trek,’ the surreal Chadar Trek gives you an experience like no other. There are several frozen sheets of ice over which you can walk to reach the mountains that are hugged by snow from all the sides. As you keep walking, the snow from the mountains would be melting on one side and forming a stream, which is a surreal sight to withhold. Like this view is not fascinating enough, if you keep walking and look arou

Stok Palace Ladakh

Constructed at a height exhibiting four-story overview, Stok Palace exhibits both retrospective and new aged styles. The lower floor of the Stok Palace is transformed into a beautiful museum displaying royal designer ceremonial clothes, ornaments, jewelry, crown and many other antiques. One of the most popular and awe-inspiring collection is that of a knotted sword which is displayed here in this Stok Palace.


The Thiksey Monastery

Embellished to resemble the Palace of Potala located in the Lhasa in Tibet. Thiksey Monastery is about twelve storied complex housing distinct essential artifacts of Buddha-like the tapestries, thangkas, effigies or statues and swords.


Location: The place is located in Thiksey Villa at the Leh Manali Highway near Thiksey, Leh in Jammu and Kashmir

Known for: This is a twelve-storey Monastery displaying s

The Leh Palace

Leh Palace has one of the highest buildings in the globe. Originally constructed in the year 1553 by the Buddhist kings, the Leh Palace houses the splendid architectural splendor in the form of a statue of Lord Gautam Buddha. The palace also offers an astounding and breath-taking view of the city from a height. Originally built on the top of the Namgyal Hill, the place is a hub that caters to the Buddhist religion and culture.


Location:Located near the Na

Shanti Stupa

This magnificent stupa was built by the Japanese in 1991 to promote World peace and harmony as part of their Peace Pagoda Mission. This grand stupa is located on top of a hill in Chanspa. At the base of the Stupa, some relics of Buddha is buried and the 14th Dalai Lama enshrined the Stupa. The stupa has become a huge attraction for tourists not just for religious reasons but the fantastic view it commands.

Victory Tower is locat

Hemis Festival in Ladakh

This is considered to be one of the biggest festivals in Ladakh that is highly appreciated by the travellers of the place. This is a festival that honours the great Guru Padmasambhava. Folk dance and music forms the highlight that assists the natives to celebrate this ritual with great pride.

Celebration Time: Summertime.

The Chamba Temple

Specially dedicated to the Maitreya or the future Buddha, the temple is said to be a reincarnation of Lord Buddha. Situated on the lane that goes up to the Leh Palace, The Chamba Temple is constructed by the King called TrangspaBumde in the fifteenth century.


Location: this is an old temple that is situated on the lane that straight goes up to the Palace of Leh.

Known fo

Spituk Gompa

Spituk Gompa was founded in the 14th Century and is located at about 5 km from the Leh. On the top of the Gompa is a three-tiered shrine. The statues inside the Gompa are of Buddha and Tsongkhapa.

Gelukpa Shankar Gompa features Kushok Bakula Rinpoche who was the former Lama of Ladhak. Namgyal Tsemo Gompa is located above the palace and is open to the public for two hours from 7 am to 9 am.


Gurudwara Patthar Sahib

Built in the ardent memory of Nanak, the GurudwaraPatthar Sahib is situated on the major outskirts of Ladakh on the road of Kargil. Highly revered by both the religions Hindus and Buddhists alike, the GurudwaraPatthar Sahib is named after the saga of the stone spectacular stone boulders that are discovered with the silhouette and foot impression of Guru Nanakji peacefully mediating which is beautifully engraved on it.


Soma Gompa

It is a really small Gompa that is structured in the main market. It is completely open throughout the daytime for the travellers that houses various statues or effigies of crowned Buddha.


Location: The place is located in the Soma Gompa at the Old Fort Road in Ladakh

Known for: The Monasteries

How to reach: Located centrally in Leh, it can be easily reached via foot, car or bike

Approximate C

The Hemis Monastery

The popular Hemis festival takes place in this beautiful and awe-inspiring monastery that exhibits the radiance of Buddhist traditions and rituals with great splendor. You must visit this place to experience the spiritual celebration of Buddhism, which is often accompanied, by music and dance.  


Location: Located at Hemis gompa in Tikse

Known for: Spiritual festival celebration and great splendor filled with radiant color

Phyang Monastery

Situated at a distance of fifteen kilometres from Ladakh, Phyang Monastery exhibits retrospective thangkas, murals of the Mahakala and wall paintings. There also exists a museum that is situated inside the Phyang Monastery. This is a monastery that is about nine hundred years old endowing several collections like weapons, scriptures and idols or effigies.


Location: The

Losar Festival in Ladakh

Losar Festival is also known as the Tibetan New Year is a festival that is happily celebrated for around two weeks every year at the times between December and January. This is an ancient or retrospective ritual that depicts battles between the evil and the good splendidly staged by the natives with dance and music performance. This is a festival that changes it particular date or location each year on the basis of the Lunar calendar.

Celebration Time: The time in bet

Watch a game of Ice Hockey in Ladakh

Unlike the place Canada, Ice hockey is a sport that is played by the natives in the open. This is a sport that is played during the winter in the midst of November to January.

Time of participation: During the winter, the middle of November to January.


Location: Karzoo Ice Hockey Rink

Spot a Snow Leopard

Few things can match the beauty of the majestic snow leopards in the wild. In fact, when in Ladakh, you can go for a special trek organized specifically to spot snow leopards. The activity is inside the Hemis National Park in Ladakh, which is known to be home for more than two hundred snow leopards and you will be guided by professionals. Please note that this trek happens only during winters.

You can also go for safaris on the

Chadar Trek

Otherwise referred to as the ‘Frozen River Trek,’ the surreal Chadar Trek gives you an experience like no other. There are several frozen sheets of ice over which you can walk to reach the mountains that are hugged by snow from all the sides. As you keep walking, the snow from the mountains would be melting on one side and forming a stream, which is a surreal sight to withhold. Like this view is not fascinating enough, if you keep walking and look arou

Attend an early morning prayer that is held in Monasteries

You must not just visit the place Ladakh to view the beauty around but you must also do it to experience a kind of peace and tranquillity like no other. On your visit to Ladakh, make an aim to stay at a Buddhist monastery and experience their lifestyle for at least a day. A happy stay in the Monastery of Hemis will enable you to take part in the morning prayers. It is a happy, rejuvenating and moving experience, which you must definitely experience.

Archery in Ladakh

Archery is considered to be a traditional game of Ladakh that is considered to be a part of the tradition or culture. This is a sport that is played during the summertime in the open grounds with great joy and enthusiasm.


Time to participate: During the summertime in the midst of May.

Location: Many Ladakh villag

Ride along the challenging Ladakh Terrains

This one is for all the adventure junkies out there. Experience an adrenalin rush like no other when you ride in and around Ladakh on the many challenging roads and passes out here. The Khar Dung La pass, the Zoji La Pass and the others offer some of the highest motorable roads in the world.

The Chadar Trek – A splendid and spectacular walk on the top of the frozen Zanskar River located in Ladakh.

Hang around with the monks and talk to them to know the religion and culture of the place

While you connect with other tourist and locals on your spectacular trip to Ladakh, you must not miss the chance of interacting with the local Buddhist monks residing in that place. Interacting with the local Buddhist monks in Ladakhinstills you with the magical aura and spirit of happiness enlightening you with knowledgeable information about the place Ladakh. Stroll around with the local monks at the monasteries and interact with them on wise and divine topics.&

Night Camping in Ladakh

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